Brandon Shaffer Raises $180,000 in Q3

Senate President Brandon Shaffer, a Democrat challenging Republican incumbent Rep. Cory Gardner in CD-4, announced yesterday that his campaign had raised $180,000 in the third quarter, his first full fundraising quarter.

Shaffer’s Q3 haul isn’t eyebrow-raising for any reason, but it’s a strong amount that puts him on a fundraising pace that will keep him in the top tier for potential national support from the DCCC. Full press release after the jump.  

Brandon Shaffer announced today that his campaign raised just under $180,000 in the third quarter, with donations from more than 900 individuals.

“The response to our message has been incredible,” said Shaffer. “People are disgusted with Washington and the hyper partisan rhetoric they see. They want jobs, jobs, jobs, and all they get from Washington is bickering and gridlock.   This campaign will be difficult fighting against the special interests’ favorite incumbent, but it’s increasingly obvious that Northern Coloradans are fed up with all the hot air coming from Washington and are ready for straight talk and real Colorado solutions.”

Additional Statistics:

Amount Raised: $179, 485.70

Total # of individual donors: 909

Average individual contribution: $153.78

98% of individual donors are from Colorado

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  1. Genius says:

    Beat Pace, who has a more winnable district, so this is a pretty solid quarter for Shaffer.  As you say, not eye popping, but more than respectable especially with all the lunacy over redistricting.  

    • _stight says:

      Without bashing our Senate President.. Let me think.. Um.. Didn’t Pace raise $100k in about 30days when he announced at the end of the 2Q? I think it would be expected that Brandon raises more then Pace because this is Brandon’s first quarter, and it is a fact that you raise the easiest money from your family and friends.  

  2. Gardnerpath says:

    At the same time in Gardner’s 2010 campaign he received almost the exact total but it was from fewer than 200 people, each of whom made average contributions of over $900.

    I love seeing a candidate have such a respectable haul through a lot of smaller contributions. Shows Shaffer has some real support out there not just a small handful of wealthy benefactors.

    Shaffer getting many small receipts compared to Gardner’s small number of wealthy donors

  3. ArapaGOP says:

    If CD-6 doesn’t get gerrymandered, there is a possibility that the DCCC will bother with Shaffer. If CD-6 is competitive, you will see all Democrat resources poured there and into CD-3, and Shaffer is out in the cold.

    This would explain a middle of the road unimpressive fundraising result. Shaffer is bring strung along on a contingency.

    I do wonder who Shaffer pissed off on the Democrat side that Sal Pace and Joe Miklosi get more love. Shaffer has paid his dues more.

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