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October 11, 2011 03:37 PM UTC

Tuesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Words will not fail when the matter is well considered.”



21 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread

  1. but this gentleman certainly is:

    Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens writes in his new memoir, Five Chiefs, that the George W. Bush campaign’s 2000 appeal to the United States Supreme Court over the Florida recount was “frivolous” and never should have been granted.

    By a five-to-four vote, the court granted the stay. “What I still regard as a frivolous stay application kept the court extremely busy for four days,” he writes. He adds that no justice has ever cited the opinions that provided the basis for their ruling. (my emphasis)

    Indeed, the court — unusually — limited its decision “to the present circumstances,” meaning that it did not want it to become a precedent.

    Not sour grapes.  Just the facts.  The entire national nightmare of the Bush years didn’t have to happen. Sigh…

  2. on Rachel Maddow? Looks like Gessler is actually helping to spark a backlash, both here in Colorado and nationally, to  ensure that the GO(T)P will not be allowed to just impose voter suppression at will with no organized opposition in time for 2012.

    Gessler is becoming a very useful poster boy for expanding, rather than contracting, access to voting.  How lucky for Dems that he didn’t let concern for our troops, most of whom usually vote R anyway (I hear that being R supporters will make them “real” as opposed to “fake” vets when they leave military service), interfere with his single minded focus on using the office of SOS for strictly and only partisan purposes.  

  3. First they came for abortion, but I didn’t care because abortion was for sluts. Then they came for sex ed, but I didn’t care because the kids can learn all they need to know at home. Then they came for birth control, but… Wait a minute! Birth control? They’re coming for birth control? I need that! For nearly a decade prochoicers have been warning that abortion foes were gearing up to go after contraception, but the possibility of losing birth control was too far-out for most people to take seriously. And you know prochoicers-they’re always crying wolf. Well, wake up, sleepyheads, it’s happening.

    1. (Bill supporter and Tea Party Caucus member Denny Rehberg, a Montana Republican who opposes raising taxes on the wealthy-did I mention that he’s the twenty-fourth-richest member of Congress?-claims that zeroing out birth control funds for poor women is necessary to lower the deficit. Because what could be cheaper than babies?)

      And the following point is why I choose to ignore dwyer when we talk about this subject–because dwyer truly does not get that at the end of the day, the states are who are primarily responsible for stripping away our rights, piece by piece.

      As is so often the case in the war on abortion, the most damaging action is in the states. GOP-led governments have voted to cut or eliminate PP funding in New Hampshire, North Carolina, Indiana, Kansas, Wisconsin, Texas and New Jersey.

      1. That is precisely the point I have been making….that there is a grand strategy to roll back civil rights….including abortion….by returning all these issues to the states.  I have talked about the 10th Amendment Coalition and the 14th Amendment Coalition….these are designed to take away the right of the federal government to enforce civil rights.

        My argument has merely been that the right doesn’t give a rat’s whatever about abortion…it is concerned about power.

        That is why its strategy has not been to introduce  a Human Life Amendment, which if successful, would strengthen the role of the Federal government.  Rather, they want to over turn Roe and leave each individual state to rule on abortion.

        If they truly believed that life began at conception, why wouldn’t they want to protect it in ALL states?  Because they care about power.

        This is the cat and mouse game that is being played.  Everyorganization that supports, financially or with a PAC, the Democratic Party is under attack.  Period.  It is a brilliant strategy.  Now then, I think that the restrictions on abortion/planned parenthood are unconstitutional on the face of them.  I think that PP has filed and gotten some injunctions; but, it is costing them money.  My understanding is that PP and other pro-choice organizations do not want to do a full frontal assault on these laws because once they get into the federal court system, the danger is that the Supreme Court will overturn Roe and turn the matter of abortion back to the states.

        But, as long as you all running around screaming about abortion and not dealing with the overall radical right strategy, they are winning.

    2. It goes hand in hand with the personhood movement. They claim not to be against birth control per se, just the abortive methods. Then they define all the most effective methods as abortive and …voila!  If they had their way, next they’d be going after eggs and sperm, connected or not, and that would leave no birth control method legal. Pretty soon male masturbation would be the crime of spilling poor defenseless seed. Which makes me think of that hysterical scene from the old Woody Allen pic.

  4. Likely our ardent GOTPrs are anxiously awaiting the 7th 8th or 9th GOP debate … yeah, thefamed Bloomberg/ Washington Post Rumble.

    So who do you think the angry mob will boo tonight?  Gay active soldiers has been done and dying comatose uninsured patients sure didn’t feel any love.

    Then again the mob could cheer … just like they did for Rick Parry’s exceeding bloodthirst for capital punishment.

    So here’s your turn guess the ugly takeaway from tonights festivities.

    Maybe cheering for funding cuts to the Endangered Species Act ’cause even though  wolf pups are so-o-o-o fluffy they all grow up to be little top tier predators.

    Or maybe booing & demonizing the 99%s & Occupy Wall St … which speaks to the Tea Party hatred of folks that can spell correctly and speak cogently.

    Anyone else wanna guess?    

      1. has provided their own fake reporter to create fake incidents to report as fake news. As far as I know they haven’t fired Howley so I guess this represents the standards of today’s “serious” rightie media as well as the standards of Fox, Beck and the Big Fat Idiot.

    1. are much more considerate than those we have heard from in FL, CA and TX. I don’t think there will be any boos or applause for ridiculous shit.

      Unless Mark or AGOP are in attendance.

  5. they are seeing consequences that they could not foresee when they passed the harshest anti-immigrant legislation. Parents, anticipating possible deportation, are making plans to leave their kids, US citizens, with neighbors and friends that will not be deported. Crops are rotting in fields.

    I have a hunch that with those kids being left behind Alabama aaand the US will experience a higher cost in social expenses as those good folks who take in someone else’s kids turn to medicaid and food stamps

  6. to ensure we got Republican support and avoided Republican criticism!

    Newly obtained White House records provide fresh details on how senior Obama administration officials used Mitt Romney’s landmark health-care law in Massachusetts as a model for the new federal law, including recruiting some of Romney’s own health care advisers and experts to help craft the act now derided by Republicans as “Obamacare.”

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