Perry’s New “RomneyCare” Web Ad–It’s Good

It might misuse an official White House photo, and as you know people are quickly resolving their opinions about the now-set GOP field (seemingly not in a positive way for Texas Gov. Rick Perry), but seriously, this new web ad absolutely rocks. Visually intense and well-produced with a gripping score and movie-trailer style suspenseful buildups, you come away from this one minute of voluntary video experience, whether you like “ObamaCare” (and by extension “RomneyCare”) or not, absolutely fired up to despise Mitt Romney.

Of course, all this likening of the Republican frontrunner’s health care record with President Barack Obama’s could be problematic at some point, but that’s for after the primary.

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  1. Republican 36 says:

    The music and continually shifting photos are distracting. At times, the background music is way too loud and also becomes a distraction. I get the point because I follow politics but I’m not sure it will have the impact Gov. Perry’s campaign hopes it will. I’m sure his polls tell him this is a good issue to hit Gov. Romney on but how good is the real story. Romney’s switch on healthcare is well known and may not have the impact some people think it will have.

    • The video is very choppy, to the point that it could distract from the theme

      HOWEVER – the most powerful part of this video is the vanishing lines from Mitt Romney’s book, which is the best proof of not only his flip-floppiness, but recent struggles with it (not good)

      I am firmly convinced that Romney will not be the GOP nominee because the frontrunner seems to change monthly – Bachmann, to Perry, now to Cain – but never Romney

      Romney has hovered solidly at 22% and can’t seem to rise about that percentage – I am not convinced that 22% will win the GOP nomination, especially once other candidates drop out, leaving others to fight for new voters

      Last note – no one has attacked Romney (and the ones who have tried, do it incompetently) – Romney has hovered at 22% without a legit attack – if the quality of this ad is replicated within Perry’s next debate performance, then Romney is finished

      • dukeco1 says:

        his handlers can manipulate his brain and his mouth as well as they did the images and sounds in this ad.

        His best bet is to STFU. The less he says in the debates and the more he let’s his ad people do the campaigning, the better off he will be.

        He is not an extemporaneous thinker.

        • Becoming Governor of Texas is no joke – there’s qualities about Perry that got him to where he is today and I don’t think we’ve seen those qualities just yet

          • dukeco1 says:

            and he will get his “footing”, so to speak.

            However, Ali, I have spent a lot of time in Texas (my mom lives there, I used to), and I believe connections, rather than aptitude, got Perry where he is today.

            I don’t think he does “nuance ” any better than GW did. Of course, I could be mistaken.  

            • Duke – you know I love you, but I’m going to argue a bit against the “connections” argument

              Yes – Perry became Governor after W Bush became President, but he still had to street-fight for every other office he won, which was quite a few

              Rick Perry grew up on a family-owned farm and his father passed away shortly after his college graduation, forcing him to go back to the farm and run the family business – his leadership at his local Chamber of Commerce is what catapulted his political career (my apologies if those details are wrong, but that’s my understanding of it)

              I really don’t think there’s an explanation for Rick Perry’s success, other than hard work and intelligence (as much as us Democrats want to portray otherwise)

              And of note — and remember all, I am a proud Democrat — I have met Rick Perry twice and I found him to be one of the most genuine people I have ever met – he wore every single thought and emotion he had on his sleeve (almost like a comedian – which I liked) – he also treats everyone around him like a king, making no distinctions or holding his Governship of Texas above anyone’s head – that’s a rarity for many public officials

          • BlueCat says:

            he seems to be putting himself in another tough spot.  There is the whole misuse issue.  Using that image of the President is clearly a serious violation and another story he doesn’t need. Can’t anyone on his staff read?  Will he ever have a few days strung together during which he doesn’t have to clean up another mess, backtrack on another issue?  Bush had Rove to take care of the whole brain thing. Perry clearly hasn’t found one to help him take his Texas show national.

          • Middle of the Road says:

            His biggest problem is similar to Bachmann’s–learning to control his message.

            Completely unlike Bachmann, he is highly skilled at decimating the competition and has done it numerous times in numerous races. Never underestimate the competition, particularly in Perry’s case.  

    • Middle of the Road says:

      Highly effective.

      And the “there’s lots of reasons not to elect me” line sure showed up quick, didn’t it? As predicted by just about everyone except for Arapahodimwit.  

      • BlueCat says:

        Just think that the fact that it is accompanied by a misuse problem doesn’t bode well for Perry outside the world of GO(T)P primaries.  He seems to be a veritable faux pas machine.

        And, unlike Bachmann, he isn’t just accumulating bites that won’t appeal to the middle. He’s got more and crazier off-putting preacher support than anything arrayed against Obama in 2008 but what about those legions who love those crazy preachers? They also don’t like his soft on illegal immigrant’s kids stance and then there was the vaccination dust up which might lead one to believe Perry accepts that young people have sex.

        What if what he’s mainly accomplishing is leaving the right with no one they really like all that much when it comes to the general?

        • Perry’s “misuse” will definitely not be held against him in the GOP primary – I also don’t think Indie voters will hold it against him, if he makes the General

          • BlueCat says:

            He needs somebody to make sure there isn’t another one every news cycle to take energy away from the things he does want to talk about, not that talking seems to be his forte.

            And I’m sure that nothing that would make it harder to elect him in the general will hurt him in a GO(T)P primary. The only things that may hurt him there are his flashes of sanity, such as recognizing that kids do have sex no matter how  much “abstinence only” they get and it would be nice if they were protected from cancer and that there is a case to be made for letting some good student who has been here illegally since the age of two attend college.  

  2. Half Glass Full says:

    It seemed impossible to believe but hey, I saw it in a photo!

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