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September 29, 2011 08:57 PM UTC

We Want Yard Signs!

  • by: Colorado Pols

Politicos like to say that “yard signs don’t vote,” but that doesn’t mean they aren’t important — particularly in lower-profile races.

We want to start keeping a catalog of yard signs for races around the state, so please snap some pics of yard signs whenever you see them and email the photos to us at

We’ll take those pictures and begin keeping a running ranking of the best and worst yard signs of all time (or, since we started doing this). So send ’em in, Polsters!


30 thoughts on “We Want Yard Signs!

  1. Do you want to build up an archive of pics of signs from campaigns past that some of us have stored in the garage or attic? (or under the car to catch oil drips?)

  2. The Aurora signs (where I work) are monochrome and monotone.  On the other hand, the Centennial signs (where I live) are invisible.  I think I’ve seen one for Jennifer Piko.  

    1. We’re creating a page that will keep a running list of the best and worst yard signs. This is regardless of candidate, office or party affiliation — we’re talking strictly about how effective or ineffective the yard sign might be.

      1. is you don’t intend to promote it?

        If they didn’t have the money to push for passage then why go to the effort to obtain the signatures?

        This is perhaps the worst run ballot issue in a long time.  No exposure!  No ability to change peoples opinions.

        Heath is going to provide Republicans with the smoking gun that the public doesn’t want to fund better government.  

        1. Yes it’s a quandary when you have limited money so the only things you can afford are those shown to be ineffective. But I don’t think that should lead to wasting the money on yard signs and robo calls.

          At a minimum do inexpensive things where you don’t know if it will have an impact. Because maybe is better than none.

          1. of getting voters to pay for the goods and services that are important to our society in the long run.

            If this is just a rhetorical exercise in feel good futility then why bother?  If they didn’t have the dough to make it go, they should have saved the money for 2012.  Invisible propositions never pass.  You can have a debate about funding needed public goods and services without giving Republicans ammunition that voters don’t care.

            1. You may not succeed. Then again you might. But if you don’t try then you will definitely fail. I for one am glad to see we have one legislator who’s willing to step up and try. The rest have all convinced themselves to surrender in advance.

              1. Stepping up and trying up means putting together an organization that has a realistic chance of succeeding.

                The downside to this is a Keystone Cops slipshod operation that risks tarring future efforts with the stigma of being another goofy Rollie Heath proposition.

                I’m pretty sure are trying but they could end up looking as inept as the Broncos and man that is going to stink.

                They should have kept their powder dry and waited for a more opportune time if they didn’t have the resources to do it right.  They didn’t have to win but they needed to have it look like an organized effort.

                  1. I keep forgetting you are the David Sirota of Pols, the uber-liberal who somehow always seems to promote radical failure in the name of ideological purity rather than accept pragmatic progress at a slower pace.  This is why you turned on the president and every other Democratic politician who just aren’t good enough for you.  Backstabbing seems to be a Sirota specialty.

                    My concern is that without a real effort to explain and debate the benefits of this proposal it is going to be a blow-out defeat along the lines of the last Bronco game.  The consequences of rushing into something without adequate backing could have a long term negative impact.

                    1. Name something where all the realists are actually doing something to address the ever declining funding of state services. Not all the great speeches they make, but some actual concrete actions.


                      Because all I see from your “pragmatic progress at a slower pace” is a bunch of excuses for inaction.

  3. .

    I had the red bumper stickers all over my beater (in Somalia Springs) but never got a yard sign.  


    Now I have decided to turn my front fence into a collage of old yard signs.  I only have two right now, and they seem to complement each other quite well –

    Richard Skorman and Tom Tancredo.  

    I would like to add not only Ali’s sign, but also one for Ron Paul, and whoever is running against Obama for the Democratic nomination, and one from Rick Santorum’s Senate campaign (not from his current presidential RUN.)

    An old Stassen sign would be nice.  And maybe one from Horace Tabor or Bill Armstrong.  And anyone who ran against Gary Hart.

    I need a Dick Lamm sign, too.  


    I’d probably put up signs from anyone but Doug Lamborn.  

    Call me; I’ll pick them up.

    ps:  I’ll pay up to $500 for a Dan Maes sign still in the original wrapper.  

    that’s a joke, son.


    1. I can’t put it in my yard ’cause he wasn’t a Dem yet but I want one as a collectible.

      Mostly I collect campaign shirts (my favorite PJs!) but signs are awesome too.

        1. And it involves the following:

          1. Move home.

          2. Run as Dem.

          3. New yard signs.

          4. ???

          5. Barron and I are happy!

          …IIRC, Barron is a priest, isn’t he? You don’t want to upset a priest. You’d really better just come home already.

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