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September 26, 2011 06:52 PM UTC

"Tea Party," Hard Left To Converge on Obama's Denver Speech?

  • by: Colorado Pols

As widely reported, from FOX 31:

“While in Denver, the President will visit Abraham Lincoln high school to highlight his American Jobs Act proposal to put workers back on the job by rebuilding and modernizing schools across the country,” a White House press release says.

Lincoln offers Obama a venue in southwest Denver in a largely Latino neighborhood that is one of the poorest areas of the city. The school’s auditorium is large enough to host an event for more than 1,000 people. Lincoln is at 2285 S. Federal Blvd.

The speech is scheduled for 2:15 p.m. Tuesday.

We’ve been tipped off to likely protest events outside Lincoln High School from both sides of the political spectrum: Front Range “Tea Party” groups are expected to demonstrate, as well as a possible contingent of left-wing protesters upset about issues ranging from the lack of “single payer” health care reform (their words) to recent compromises over spending and deficits.

Which should make an interesting mix for press cameras: what do you get when the hard-liners from both sides join together to protest one politician? Disaster, or the greatest triangulation opportunity ever? Sometimes the ones who upset both extremes win the center–and win. At the very least, the presence of left-wing protesters against Obama should make the wide-eyed denunciations of Obama’s “socialism” from the other side kind of questionable.

A poll follows–assuming it happens, does a bi-wingnut protest against Obama actually help him?

Do "bipartisan" protests against Obama help or hurt him?

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34 thoughts on ““Tea Party,” Hard Left To Converge on Obama’s Denver Speech?

      1. Not a peep out of ArapG or ‘Tad for a spell either.  Do you suppose they are immobolized by the confusion at rightie talking point central what with various rightie pols and celebs being panned by various rightie talking heads and radio hosts but supported by others?

        How are they supposed to know what to think?  Fox has been a mess and Rush Limbaugh pretty much said Bachmann didn’t know what she was talking about. Coulter and Ingraham couldn’t contain their contempt for Palin and Malkin seems to think Perry is an idiot. Are they lost without clear Borg directives?

        Maybe Dems could give seminars on self identity outside the Borg structure.

  1. but also don’t think more negative anything helps.

    It will allow him to make the traditional observation that if both the right and the left are protesting he must be doing something right (make that correct) but I thing it’s more like the right hates him for all the good things he’s trying to do and the left is deeply disappointed in him for the constant offering the right 90% of what they want, then caving on most of the rest. He’s been talking tougher but there are also fresh also caves to polluters and no sign of ending too big to fail, the war in Afghanistan or closing Gitmo. Enthusiasm among supporters, not just far lefties, is  already low.

    Since what he and  all Dem candidates need most now is to ramp up a lot of enthusiasm in a relatively short time, not sure how  this helps. Of course if a boatload of supporters come out as opposed to a handful of protesters that would be good unless it’s reported in the usual “there were supporters and protesters”, he said she said style that today’s lazy media most often prefers.

  2. If Tea Party goes rabid or left-wing it’s going to hurt their cause.  If supporters jump into the mix…pure theater for the media.  What Obama says is going to get lost between the podium and the evening news.

  3. Even if the fringe groups are out screaming about fringe issues, the President is here talking about jobs, which is the issue and anyone bitching about torture, deficit, single payer, or socialism looks out of touch, out of place and out of their minds.

    1. and we may tend toward a little swarthy, depending on how much Semitic vs European blood we have in the mix by now, but we’ve been officially white for decades. It’s been a long time since we were banned from country clubs and the posher suburbs. Not that my family could have afforded that kind of lifestyle or particularly wanted to hang out with hard drinking WASPs eating crustless white bread sandwiches anyway. Still, I must insist on “olive skinned” at most.

      Besides, in my mother-in-law’s portrait of Jesus he has golden hair, blue eyes and a pale rosy cheeked complexion altogether. And I’m glad that lifelong Republican lady didn’t live to hear you accusing Jesus of being a socialist, much less a brown one! Jesus as a Jewish Democrat, like me, would have been tough enough to swallow.

  4. “At the very least, the presence of left-wing protesters against Obama should make the wide-eyed denunciations of Obama’s “socialism” from the other side kind of questionable.”

    David Frum spoke to this issue this very morning.  And he’s as flummoxed as everyone else as to how the hard right can call obama a socialist while at the same time acknowledging the hard left’s severe discontentment with him.

    But then, I’m not a republican so I have no idea how to rationalize an oxymoron.

  5. A friend and I have been discussing this — centrists who go should use the opportunity to show that patriotism is not the domain of the right wing. Chant “USA, USA,” cheer raucously on God Bless America lines, wave miniature flags if given them….

  6. and the right-wing protests played up (regardless of their relative sizes), nobody will notice and Obama will remain the far-far-left-far-liberal-far-socialist fringe in the eyes of just about anyone who cares about such labels.

  7. brought a microphone and camera and interviewed a few of the protesting tea partiers.  It would be rather instructive to broadcast how little they really know about things they’re so angry about.  

  8. Tomorrow a bunch of moderate, job-lovin but also clean air-, clean water-, and stable climate-lovin’ folks will be talking to folks at the event about the proposed Tar Sands Pipeline, and why it’s not a good choice for CO. (Dirtier than coal, more costly than renewables, more water-intensive than fracking, and requiring a risky pipeline across our beautiful state… unless you happen to be a company drooling over the subsidies available, it’s not a bright idea.)

    They probably won’t be the biggest presence there. But suppose they are.

    The more Obama feels heat to do the right thing if he wants to be able to brand himself as reasonable, the more likely he is to do the right thing. That’s good for the country, hands down. (That’s rather than doing the dumb thing because so many people are ass-backwards on the issue.. like using tax cuts as a stimulus, or opening up drilling in pristine places and subsidizine mature oil companies, even while privately acknowledging neither new drilling permits nor continued subsidy will lower oil prices or improve energy security)

    Plus, maybe you’re like me and you feel for the guy. Honestly, President Obama has a pretty stressful job that has got him compromising much of who he wants to be and costing him the approval of those whose approval he most wants… well, if you feel for him, in that situation, helping re-connect the reasonable-looking thing with actually reasonable things is helping him out, right?

    Excessive analysis aside, y’all should come help stop the Tar Sands Pipeline.!/eve

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