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September 09, 2011 03:36 PM UTC

Open Line Friday!

  • by: Colorado Pols

“I just don’t understand why we continue to subject ourselves to these debates, knowing full well that the enemy is questioning us.”

–Rush Limbaugh, yesterday


19 thoughts on “Open Line Friday!

  1. Source WSJ

    The directive provided last evening has been seen as minimally impactful. Here’s the WSJ opinion. Ps anyone know how we’re going to pay for it?

    If President Obama’s economic policies have had a signature flaw, it is the conceit that by pulling this or that policy lever, by spending more on this program or cutting that tax for a year, Washington can manipulate the $15 trillion U.S. economy to grow. With his speech last night to Congress, the President is giving that strategy one more government try.

    This is not to say that Mr. Obama hasn’t made any intellectual progress across his 32 months in office. He now admits the damage that overregulation can do, though he can’t do much to stop it without repealing his own legislative achievements. He now acts as if he believes that taxes matter to investment and hiring, at least for the next year. And he now sees the wisdom of fiscal discipline, albeit starting only in 2013.

    Yet the underlying theory and practice of the familiar ideas that the President proposed last night are those of the government conjurer. More targeted, temporary tax cuts; more spending now with promises of restraint later; the fifth (or is it sixth?) plan to reduce housing foreclosures; and more public works spending, though this time we’re told the projects really will be shovel-ready.

    We’d like to support a plan to spur the economy, which is certainly struggling. Had Mr. Obama proposed a permanent cut in tax rates, or a major tax reform, or a moratorium on all new regulations for three years, he’d have our support. But you have to really, really believe in hope and change to think that another $300-$400 billion in new deficit spending and temporary tax cuts will do any better than the $4 trillion in debt that the Obama years have already piled up.

    … snip

    The only priorities that a Democratic Congress blocked were cap-and-tax and union card check, and both of those would have further damaged growth and jobs. Even last December, after Republicans had retaken the House, Mr. Obama won his one-year payroll tax cut, more jobless benefits and most of what he wanted.

    The unfortunate reality is that even if Republicans gave Mr. Obama everything he wanted, the impact on growth would be modest at best. Washington can most help the economy with serious spending restraint, permanent tax-rate cuts, regulatory relief and repeal of ObamaCare. What won’t help growth is more temporary, targeted political conjuring.

      1. but it’s all the troll has when he’s incapable of original thoughts.  Can’t believe the assmole didn’t also “snip” a rAssmessin’ poll


  2. Here’s something I just cannot wrap my head around. No matter how hard I try and think like a modern day GOTP boomer.

    In 1946 the national debt was approx 145% of GDP.

    In addition to rationing, price controls, wage controls (thank you employer paid health insurance – not) and other gov’t interventions, everyone more or less agreed it was our (ancestors’) patriotic duty to buy US bonds. (lend the US money)

    The national debt now is approx 100% of GDP (or will be soon).

    The debt is different – 1946 it was owned approx 98%+ by Americans that’s more like 55%-60% now.  And the US wasn’t looking at medicare and SS recipients about ready to spike (boomers).

    But within a decade or so, the US debt/GDP ratio was back under 20% then.  Why can’t we do it now?

    Why isn’t the GOTP  claiiming it’s our patriotic duty to buy US bonds? Why weren’t they claiming it was fiscally irresponsible to cut taxes while fighting the war on terror on three fronts? 1) Invade and occupy Iraq 2) nvade and occupy Afghanistan and 3) create the Dept of Homeland Security

    We should shoulder our era’s commitment just as our ancestors’ did theirs. We should leave the next generation the interstate highway system, airports and rail and defense, and the internet and all the other infrastructure ALL WHILE PAYING  for the war that happened (is happening) on our watch.  It’s the only responsible thing to do.

    1. Because they are no longer loyal to COUNTRY, but are instead loyal to their own selfish interests and the interests of their (our) corporate masters.  They define patriotism differently now — it is de-centralized and selfish.  For them it is contradictory to be loyal to country and at the same time want to shrink government until it is small enough to drown in a bathtub.

      There are many indicators of this huge change – in my opinion, one is the fact that the GOTP’rs are not only not loyal to their President but not even loyal to or respectful of the Presidency.  

      The extremists will claim they are the most patriotic and will wave the flag (which they claim to own) more vigorously than anyone else.  But it is not patriotism in the historic sense, and it is certainly not loyalty to our country.

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