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September 02, 2011 03:37 PM UTC

Friday Jams Fest

  • by: Colorado Pols

Now what’s right is right, but you ain’t been right yet


42 thoughts on “Friday Jams Fest

              1. If Michelle Bachmann can say she can make gas prices fall to 2 bucks a gallon, I can damn well say Muammar Gaddafi and Condoleeza Rice are star crossed lovers. In fact, I INSIST it is so !

                Why should politicians be the only ones free from the tethers of reality ?  Lately I feel like throwing my lot in with them.  Hot like Mexico, rejoice !

                1. 1) They may well BE star crossed lovers, but the song lyric you’re quoting would refer to Condi being gay.

                  2) But ok, I’m all for breaking ties with reality and listening to more Lady Gaga. I admit I’ve been playing this mournfully as summer is ending:

                    1. Not yours! I don’t like Alejandro. You can have Alejandro.

                      I may be pretty isolated from pop culture as a non-TV watching, non-drinking wet blanket stick in the mud, but I know my Gaga. Here’s another good old one:

                    2. I didn’t want to do it, but

                      Go 2:02 into the song and theres my sig line right there.  Thats all i’m saying.

                    3. And raise you the live performance that started the “Lady Gaga has man parts” rumor somehow.

                    4. I wouldn’t kick either Jo Calderone OR Gaga out of bed for eating crackers in this one. And then the version of Gaga with the long blue hair and trashy boots toward the midpoint? Or the silvery hair and minimal makeup? It’s only a shame Stefani and Jo aren’t really different people ifyaknowwhatImean.

                      I totally have a crush on Jo Calderone, though, plus I legitimately like the song, so I may be “under the influence” in evaluating this video.  

  1. Did anyone catch the USA Pro Cycling Challenge?  World class cycling returned to Colorado after a more than 20 year absence.  A million fans turned out on the roadside, and made it a huge party.

    This video’s NQSFW

    No explanation needed.

    Deadmau5 gives a tribute to the masters who pioneered this kind of Electronica show:

    The Brady Hoke era begins tomorrow.

    1. Seriously, they are fantastic (and very, very limber, I might add.)

      I don’t even think my university had a band; if they did, they sucked so bad, none of us cared, I guess.  

      1. Aside from tailgating, one of the best reasons to go to a game.  

        My Colorado Mines band wore flannel shirts and hard hats, and, well, they definitely were not on music scholarship.  But after a half of the quality of play (for a while, the goal was punt, hope for a fumble to get a first down), even they were a welcome relief.

      2. I guess.  I don’t know why I should take any credit, all I did was sit in the stands.

        My almost three year old has reached some important milestones:  Fully potty trained, and know the words to “The Victors.”

        As for “Irene, Good Night”, it is probably little known, save for Ralphie and Dwyer’s generation, that multiple versions of the song were #1 on the chart for large portions of 1950.

    2. Was excellent.  Saw the start of stage 1 in downtown Salida, hopped in truck and hightailed to top of Monarch Pass for first King of Mountain.  Cannot miss out on those once in a lifetime chances to see something cool

      1. which is great news for cycling in our state.  With as many cycling enthusiasts (and professionals) that we have here, it makes sense to have a major event.

        1. to doing this again next year and were totally psyched at the response the event received. A good, quick boost to the state’s income and to several little towns that don’t normally get much tourism business.  

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