Rep. Crow: “Our Combat Mission In Afghanistan Is Over”

The domestic news cycle has pretty much come to a halt this afternoon after suicide bombings attributed to the terrorist group ISIS killed dozens of people including at least 12 American service members outside the gate to Kabul Airport in Afghanistan, where the U.S. military continues a massive effort to airlift tens of thousands of refugees and American citizens out of the country.

There’s not much we can add to the reporting going on right now from the scene and from Washington, but do take a moment to watch this interview with Colorado’s Rep. Jason Crow, an Afghanistan war veteran, a short while ago on MSNBC–in which Crow re-affirms his support for the withdrawal from the country, saying “our combat mission in Afghanistan is over.” But our obligation to our Afghan allies is not:


The “new mission” Rep. Crow says is incumbent on the nation is to ensure that no one who collaborated with the United States during the occupation of Afghanistan and is now at risk of reprisal is left behind, even if that means continuing to hold the airport after the August 31st deadline:

We do not leave American citizens behind in a war zone. We do not leave our friends and partners behind in a war zone. We are the United States of America. We stand by our people. We stand by our citizens. We have the strongest military in the world. Over 2,400 of our troops have been killed over the last 20 years, including when I was doing combat missions as an Army Ranger, and never once did we allow terrorists or people attacking us to stop one of our missions. We decide when we stop one of our missions, and we stop when we get the job done.

Whether you agree or disagree with Rep. Crow on the deadline to withdraw, he is defending the integrity of our country before the whole world and that to us is above reproach. Everyone including the two Presidents before Joe Biden agreed this war had to end. Now it’s a question of ending it with promises kept or broken by America on the way out.

The headlines are difficult today, but we’re proud of Rep. Jason Crow.

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  1. Gilpin Guy says:

    Straight talking.  Glad this man now serves as our elected representative.

  2. RepealAndReplace says:

    I'm surprised Moderatus, Captain America, and Roger Edwards haven't made cameo appearances this afternoon to explain how this was entirely Biden's fault.

  3. Gilpin Guy says:

    One thing that everyone can count on is Biden having empathy towards the families for what they are going through.  He knows how painful loss is.

  4. unnamed says:

    You can count on Biden to show empathy.  You can count on Republicans like our little noodle dick to use soldiers' deaths as an electoral opportunity.

  5. Dionaea says:

    Jason Crow shows us how a responsible, patriotic American congress person acts in the face of a tragedy.

  6. Diogenesdemar says:

    Now that our two-decade mission is over, I'm stuck wondering what that mission was?

    . . . What I do think I know is this:  Some day, in the not too distant future (another ten years maybe), there's gonna' be another Ronald Reagan.  (I know, sucks horseshoes, but . . .)  And, given the arc of the Republican party over the past half century, there's no doubt that the next RR will be exponentially more lunatic than even the original — imagine that?!

    Anyway, if I were a small Caribbean island nation right now, I'd be keeping my nose extra clean . . . 

    . . . Americans  know where you're at, and how to find you, Grenada! — well, some do anyway . . . in general, sorta.  Tick-tock . . .

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