Rick Perry, pornographer?

HuffPo has now picked up on a story advising that Rick Perry invested between $5,000-$10,000 in a company in 1995 called “Movie Gallery.” Movie Gallery was at that time well known as a chief competitor to Blockbuster, etc. – with a critical difference being that Movie Gallery was the only major video company to rent out X-rated videos.


The Huffington Post story also notes that others are investigating allegations that Perry has frequented strippers and hookers – and that he has had same-sex sexual encounters. However, those allegations sound less based in fact and more like “contact us IF you’ve had sex with Perry.” Of course, anyone could write something like that about anyone else:


The claim of an investment in a porn distributor does appear to be grounded in fact, however.

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  1. pay your taxes! says:

    I’m sure this makes Perry a hypocrite, but I think it’s a stretch to call an investment in that company an investment in a “porn distributor”. More like a video rental place that also had one of those old “adults only” sections behind a bead curtain.

    And to call him a pornographer… well, that’s more than a stretch. A lot more.

  2. EmeraldKnight76 says:

    This seems beyond a stretch and beneath the left. There is plenty about Bush 3.0 to cringe about, let’s stick to the factual idiocy.

  3. Ray Springfield says:

    It could hurt him. It might help him Who knows with the electorate. Porn is big business, and plenty of people who would never admit it partake.

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