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August 16, 2011 03:46 PM UTC

Tuesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Errors of opinion may be tolerated where reason is left free to combat it.”

–Thomas Jefferson  


60 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread

      1. saw nothing wrong with screwing the tradesmen he couldn’t afford to pay (among others) to support his lavish and deeply indebted lifestyle. Just because you can’t afford the best was never any reason for his class to do without it. A gentleman has to uphold certain standards regardless. Money worries were for the little people they never got around to paying.  

        1. Free tip: read over your posts before they’re final, and think about whether any of us would have any possible way of knowing what terms like “flash mob” and “these boys” mean.

          1. Colorado Pols used a Jefferson quote, not me. Since you advocate 1 thing the man says, maybe you should understand and advocate other things the man says?

            Now you have performed the legendary liberal 2 step. First you have hidden Pols reference to Jefferson and secondly you have made this about slavery of yesteryear and not the debt slavery of today. Many actions, today’s government condones, will look hideous in hindsight. Jefferson will not be the only President with tarnish. Stay on topic.

            What do you think about Jefferson’s warning against perpetual government debt?

            Flash mob, boys:




            1. If you’re calling Raymond and I “boys”, that’s one thing.  If you were referring to the kids participating in the flash mobs in Philly, then you need to check yourself.

              Because that would be racist garbage.

  1. “I say, the earth belongs to each of these generations during its course, fully and in its own right. The second generation receives it clear of the debts and incumbrances of the first, the third of the second, and so on. For if the first could charge it with a debt, then the earth would belong to the dead and not to the living generation. Then, no generation can contract debts greater than may be paid during the course of its own existence.”

    – Thomas Jefferson, Letter to James Madison (September 6, 1789)

      1. Jefferson had first-hand experience with both personal and government debt. He truly understood the real meaning of debt. Back then there was a real currency and people were accountable.

        Many politicians today have no clue. Fiat money, silver-spoons and plane ole welfare have clouded there decision making ability’s.

        1. to the peons who sold him the goods on credit that he required for his lavish life style. In his private life he was pretty much a spoiled selfish dick.

  2. near you.

    Homeowners rights and concerns be damned–they only own 50% of the mineral rights on their own land and since some random guy named Harold Smith owns the other 50% and gave drilling a big thumbs up, Ranchers Exploration Partners gets to drill whether the homeowner says yes or no. Ain’t fracking grand?  

    1. Oil and Gas is the dominant estate in Colorado and in much of the nation, so these rules have been around for ages. It’s unfortunate, but I should say that what Chesapeake does with its landmen is not the same as what most companies require of theirs. In fact, after that Denver Paper article was posted this weekend, we got a fairly, uh, strongly-worded email from our boss about how we’re not ever to use forced pooling as any sort of incentive to get people to sign. It’s just bad business, and MOST landmen understand that.

      1. And I guarantee you that those rules don’t make the owners feel one iota better that whether they like it or not, whether they sign the lease or flat out refuse, at the end of the day, they live on a split estate and have no say over what is done in their own backyard.

        I wouldn’t wipe my ass with your strongly worded email–that’s about how meaningful that is to me.  

        1. Just trying to share some information. Guess that’s frowned upon.

          I wasn’t trying to justify anything, or say that landowners should be okay with it.

          And while you may not give a shit about the email sent, I can assure you that everyone in my company took it VERY seriously.

          1. It’s called a reply. If it was insensitive to your delicate sensibilities, I do apologize.

            And no, I don’t give a shit about the email you received. Not when I’ve seen more than enough evidence to last me a lifetime that the methods practiced are in complete contradiction to the instructions suggested to you and yours.

  3. Paul Ryan is strongly considering a run for president. Ryan, who has been quietly meeting with political strategists … , is on vacation in Colorado discussing a prospective run with his family.

    He’s here – somebody find him, stat!  We need him to run so we can spend the whole 2012 campaign talking about his plan to destroy Medicare.

  4. Just received this email in the last 30min from LuntzGlobal. I can’t make it to this event, but if you are interested, visit the link above and sign up for the Focus Group announcements (light blue box near upper right corner).

    Dear [ardy39],

    Luntz Global is coming to Denver to moderate a focus group session related to interesting political topics.

    The group will be Thursday, August 25th from 6pm to 9pm.

    You will receive $100 AND the opportunity to share your opinion…it couldn’t be easier.

    We want to emphasize our desire to pick people who are eager to express their opinions, and participate.

    If you DO NOT live in the Denver area but know someone that does, please share this email with them.


    Luntz Global

    I know most of you are quite reluctant to share your opinions, but I thought it might be worth announcing this anyway.

    1. I have a secret dream of finding a time machine and going back to be a (more successful, less alcoholic) Don Draper figure in the golden age of PR, so I love getting a look at how this kind of thing is done.

      I signed up in general, but no email about this one yet–wanna forward it to me if you have a Pols email to send it to and then forward from?

      1. for political stuff, Ralphie,as we are an important voting group that actually votes. For products they want mainly 20s, 30s, 40s with about 54 as the cut off for the best demo. For politics, geezers are golden.

        1. You can’t control who the customer is and who they want.

          I have been on groups that were mock juries for malpractice cases, and one group that investigated alternate billing strategies for a public utility,

          Some customers want old farts; most don’t.  The last few calls I have gotten have interviewed me then said, “sorry, we have enough people in your age group.”

          I don’t know who the customers were.

  5. Apparently this DFA event is credited by ActBlue to him.

    Good to see a “Young Professionals” ticket price that actually makes an event affordable for young professionals. I often have occasion to hear from young professionals about political events and a frequent complaint is that they are buried in student loans and not making a lot of money yet, but candidates assume they can contribute more than can families or seniors. It’s hard to get young people motivated and involved if they feel like political groups just pay attention to them as an excuse to press them for money.  

  6. By Fred Weir


    The Christian Science Monitor

    In a multinational race to seize the potential riches of the formerly icebound Arctic, being laid bare by global warming, Russia is the early favorite. Within the next year, the Kremlin is expected to make its claim to the United Nations in a bold move to annex about 380,000 square miles of the internationally owned Arctic to Russian control. At stake is an estimated one-quarter of all the world’s untapped hydrocarbon reserves, abundant fisheries, and a freshly opened route that will cut nearly a third off the shipping time from Asia to Europe. The global Arctic scramble kicked off in 2007 when Russian explorer Artur Chilingarov planted his country’s flag beneath the North Pole. “The Arctic is Russian,” he said. “Now we must prove the North Pole is an extension of the Russian landmass.” In July, the Russian ship Akademik Fyodorov set off, accompanied by the giant nuclear-powered icebreaker, to complete undersea mapping to show that the Siberian continental shelf connects to underwater Arctic ridges, making Russia eligible to stake a claim. Around the same time, Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov announced the creation of an Arctic military force tasked with backing up Moscow’s bid.

    1. that eastern Russia is merely an extension of the North American landmass. An analysis of continental plates would support the claim that the North Pole (including Santa’s Workshop) is ours!

      But, we probably won’t get any Republican support for using science in developing energy policy (or much of any kind of policy, for that matter).

    1. Rick Perry, God’s Chosen to pray Texas into prosperity, invested as a private citizen in Movie Gallery corporation to the tune of between 5-10k according to his 1995 personal financial reports. Movie Gallery was, at that time, the largest distributor of porn in America, and able to sell and rent regular videos for much cheaper than the competition due to their heady porn profit…

      A little awkward?

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