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August 11, 2011 08:06 PM UTC

Gardner: Hit The Bricks, Outsource-Threatened Workers

  • by: Colorado Pols

A fascinating tidbit from Monday’s town hall meeting with freshman Rep. Cory Gardner–transcript via Media Matters’ Political Correction this morning:

CONSTITUENT: But what about my job? I want to keep it. Not new jobs. I want to keep my job.

GARDNER: Well, make sure that your business is successful. [Pols emphasis] We need to make sure that we’re –

CONSTITUENT: They’re successful by training those Vietnamese and I want to learn. They make me work 45 hours a week and they don’t pay for training anymore. They used to pay for two weeks of training every year. They quit paying for training three years ago. But they’re training – they’re giving these people technology, they’re giving them what I want to know, and I don’t have time to learn.

CONSTITUENT 2: And they get tax incentives to do it.

GARDNER: To go back to the question, if that company can succeed, I would hope that they would share their success with you. If they are not, maybe that’s not a great company to work for. [Pols emphasis]

Ouch! We haven’t heard if Gardner was actually serving cake at this town hall, but we’d say that’s all he was offering to, if you will, let them eat. And while he’s right that companies who outsource jobs are not “great” to work for, the companies will answer that they need to in order to “make sure” their business is “successful.” That’s all Gardner needs to hear, of course.

A smashing boost for office morale, wouldn’t you say?


20 thoughts on “Gardner: Hit The Bricks, Outsource-Threatened Workers

  1. For US firms to effectively compete in a global marketplace, outsourcing is a fact of life. Whether Americans like it or not, we are competing with the rest of the world. American business must do everything necessary yo increase efficiency, reduce cost, and stay competitive.

    Americans have greater opportunity to be at the top of the global economy than anybody else. We are the managers and foremen, not to mention the shareholders.

    She should invest her money in her company and reap the benefits of their greater competitiveness.

    1. and they should be rewarded as such with a tax cut to ensure their future competitiveness. Firms that hire Americans are stupid, and shoudn’t be rewarded for being so.  Why throw good money at bad ?

    2. She should invest in a Y-chromosome, not in the business, if she wants to get paid more. Problem solved. Now let’s get back to cutting taxes and outsourcing. USA! USA!

    3. This “competitive” firm you’re talking about is using OUR TAX DOLLARS to subsidize their outsourcing of jobs to Vietnam.

      THAT’S what she was complaining about.

      Sheesh, the idiocy and hypocrisy among Republicans nowadays when it comes to taxes and tax breaks is enough to make you sick.

  2. If I were siting there listening to that smug little shit explain to me why I needed to work harder while I watched my company outsource me and then listen to him counter that maybe I should find another job, I might have shown him some real populism.  I would’ve been tempted to punch Gardner in the face.

    The GOP won’t be satisfied until they turn this country in to China: a few rich people, masses of poor working in unsafe conditions for no money and living in a destroyed environment.

  3. The height of hyprocrisy for Republicans like Gardner and ArapaGOP to belittle this lady about to lose her job to a Vietnam call center as engaging in “populist dreck” – while the Republicans siphon off our tax dollars and throw them at corporations outsourcing our jobs to Vietnam.

    Gardner sounded like a little piece of uncaring crap, and so did his “populist dreck” defender. Shame on them both.  

  4. If you are not making the money a Republican thinks you should be, or you are unemployed that is your own fault. Don’t go crying on a Republican for help. You screwed up, you are a loser. Tough it out. (and by the way be sure to tip the Republican well for not peeing on you)

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