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August 02, 2011 10:58 PM UTC

Is Herman Cain For Reals?

  • by: Colorado Pols

With all of the debt ceiling vote brouhaha, we didn’t get a chance to get to the Republican Presidential candidate straw poll in Colorado last weekend. The Western Conservative Summit, a three-day event held last weekend in Colorado, also included a straw-poll that saw 508 ballots cast (full press release after the jump). The results? Herman Cain took a ridiculous 48% of the vote:

The Denver Straw Poll ballot alphabetically listed the following announced and undecided Republican candidates. Their names and percent of votes follows:

Michele Bachmann- 9 %

John Bolton- 4%

Herman Cain- 48%

Newt Gingrich- 1%

Rudy Giuliani- 0%

Jon Huntsman- 0%

Gary Johnson-0%

Thaddeus McCotter- 0%

Sarah Palin- 1%

Ron Paul- 2%

Tim Pawlenty- 1%

Rick Perry- 13%

Mitt Romney- 10%

Rick Santorum- 10%

Paul Ryan received one write-in vote.

While these results may sound too good to believe for Cain, according to folks who attended the Summit, Cain had Republicans eating out of his former-pizza tossing hands (he was a guest speaker during the event). We don’t expect that Cain will eventually end up as the GOP nominee for President, but it’s beginning to look as though he might just be interesting enough to play a significant role in who does win the nomination.  

The results of the Western Conservative Summit 2011 Denver Presidential Straw Poll are in, and the winner is Herman Cain with  48 percent of the vote.  Rick Perry was the runner-up with 13 percent.

A total of 508 ballots were cast over the three-day conference. Results were announced at the closing session of the Western Conservative Summit 2011 held at the Denver Marriott City Center, 1701 California Street in downtown Denver.

Event organizer and Executive Director of the Centennial Institute John Andrews said,  “The Denver Straw Poll is the first test of 2012 presidential preferences among grassroots activists in Colorado and the Western states.  Conference attendees included Republican volunteers, Tea Party activists, conservatives and libertarians of all kinds, along with members of the faith comunity.

“To keep it fair,” Andrews added, “the straw poll ballot included a voting line for the only announced Democratic candidate, President Obama, as well as write-in options for any other Democrat and for any third-party candidate.”  

The Denver Straw Poll ballot alphabetically listed the following announced and undecided Republican candidates. Their names and percent of votes follows:

Michele Bachmann- 9 %

John Bolton- 4%

Herman Cain- 48%

Newt Gingrich- 1%

Rudy Giuliani- 0%

Jon Huntsman- 0%

Gary Johnson-0%

Thaddeus McCotter- 0%

Sarah Palin- 1%

Ron Paul- 2%

Tim Pawlenty- 1%

Rick Perry- 13%

Mitt Romney- 10%

Rick Santorum- 10%

Paul Ryan received one write-in vote.

Texas Governor Rick Perry (R), who is considering a run for U.S. President in 2012, and presidential candidate Rick Santorum (R-Pa) keynoted the opening night dinner session on Friday, July 29.

Herman Cain, another candidate, spoke this morning on the topic of “This Time, Real Change.” Cain is former chairman and CEO of Godfather’s Pizza and former chairman of the Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

John Bolton, former US Ambassador to the United Nations, who has said he will decide in September about his 2012 White House bid, also addressed the delegates on Saturday morning, July 30. His topic was “Defending America in a Dangerous World.”

Western Conservative Summit 2011 is presented by Centennial Institute, a public policy think tank affiliated with Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, Colorado, and in partnership with 710 KNUS, The Daily Caller, Independence Institute, Colorado Union of Taxpayers, CitizenLink (part of Focus on the Family), Americans for Prosperity, the Heritage Foundation, Tea Party Patriots of Colorado, and 30 other conservative groups.

Summit co-chairs are John Andrews, director of the Centennial Institute, and Bill Armstrong, president of Colorado Christian University.  Andrews is a columnist for The Denver Post and is former president of the Colorado Senate and author of the recently released book Responsibility Reborn: A Citizen’s Guide to the Next American Century.  Armstrong is a former businessman and represented Colorado in the U.S. House of Representatives (1972-1978) and the U.S. Senate (1978-1990).


at Colorado Christian University

The Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian University works to enhance public understanding of the most important issues relating to faith, family and freedom.  As part of this endeavor, the Institute focuses its efforts on conducting research, analyzing public policy options and sponsoring seminars, conferences, and other activities that involve students, faculty, staff and outside experts. For more information:


78 thoughts on “Is Herman Cain For Reals?

      1. 2010’s “Spirit of Anne Frank Award” recipient doesn’t.

        And as a Jewish woman (yup, shockingly enough, I’m still using that, even though you’ve expressed your belief that you have more right than me to define my ethnicity and religion)I don’t find it terribly amusing, either.

        I fully expect you’d be first in line with your picket sign if Barack Obama ran on the platform that communities that disagree with pedophilia should be permitted to ban Catholic churches. And you’d be absolutely right about that. But it’s a pity that your right-ness extends to the civil rights of people whose religious experiences fit into one narrow little box.

        1. What has Herman Cain ever said that was racist? He’s a black man, for crying out loud.

          I suspected the word your were look for was “bigoted”, which applies to religious discrimination. In that, he is guilty as charged, which is one reason I don’t support him for President, the other being sheer inexperience. Had he been leading our side in the recent debt negotiations, things would have gone very badly.

          1. 1) Not recognizing racism when you see it

            2) Black/white race dichotomy

            3) Belief that black people can’t be racist

            4) Failure to understand that belief 3 is in and of itself racist

            5) Belief that Islamophobia is only about religion, not about race or culture.

            You should run for President… I hear there are some Western Conservatives who’d happily endorse.

            1. As far as #5, I just don’t know what kind of whacked out world we live in where fiscally sane people are labelled as terrorists, yet every time someone shouts “Allah Akbar” and shoots up an army base or flies a plane into a building, it’s an “isolated incident” and has nothing to do with radical Islamic ideology.

              I’d run for President if it were possible, just so people could call me “former presidential candidate bjwilson83” for the rest of my life. 🙂

              1. I’m pretty sure he posted part of that about two days ago. Or are you guys all in a G+ circle giggling about the next silly accusation you’re going to make about liberals?

                I’d play ball but I’m out of time for today, cause I gotta go watch the Rockies play ball.  

            2. It’s just that black Republicans can’t. The real racists are the ones who talk about racism.

              And no, don’t try to be clever, I’m not talking about racism. I’m talking about talking about racism.

              1. … you’ve made me look creepy by making me laugh out loud at my computer screen at least 3x while I’m supposedly working in a coffee shop. Looking this creepy, people probably think I’m BJwilson.

          2. Had he (Cain)  been leading our side in the recent debt negotiations, things would have gone very badly.

            Not with all the pizza that would have been sent in. Negotiations always go better when the negotiators are well fed.  

        2. but thanks for that link. That is a beautifully written op ed piece that I’m book marking for future reference. Absolutely brilliant and poignant.  

      2. Cain #1: asked “Would you be comfortable appointing a Muslim, either in your cabinet or as a federal judge?” he answered without qualification, “No, I will not.”

        Cain #2: supporting efforts to bar an Islamic center from being built in Tennessee because — get this — those Muslims building their own place of worship is “an infringement and an abuse of our freedom of religion”

        Cain #3: “based upon the little knowledge that I have of the Muslim religion, you know, they have an objective to convert all infidels or kill them”

        Of course, Cain #3 is just like BJwilson’s own little hatemongering, “when Mohammed came along the sanctity of life went out the window,” and also BJ’s insult of every prior religion by declaring, “education started with Catholics.”

        BJ, condolences on Palin not running for Prez, but in Herman Cain you have the rare honor of getting to support a bigot and theocrat every bit as vile as you are.

          1. a written or oral defamatory statement or representation that conveys an unjustly unfavorable impression

            ….You know, truth has always been a legal defense against libel…

            1. is the same as criticizing all of us, which is the same as the Holocaust, which is the same as thinking of eliminating one of the tax breaks I have that you don’t even know about. Knock it off, Nazi.

          2. … it’s especially harmful and therefore punishable; you’d like it there.

            But please feel free to elaborate what part of what I said is a factual falsehood. Otherwise, my friend, you’ve committed the libel by making the factually false accusation that I committed libel. Of course, I’m not going to argue that you should be banned for that, because I’m not a whiney little baby begging for more powerful folks to fight my enemies for me, like you do on this site.

            1. “he’s a vile anti-Muslim bigot and neanderthal theocrat just like you!” What is it with the lefties and name-calling these days? First a terrorist and now this? You’re coming unglued. This is factually untrue. I just explained how I don’t

              support Hermain Cain because of things you just listed.

              “Of course, Cain #3 is just like BJwilson’s own little hatemongering, “when Mohammed came along the sanctity of life went out the window,” and also BJ’s insult of every prior religion by declaring, “education started with Catholics.”

              It is not an insult of every prior religion to point out the historical fact that Catholics started schools in the middle ages when no one else was educating people. Furthermore, it is untrue that I am a hate monger, and it is also historical fact that Mohammed started a group that killed a lot of people.

              “condolences on Palin not running for Prez”

              Not libel, but also untrue.

              “But in Herman Cain you have the rare honor of getting to support a bigot and theocrat every bit as vile as you are.”

              So take that, you vile hatemongering anti-Muslim bigot and neanderthal theocrat and in-case-you-didn’t-hear-me-the-first-time vile bigot and theocrat.

              Kidding, but don’t you see how insensitive your statement was?

                1. Just be sure to correctly source all the nasty stuff to raymond. I’d be tempted to come to the game just for kicks but I live too far away.

                  1. Game doesn’t start til 6:40 PM… you could still make it… I seriously want a photo of BJWilson sitting in the middle of a throng of young Democrats. Preferably with a Palin button or something.

                    It’d be like Where’s Waldo, but with more beer.  

                    1. Me too, as long as they didn’t tear me to shreds. And with beer in the mix, that’s not something I want to bet on, given what a vile hatemongering bigoted neanderthal theocrat Nazi terrorist they seem to think I am. I do indeed have a Palin button though.

              1. BJ may be awesome with the hate, but not so much with the irony.

                And I never said you DO support Cain, just that you SHOULD, because you’re two peas in a hate-pod.  What you really should do, actually, is run for county chair of “Colorado for Cain” or something; that race, I bet you might have a shot at winning, if just because you and your mom/principal might be the only voting members of that particular party.

              2. remember when you said this?

                Even if all religions have skeletons in their closets, you have to look at which religions have skeletons out in the open right now. Jihad certainly qualifies in my opinion.

                Or this?

                I agree that the Crusades were an abuse of Christianity, but what is the equivalent to Jihad today in Christianity. And do Christians treat women as property? Do they half bury adulteress women and stone them to death. Do they hang gays? Do they behead criminals? Not in the most fundamentalist of Christian sects.

                How about this one? This was a real winner:

                …but when Mohammed came along the sanctity of life went out the window. One reason why I believe Islam is a perversion of Christianity. Mohammed admitted to getting his revelations from demons, after all.

                And finally, here’s this nugget:

                …and it is also historical fact that Mohammed started a group that killed a lot of people.

                This adds up to a lot of vile, anti-Muslim bigotry. Remember: it ain’t “name calling” when it’s an accurate description, you vile, anti-Muslim bigot.

                There were various anti-Catholic remarks in the diary where I found those quotes, but I don’t need to bother with those.

                1. Clearly, you misunderstood Wilson.

                  He probably meant something else.

                  Although,  that “demons” thing is curious.

                  What would he say about Hagee, and 7th Day Adventists, and others who claiim the Catholic Church is “The Whore of Babylon”? Or those idjits who protest at dead vets’ funerals. Or the snake charmers, or any of thousands of other self proclaimed “Christian” believers who have ….surprising beliefs.

                  1. I thought, Woe is me poet or possessed – Never shall Quraysh say this of me!  I will go to the top of the mountain and throw myself down that I may kill myself and gain rest.  So I went forth to do so and then) when I was midway on the mountain, I heard a voice from heaven saying “O Muhammad! thou are the apostle of God and I am Gabriel.”

                    Also, from Tabari Vol. 9, page 167, note 1151 says:

                    “The pre-Islamic Arabs believed in the demon of poetry, and they thought that a great poet was directly inspired by demons….”

                    This explains why Muhammad thought he was demon possessed, or influenced by demons; the Quran in many places reads like poetry.


                    1. What makes you think that you’re a Quran scholar after reading a few pages of the Islamophobia version of StormFront? At least read it yourself.  

                    2. But Joseph Smith hears Moroni and launches a new religion and that’s …. not demonic.

                      Moses gets the burning bush and that’s just fine.

                      See, if you agree with Wilson, it’s not demonic, it’s holy and good.  If you disagree with Wilson, you are evil and following demons.  Got it.

                    3. My point was that Muhammad himself thought he was demon possessed. And I don’t know where you got the idea that I ever said Moroni was not a demon. There’s stuff about Mormonism that I don’t like as well, such as polygamy, the Warren Jeffs types, etc. But, for the most part, they leave outsiders alone instead of, say, blowing them up in the name of Moroni in an attempt to punish non believers.

                      As far as Moses, Christians, Jews, Muslims, and probably even Mormons believe that it was God, so I think you’re on the wrong side of that one. 🙂

                    4. It seems like “demons” was a translated  figure of speech that Mohammed was using to describe the fear and awe he felt  being addressed by Gabriel.   But I don’t know- because I don’t know.

                      Sure, you don’t like “stuff about Mormonism”  but you’re not describing Smith as hearing demons.

                      And I never said anything about what my belief is regarding the burning bush, Moses, or anything else.  Si yu have no idea whether I am on the wrong side of anything.   I was talking about your insistence that your understanding is superior – which even if it was ,  it would still be politically and publicly irrelevant unless and until the US Constitution is amended to allow the kind of religious litmus test advocated by some, say Herman Cain.

                      But I will say this – as a young person I was educated by nuns and priests who talked more than a little about the fear of God.  I think I was still six years old when I passed the millionith hearing of the admonition that God answers all prayers – and sometimes the answer is no.  I suspect your faith is more about a warm and fuzzy forgiving Lord than was that of my educators, though likely you are no less willing to judge.

                    5. Good luck with trying to convince Beej that Catholics know anything about Christianity . . . as far as he’s concerned, you idol worshippers are nearly as goofy as Smith and his salamander.

  1. Frank Gaffney has proof that the Herminator is in cahoots with the Muslim Brotherhood.

    ThinkProgress interview:  Frank Gaffney’s Latest Conspiracy: Herman Cain Actually Met With A ‘Prominent Muslim Brotherhood’ Group

    To be fair, Gaffney also flags Elena Kagan, David Petraeus, and even Grover Norquist for their secret MB meetings.  Now we can add Herman to the jihadist travelers group.

    Or maybe Gaffney just thinks all minority Presidents or President wannabees are secret islamic jihadists.  

    1. Anyone who signs a petition for peace in the middle east via a two-state solution, or who wishes the Israeli’s and Palestinians could work things out peacefully, gets labeled a “self-hating Jew”. Apparently, unless one’s heart is full of hate, you’re suspect. When I first got on the list, it was so small, I was on the same page as peacenik Richard Gere. That made me feel very honored. Years later, there are thousands of names on it. I’m in pretty good company.

      1. Signing a petition made me a member of a group with a name that sounded something like, “Americans for a Peaceful Resolution in Israel”. I can’t even remember it’s name anymore. See, if you don’t hate one side or the other in any particular issue, you must hate yourself.  

        1. most American Jews have joined us on the two state solution, land for peace side.  Not to mention most Israelis. That self hating stuff is so yesterday.

  2. people (pl.?) at Coloradans for Palin.  That 1% showing at what was essentially a teafest, coming right upon the heels of her box office smash, is reflective of your strong political skills and instincts.

    Way to show ’em guy(s?)!

    1. Thus Palin got 100% of the vote. Victory! It’s funny to watch you libs running scared.

      Palin could do a better job as President in even half a term than Obama could in two terms. (We’re going to sell bumper stickers with that slogan when she wins the nomination.)

  3. During my recent travels, IВґve seen two 2012 presidential bumper stickers.  An Obama 2012 in Washington, DC.  And, a Herman Cain 2012 in Orlando, FL.  

    The Obama sticker was on a Volvo-type car.

    The Cain sticker was on a beatup old minivan with bald tires.  

        1. and he’d still be the black Hitler.

          You have 100% of what you want economically and militarily.  Keep whining and you get the time out.    So it’s really only the gays, the lady parts and poor people.

          Gays should get back in and stay in the closet.

          Women should just do what you want, when you want, the  way you want.

          And poor people choose to be poor, they should just live with their choice.

  4. “I am an American, Black, Conservative. I don’t use African-American, because I’m American, I’m black and I’m conservative. I don’t like people trying to label me. African- American is socially acceptable for some people, but I am not some people.”

    ” Most off the ancestors that I can trace were born here in the United States of America, and then it goes back to slavery. And I’m sure my ancestors go all the way back to Africa, but I feel more of an affinity for America than I do for Africa. I’m a black man in America.”

    Herman Caine

      1. vague insults aren’t evidence of racism

        there is no racism

        except you’re a racist for criticizing a black republican

        please direct any follow-up questions to mark g, oracle of racial knowledge

  5. I mean, if you love our country and its Constitution, how do you get around that and still support Cain for President?

    I’m sure bjwilson83 has a tortured rationalization.

    There are Boy Scout troops out there that are predominantly Muslim, with Eagle Scouts. Patriotic Americans all. But I guess according to Herman Cain and his supporters, these tropps are nothing but Al Qaeda sleeper cells.

    1. Shariah law demands the establishment of a “Cub Scout Terrorist Victory Den” after every significant conquest . . .

      They make the little guys sit around in tents and smoke hookahs and recite the Koran until they hate all of our American freedoms.  Their Eagle Scouts get to be Eagle Scouts by snaring, you guessed it, an eagle — and eating it, after it’s been roasted over a open fire of American flags.

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