Let’s Dump Boebert

I met the Republican woman who is running against Lauren Boebert. In fact, I invited her to my home to meet with a local blogger and a retired nurse, who is also a “retired” Republican after 30 years of supporting the GOP.

I know it is odd for a liberal, as I am known to be, to be promoting a Republican candidate, but hear me out.

We still don’t know what the boundaries will be after redistricting. The preliminary map shows Republicans with a 10 point advantage. Any Republican running will have that advantage. The only Republican who has announced a primary run is Marina Zimmerman. Rumors are still circulating that Josh Penry will promote a Tim Foster run, but for the sake of this argument, let’s ignore that possibility.

Democracy requires choices. For those of us living in CD3, our choice for the past two election cycles has been a competent, educated female from a resort town or a Republican candidate. I’m pretty sure even Republicans were surprised when a novice candidate beat Scott Tipton in a primary. But that happened. Rural voters, who have been conditioned by oil and gas to believe the only way they will have jobs is to vote for the Republican, will continue to vote for the Republican.

The only avenue I see to Dump Boebert is for Unafilliated voters to vote against her in the primary. The demographics show that the unaffiliated voter will be the deciding vote. According to the Secretary of State’s data as of July 1, CD3 has 521,296 active voters, of which 163,914 are GOP, 136,127 are DEM, and 211,641 are not affiliated with any major political party.

For the record, I have long said that there needs to be more than one viable political party, I believe that issues are best solved when looked at from every angle. In theory we get that when there are competitors in a political race who are intelligent, educated, and thoughtful about the issues. Clearly Lauren Bobert is none of these things so how do we change the dynamic?

My dream political contest for CD3 would ulitmately be Kerry Donovan and Marina Zimmerman. They each bring different strengths and weaknesses to the table.

Donovan brings more experience and a good track record, but she’s another “competent, educated female from a resort town.” (For the record, I also had lunch with Donovan this week, and like her very much.) However, mysogyny runs strong among CD3 voters. It is my opinion that we got Boebert because the men in CD3 were thinking with their little heads instead of their big heads. There is anecdotal evidence of this. Friends who were election judges told stories of the number of men who went to actual polling places and commented that they only wanted to vote for Trump and Boebert.  Donovan is attractive but does not sexualize her campaign, nor does she walk around carrying a penis extender with lethal bullets.

Zimmerman brings connections to the working man, after years of being a heavy equipment operator working often in the oil and gas industry. She also has a degree in political science from Ft Lewis, and is working on a degree in planning. Zimmerman also brings that 10 point advantage Republicans own in the draft redistricting maps.

Since it is likely that the next Representative from CD3 will be a Republican, I’d prefer one with common sense, who is not anti-vax, who thinks Trump did more damage than good to our nation and who may also be able to bring national advertising and campaign money into her campaign.  Zimmerman has spoken with people like Bill Kristol and Michael Steele about her campaign. She believes they will help with fundraising, making the CD3 primary race one with a national focus and very expensive.

Despite Zimmerman being against abortions, one of my hot button issues, it is my plan to vote for her in the GOP primary. I hope that other unaffiliated voters will join me. She isn’t perfect, but she is head and shoulders above Boebert.

A race between Zimmerman and Donovan would be a race full of ideas. That’s what democracy should look like.

Please, help me Dump Boebert!

About Ckonola

Retired banker, community and economic developer. Born in Deadwood, but raised in Colorado.

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  1. kwtree says:


    You've made a good case for electing a "reasonable" republican in CD3.

    Tactically, as a Democrat, what would that look like? Are you advising people to change registration to UAF and vote in R primaries? (assuming that they don't change the rules to disallow this)

    What about the general?


    • Ckonola says:

      Good questions. Some of my friends are registering as unaffiliated just for the Primary. As for me, I'll vote GOP in the primary because I am already unaffiliated. I'll cross the general election bridge when that elections gets closer. 

  2. JohnInDenver says:

    Boebert continues to work at being objectionable to

    • liberals,
    • those in favor of saving Afghan workers for the US military and intelligence,
    • those who object to mixing personal and business expenses,
    • those concerned about religious Dominionists in government, and
    • those who would like their Representative to bring benefits to their District.

    Seems like there could be a way to pull an anti-Boebert coalition together in 2022, promising to go back to more usual Republican politics in 2024.

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