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July 29, 2011 05:53 AM UTC

You Can't Make This Up: House Stops Debt Debate to Name Post Offices

  • by: Colorado Pols

If you thought the messaging troubles for the Republicans couldn’t get any worse…you were wrong. As ABC News reports, House Republicans managed to figure out a way to make themselves look even worse on the night that they failed to even call a vote on the debt ceiling:

Despite what some government officials have billed as a possible financial Armageddon looming four days away and with no viable deal yet reached to raise the debt ceiling, lawmakers took a break from the debt debate Thursday night.

What did they turn to? Post offices.

Eight post office naming bills came to the House floor just two days after the U.S. Postal Service announced its plans to close nearly 3,700 post offices this year in order to deal with its $8.3 billion budget deficit.

Yes, that looks really, really bad. But the good news is that it doesn’t look quite as bad as this:

So far this year, almost 50 bills to rename post offices have been introduced. Three of those bills have made it to the president’s desk, representing a full 13 percent of all legislation signed by President Obama this year. [Pols emphasis]

Throughout the previous legislative session, the 111th Congress introduced 427 bills to name post offices and passed more than 70 of them.

That’s right — a Republican majority in the House of Representatives has managed in seven months to do little else besides naming post offices. Incapable of governing? It’s getting harder and harder for Republicans to say anything otherwise.


17 thoughts on “You Can’t Make This Up: House Stops Debt Debate to Name Post Offices

  1. the naming of these new post offices was approaching a very critical deadline . . . if they hadn’t been named by July 29th, tens of thousands of folks might have taken to referring to them simply as “the post office.”  It’s hard to overestimate just how many jobs these bills will create.

      1. I don’t know the official name of the post office where I have had a PO Box for ten years now. I do know it was built during the Eisenhower administration because there’s a plaque that says so on the wall I look at when I’m waiting in line.

        This would be an excellent question to put on the citizenship test – “What is the official name of your local Post Office?” If you flunk it you get deported.  

  2. I’m heaaring from more and more average people that a new American Revolution is at hand. Unfortunately they don’t realize the extent of the police state. It would take riots and atrocities worse than what’s going on in Syria for the US National Guard to stop firing on US citizens.

    It was quite popular in the Vietnam years to shoot college students with flowers in their hair.

  3. Giving Boehner what little credit he deserves for the evening, he was trying to keep his peeps in the House while he scavenged for votes on the debt ceiling bill.  Naming post offices wasn’t much, but it was brainless and time-wasting activity that wouldn’t really distract Representatives while they were being whipped on the debt vote.

    1. stay in from recess with their heads on their desks?  That one always worked for Mrs. Schiffer when she wanted to snap our second-grade class to attention.  

  4. The House is using up all the time, Reid won’t have time for his own bill…..The finance bill has to begin in the HOUSE, so by the time Reid gets it, there will not be time for anything but to pass it.

    The posturing that it will be “dead on arrival” and “I will veto it” will be jokes.  I can see the quotes on T-Shirts sold by the tea party to finance their total takeover.

    I don’t like this.  But, you guys, are dancing on Republican graves way TOO SOON.

  5. ….CAN’T create jobs, CAN’T get OBL, and CAN’T really pass any meaningful legislation to fix their own artificially-created “debt ceiling crisis.”  

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