The Republicans have won.

Read this in the Washington Post…

Do you agree that the Republicans have won?

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  1. Ray Springfield says:

    For example:

    If I am to understand correctly, the FBI will depend upon Scotland Yard’s investigation of the Murdoch Empire hacking 9-11 victims phones. In the first place, Scotland Yard has been shown to have been bribed in the affair. Secondly, the USA fought a war to be indepedent from the crown. Something is wrong with this picture.

    I’m not sure that I would call them Republicans anymore. The Tea Party are proto-fascists who march to the tune of radical billionaires.

  2. dukeco1 says:

    we are just now at the two-minute warning…and you are declaring victory? Why don’t we wait for the fat lady to sing?

    • dwyer says:

      The only reason to declare victory before it happens is to secure the right to say “I told you so.”  Sometimes, if one proves to be right, one’s credibility is enhanced….not here, not me, however. 🙂

      • dwyer says:

        How Talk Radio won the 2010 elections for the Republicans.

        I first sounded the alarm about the power of Republican control of the public radio airwaves at the height of the Obama honeymoon blush and BTP, (Before the Tea Party) A lively debate on this blog ensured.  This is what I wrote in February of 2009.

        • dwyer says:

          It is not MY victory I am declaring.  It is the republicans…I despise the brand.

          • dukeco1 says:

            I am just not convinced you are right. I decided a while back that second guessing president Obama is not advisable.

            As John Elway said to the Broncos on the two yard line on a snowy day in Cleveland…” we got ’em right where we want ’em “. I think Obama pulls this one off and destroys the Tea Party in the process.

            We won’t know who has won until Nov. of next year.

            I could be wrong…of course.

            p.s.   call me Duke, it’s OK.  

            • faux_american says:

              There will likely be multiple losers out of this–at the rate it’s going everyone could emerge a loser.

              The problem with the Democrats right now is that they’re devolving back into the “We’re not Republicans” message. The Republicans won in 2010, and the Democrats risk coming across as sore losers if they continue with the “We’re not Republicans” message.  

          • dwyer says:

            No guts, no glory. …etc.

            u r, of course, right.

            but tancredo got more votes than Maes…..he was surging….and sometimes, my predictions are along the lines of “OMG, if nothing is done, this is what will happen.”

            That was certainly the motivation behind calling the 2010 elections in February of 2009.

  3. faux_american says:

    To quote John Belushi in the movie Animal House, “…Nothing’s over  until we say it is.”

    In all seriousness though, the debt ceiling is not over. One party–Democratic or Republican–could emerge as the winners, it’s also not entirely a zero sum game. Although it’s unlikely that both parties emerge from this in a more positive light, it’s entirely possible that both parties emerge in more negative light than before.  

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