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July 23, 2011 07:51 AM UTC

Libertad: Penalty Boxed for the weekend

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE: Time served, Libertad is released from the Penalty Box.


For an unusually offensive and off-topic string of nonsense about somebody’s non-blogger wife. As always, we encourage readers to not be gratuitously insulting to one another when there are far more interesting things to talk about anyway.

Libertad’s Colorado Pols account will be restored on Monday morning. To visit the Colorado Pols Penalty Box, click here. Remember, only Penalty Boxed users may comment at the Penalty Box, and only during their suspension period.


18 thoughts on “Libertad: Penalty Boxed for the weekend

  1. This is Libertad’s second stint, and the first one had to be extended because he registered a sockpuppet to get around the ban.

    How many trips to the penalty box before someone earns a permanent ban? (Or should we call it a game misconduct?)

    1. no matter how egregious the offense or what the penalty, a few months from now you notice a new account using the name “Dogooder” . . . same old same old same old.

      There’s no recidivism with capital punishment.

      On the other hand, SXP is now a model citizen and a credit to his human race, albeit one with a vocabulary deficiency.  (OK, actually I think he’s still scary — kind of like A Clockwork Orange in real life.)

      1. where someone got so personal, and was speaking about someone’s wife in a completely inappropriate manner. It happened years ago, and yes, that person was on the left.

        I’m not sure why my comment is being interpreted by some here as a call for Libby’s ouster. I’m basically asking if there’s a “three strikes” rule here, or if there should be one.

  2. The turd has been around the bend lately, more racist and deranged than normal, and what he said about Dan’s wife was beyond uncalled for.  A weekend off (when there might not be much going on anyway) seems like a slap on the wrist.

          1. Family of politicians and public figures are off limits until they get their own names in the papers.

            A-GOP, I sure hope you can perceive the difference. I know you guys view everything through the prism of left-or-right, but that’s not how things are typically applied.

  3. …as I’ve told ‘tad and others, you can sling whatever mud you want at me. His bizarre and nonsensical insults have no affect on me, and I enjoy answering them in a similar manner.

    However, when you start talking about the family members of a poster you go too far. ‘tad has done this to my wife on many occasions, but this latest episode was the last straw and I requested he be dumped in the penalty box.

    Everyone now knows he reason he’s off the site for a weekend. I’m sure he’ll come back with the same inscrutable rantings, which is fine. He has a Constitutional right to display the depth of his ignorance.

    But now the rest of the site can adjust their opinions of ‘tad accordingly. It’s already exceeding low in many Polsters opinions, and I’m not certain it can go any lower.

    ArapaGOP – since you’re still a newbie here, let me just say that what ‘tad has said here about my wife is much much worse that the commentary about a politician’s son who posted dumb shit on a social networking site.

    The major difference is that Mr Schaffer made himself a public figure, and failed to check on his son’s online (and public) activities while campaigning for office. I’m just a screaming crazy vet who posts on a political website, and my family is absolutely out-of-bounds for mention and criticism.

    And ‘tad – check this out. Had you said any of this to my face, there would be vastly different consequences. And let me remind you that online anonymity is far from secure or guaranteed. One fake email with a PERL script included in any part of it, (even with a legit link to a website you’d normally visit) would grant access to your entire computer, and any other computer attached to it.

    Who knows – has someone offended with your rantings already done it?

  4. Did he put up some nice curtains, maybe throw a dust ruffel on the cot ?  Or did he just carve two sticks on the wall for time served ?

    1. of moonshine in the toilet. Assuming he didn’t drink it all, it will be there for the next occupant and will only be better after marinating for a spell.

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