America First or Burn It Down: Jenna Ellis Bails From GOP

Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis.

USA TODAY’s David Jackson reports–while of the of three people in the photo at right are facing sanctions up to and including the loss of their law license, ex-Trump couptorney Jenna Ellis of Colorado continues her high-profile transformation from lawyer with all those pesky strict ethical obligations to Newsmax pundit where…well, don’t be silly:

A lawyer who worked on Donald Trump’s election challenges says she is leaving the Republican Party in the wake of reports that an RNC official described her election fraud claims as “a joke.”

“The Republican Party has failed Donald Trump and true conservatives under swamp leadership,” attorney Jenna Ellis tweeted Monday about the latest dispute between Trump loyalists and GOP leadership, particularly the Republican National Committee.

In a November email, RNC chief counsel Justin Riemer said Ellis and fellow Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani were pushing nonsensical conspiracy theories about election procedures in President Joe Biden’s victory, according to a new book by author Michael Wolff.

“What Rudy and Jenna are doing is a joke and they are getting laughed out of court,” Riemer said in an email. “They are misleading millions of people who have wishful thinking that the president is going to somehow win this thing.”

Naturally, Ellis sees things…a bit differently:

Ellis claims further that the Republican National Committee under Ronna Romney McDaniel has possession of some $200 million raised by ex-President Donald Trump for the purpose of overturning the 2020 elections, which is obviously not being used for that right now and most self-interested Republicans should be fine with that. Don’t look for Ellis’ departure from the GOP to be permanent, either–in fact, there’s a groundswell on the MAGA right forming right now that could topple the current RNC leadership rather than let resistance to the “Big Lie” live on even in the closet. In a few months Ellis may well announce her triumphant return to a fully purged MAGA-owned GOP.

Even while her lawyer colleagues in Trump’s attempted overturning of democracy suffer the consequences, Ellis is reaping benefits beyond anything she could have hoped for as a low-level right-wing sort-of-lawyer with a grossly inflated resume. Riding Trump’s maleficient resurgence instead of mourning her career’s ignominious end is a fate Ellis should be grateful for–and we assume she is, just for all the wrong reasons.

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  1. Early Worm says:

    Maybe I am just an optimist, but how does this end well for the Republican party? How is Trump's "Party of Grift" a sustainable strategy? Jim Baker, Bernie Madoff, Donald Trump, et al., all conned a lot of people, but eventually, it comes crashing down. The circular firing squad is accelerating the process. 

    • Sparky says:

      It ends with them in permanent unquestionable power – once they embraced authoritarianism and decided to go all in on voter suppression, election theft and subversion, and enforcing their will through violence, there will be no way to stop them. This is precisely how autocracies establish themselves.

      • Sergeant America says:

        Nice try, Sparky, but then again what does one expect from a canine.  Your statement applies not to President Trump and those 75 million plus patriotic Americans who love their country and believe in individual freedom and rights, as codified in the United States of America Constitution.  Hardly, not even close.  Your statement actually applies to the collectivist socialist regime temporarily in power now after cheating and stealing their way to the Oval Office.  Voter suppression, for whom, illegal aliens, corpses, and other illegal Democrap tactics of voter and election fraud?   Sparky, heeling to the socialist propagandists in the media and indoctrinators in academia does not a free country make.   Woof woof.

        For National Sovereignty & America First

        Sergeant America

    • Sergeant America says:

      No Early Worm, not an optimist, just ill-informed, willfully ignorant, stupid, or deliberately mixing apples with oranges.  Don't worry, the truth is coming out, and the GOP will survive unless it returns to its losing strategy of not being a real alternative opposition party and continuing the go-along-to-get-along strategy of appeasement and bi-treacheryship with the Democrap party and reclaim their pre-Trump glory days of me-tooism as the Repugnantcan party.  


      • unnamed says:

        Oh. look.  Another troll who can't grasp that yes, your Dear Leader lost.  The tea leaves were there for anyone to read.  Provided you weren't putting fingers in your ears closing your eyes and shouting "la la la la la", which you obviously were.  

        • Sergeant America says:

          Sorry to disappoint you, but President Trump did not lose anything but America suffered a temporary set back.   As for your fanciful imagination of me acting like a wacky, woked, wondering crybaby, not even close.  I was not surprised at all, as I'm very much aware of ballot theft and election fraud, as it's been going on for generations.  But, with today's technology, it's even easier to steal and cheat your way into public office.  Hey, even Mickey Mouse can run for President today and win, and wouldn't that excite those who celebrate a first of anything, and wouldn't that just be the cats meow to those inclusionists who obsess and ring their hands over leaving anyone or anything out.  After all, being a first and inclusive must above all else be the top priorty, not qualifications or Constitutional eligibility per Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution.  Nah, that's old fashion and must be a remnant of our Founding Fascists like your professor said, right?

          • NOV GOP meltdown says:

            You sound like Mike Lindell when you say the truth is coming out. There's always some shocking scandal on the horizon that will reveal everything, and then there isn't.

          • unnamed says:

            Sergeant America says:

            July 14, 2021 at 10:09 AM MDT

            I'm a delusional idiot that clings to the cult of personality of a fraud and I keep guzzling that kool-aid because I think it tastes good.  I don't know how to respond to the truth, because my brain is so thoroughly broken, so I'm going to respond with a bunch of word salad.



          • Voyageur says:

            Draft dodger Trump kissed Putin’s ass, undercut NATO, sucked up to North Korea!, Gave the Crimea to Putin, and betrayed his country.  No real soldier would vote for him or sing his praises.

            My uncle and brother were both master sergeants, I was E-5.

            This bozzo ain’t no sergeant.  He is some militia wannabe.

        • RepealAndReplace says:

          I don't think it is another troll but just one of the old trolls who assumed a new name. Too smart to be Moderatus.

          Whatever happened to Powerful Pear? Or maybe Negev?


      • Early Worm says:

        Sarg (though I doubt you served) – I know you are mostly just angry and have no intention of engaging in an exchange of differing opinions, but . . . what exactly does this “new” Republican party you speak of stand for?  If you are capable, please give me specific policies, not just slogans (e.g. Make America Great, American First). My point is that there is no philosophical core, conservative or otherwise, to the Republican party anymore. It is the party of Trump, a demagogue, and a grifter. Explain why I am wrong. 

        • Sergeant America says:

          Early Worm, yes, I did serve, as evidenced by my DD-214 and an Honorable Discharge for over 20 plus years service, which is why I take the U.S. Constitution seriously, as I do the oath to support and defend it against all enemies foreign and domestic.  As for being angry, no not quite, just killing time as I get ready to go to my basement gym to workout.  Unfortunately, time does not permit me to engage right now in any philosophical or political discussions to the level of specific policies.  But, in the short time left, I will explain a few things in general.

          I view political parties as simply channels or vehicles to manifest my world view of things ……that would be limited government, maximum individual freedom for responsible law-abiding citizens, which pretty much what the Founding Fathers had in mind and established.  As in any market, there is a product or service provided, and whoever serves the customer best is that which is chosen.  Although not perfect, the Republican party is closer to my values.  Yes, there are third parties across the political spectrum which are more in tune with my views and values, and I’ve voted for some of their candidates through the years, particularly the Constitution Party, sometimes Libertarian Party.  But, I’m a realist and so I usually vote for a Republican candidate and hope for the best.  No way am I going to vote for a socialist or other freedom-destroying collectivist.  Then, along comes candidate Trump, so, like I do with all candidates in every election, I did due diligence in gathering as much background information on him as I possibly could and I came up with the following:
          1.  Strong patriotic nationalist through the years, even as a Democrat
          2.  Although born into wealth, he did not squander it and learned from his Dad about hard work and the importance of understanding the nuts and bolts of things down to the lowest worker and respecting and bonding with them.
          3.  Fighter with a strong sense of looking out for those for whom he is responsible, such as family members, his workers, his business partners, and even ex-wives.  I knew this would carry over into the Oval office to looking out for America and its citizens.  Unlike your inaccurate depiction of President Trump being a “demagogue” and “grifter,” I saw/see him as an archetype Warrior King fighter, who goes into action and produces results for We The People, which was/is to put AMERICA FIRST.   Empty talkers are a dime a dozen.  As it is said, talk is cheap, and the more of it the cheaper it gets.  I don’t know about you, but those whom I hire to work for me must deliver on their campaign promises.  They must be doers, not empty talkers.  President Trump is the epitome 3-D Man (Do-Doing-Done).  And, what a wonder it is that he accomplished as much as he did in his short four years in office with so much opposition from the pathetic lot among the jealous, envious, corrupt, evil and ill-willed among the political establishment, mainstream media, academia, entertainment industry, big tech, social media, and many foolish and intellectually dishonest bloggers, who carp and disparage from the sidelines of life and produce nothing of value
          4.  Negotiator and deal maker, who ensures that America comes out on top.  A strong President who believes in a strong military for national defense but who believes in and is skillful in America First negotiations that retains respect for America and is best for our  country is what he did and will do in the future in a fair election.

          What does the Republican party stand for you ask?  That’s a very good question.  We already know that the Democrat party has moved leftward toward socialism and are globalists, as are the establishment, anti-Trump Republicans, both of which are poison for America and its citizens.  And, that gets us right back to President Trump and those courageous younger Republicans, such as U.S. Representatives Matt Gaitz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Colorado’s very own Lauren Boebert, the later two whom will be at the upcoming Lincoln Day dinner on August 6th.   Toward learning more about the direction of the Republican Party and its core values, which I see as not the globalist establishment direction and values, I invite you to come and see and hear for yourself.  You can purchase your tickets at  Although I always participate in the political process as a delegate for the Republican party, I have never attended the Lincoln Day dinner; however, I will this time to get a chance to meet U.S. Representatives Greene and Boebert and to thank and encourage them face to face for their courageous stand against the political establishment and hostile mainstream media.  Maybe it’s my military background and my time in Vietnam, but, as I indicated above with President Trump, I like fighters, not wimps.  Hope to see you there and I can elaborate on politics, history, philosophy, health-fitness, alternative medicine, survialism, and what have you.


          For National Sovereignty and America First
          Sergeant America

          • Voyageur says:

            Lord, this chicken-flavored lollipop* is wordy!

            *Lenny Bruce's wondrous euphemism for cock su__er.

          • MichaelBowman says:

            …I indicated above with President Trump, I like fighters, not wimps

            Cadet Bone Spurs gets a pass on Vietnam? 

            • Diogenesdemar says:

              So you’re saying that Cadet Donnie didn’t really remove his own bone spurs with his very own captured AK-47 bayonet, and then lead that daring historic cavalry charge of 75,000,000 patriots up Haiphong Harbor, all the while encouraging the other troops with his rousing battle cry of, “Remember the Taj Mahal Casino, boys!” ??? . . .

              . . . you sure ’bout that?!?

          • unnamed says:

            as I indicated above with President Trump, I like fighters, not wimps.


            Yeah.  Trump was a real fighter when he hid in a bunker from BLM protesters.

            Or, I guess by "fighter" you mean having other people do the fighting while said "fighter" sits back and watches.


          • Genghis says:

            This is some pretty decent trolling, especially the geyser of praise directed toward the old incontinent fat guy and the tsunami of trigger words. Nicely done there, chief.

          • MattC says:

            Does that DD214 say "Sergeant America" for your name?


          • Early Worm says:

            Sarge – Thank you for the reply and the invite. I will not be attending the Lincoln Day dinner, but have a good time.

            Your characterizations of Trump are, at best, not grounded in reality. There is no evidence that he has ever been a successful businessman, or that he had been loyal to or protected anyone, including his family, or his country. And if you served your country in a time of war should understand that hugging the flag (literally and figuratively) does not make you a patriot. And his fighting, as others have pointed out, is only for himself and in the most ridiculously bullying ways. 

            As far as values, I do not see Trump or any of his acolytes doing anything to promote your goals of individual freedom or reduce the interference of government. He reduced taxes for the rich, appointed judges that will reduce abortion assess, and spend money on a pointless wall (and said a lot of nasty stuff about the press, people of color, or anyone that criticized him).

            So what you're left with is isolationism. You like Trump because he gave the finger to our allies and praised dictators, autocrats, and despots. That is your prerogative, but I prefer leaders that work with our allies to increase world stability and otherwise make the world a better place. You would call that being a "globalist."  

          • kwtree says:

            . . . As I get ready to go to my basement gym and work out…

            At ease, saggy MAGgy!

          • DawnPatrol says:

            Quit spamming the site, douchebag.

            Your ignorance, stupidity and ham-fisted trolling are exceeded only by…

            Oh, wait; nothing exceeds them.

  2. davebarnes says:


    Bill Buckley just puked his large brains out.

    • JohnInDenver says:

      Joining a long line of others. 

      I'm fascinated by true believers in open opposition to Reagan's 11th Commandment.  Or maybe Ms. Ellis considers Reagan a squish, too, since he's not out there backing Trump. 

  3. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    “back only conservative, America First, candidates………”

    Join the President’s Keep America Great PAC today and be sure to check the box that allows for recurring contributions.

    If your bank account gets low from your generous donations, the easy solution is to put more money into your account so you can keep on giving to the greatest president Amerika has ever seen!

    Help Donald and his minions to RELEASE THE KRAKEN!

    • Sergeant America says:

      Or, you can continue to back only leftist anti-American and America Last candidates who pander to illegal aliens, drug cartels, terrorists, and other criminals.  Out of work and broke? No problem, just print more money and mail scamdemic appeasement checks.  Such a deal dahlinks!  Happy days are here again, happy days are here again!  Gotta love those Dems.  Hee Haw!

      • unnamed says:

        Better than backing dictators, grifters, and throwing the American Intelligence apparatus under a bus.  And lionizing criminals that are white, fascist and totally stand with your dear leader after they tried to overturn an election, because your side lost.  

        Sorry to keep beating you over the head with that Private Putin.  Wait.  No I'm not.

        • Duke Cox says:

          I have very recently engaged on Facebook in a back and forth with one of our occasional posters that was very similar to the discussion here.

          The Republican party is now the Fantasy party. Truth and reality need not apply. 

          There is no enlightening nor educating those who will not seek it.

          I have one demand for stupid, myopic, bullies like Sgt. 'Merika. Show us the fucking EVIDENCE you keep claiming you have. Loud- mouthed Republican morons are a dime a dozen.



  4. Diogenesdemar says:

    Just not sure what Jenna is thinking . . .

    . . . I mean, where does she bail out to next?  Does she have a lead on another party out there that’s any lower than the remaining dregs of the Ttumpublican Party?

    • ParkHill says:

      Right. If JD Vance can go from Never Trumper to full-on Big-Liar, why is Jenna Ellis jumping ship just as Trump solidifies his hold on the Republican Party.

      My fascist friend in the Epoch-Bannon-Q-anon cult, is also claiming that she is no longer a Republican. But, I think that is just a posture for the sake of propaganda.

      • Duke Cox says:

        John Bolton said in a recent interview that the bravado projected by the Trumplicans is unwarranted. He believes the whole clown show is about to come apart.

        When it does, it will collapse quickly. I suspect it will start to crumble in earnest when Vanky gets her indictments.

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