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July 19, 2011 08:10 PM UTC

Introducing the Tipton Chihuahua Scale of BS

  • by: JeffcoBlue

(The moral of the story? Double-check your Tweets. And don’t lie. – promoted by Colorado Pols)

Earlier this month, an aide to Rep. Scott Tipton accidentally Tweeted a photo of a chihuahua with hair eerily similar to Tipton’s, instead of an article attacking the evil stimulus. Since Tipton has a marked tendency to say factually challenged things on the trail, this picture created a wonderful opportunity to showcase Tipton’s truthlessness – and other politicians, too.

Please find below a handy guide to usage of the Official Tipton Chihuahua Scale of BS, and feel free to comment. I believe it’s going to be heavily used in the coming months!

One Chihuahua: Ordinary misleading GOP claim. Perhaps with a remote basis in fact, but with omissions or distortions. Tipton usually shoots well beyond a one-chihuahua ranking.

Two Chihuahuas: Definitely misleading, perhaps still with factual basis but more egregiously false than a simple one-chihuahua statement.

Three Chihuahuas: Bullshit with minimal factual basis, a good example being c rork’s post exposing the “study” Tipton’s staff tried to Tweet re: the stimulus. Taking a factual number totally out of context and making grandiose claims about its meaning, when an objective view would result in the exact opposite conclusion.

Four Chihuahuas: Getting into indefensibly false statement territory with this one, such as denial of a major campaign promise. For example, Scott Tipton claims his vote to replace Medicare with a voucher keeps his promise of ‘no cuts, no privatization’ of Medicare. It’s so far from truthful that it stuns the listener into considering how it might possibly be true. Don’t bother – Four Chihuahua lie.

Five Chihuahuas: The ultimate in completely unsupported and totally false statements. Five Chihuahuas is a rare distinction to be reserved for the very worst lies told by politicians, which have absolutely no justification or supporting evidence. Tipton recently committed a Five Chihuahua falsehood when he claimed that Obama’s deficit reduction proposal contained “3 trillion in tax increases.” There is not a single shred of evidence anywhere to support this. Tipton either made it up or was told it by someone who made it up. Either way, Five Chihuahuas!

So that’s a brief rundown of the Tipton Chihuahua Scale of BS. Feel free to use it yourself any time it feel appropriate, which will be often! Here’s HTML you can copy and paste to display One Chihuahua:

<img src=”” width=”100″>

Gives you:

For more chihuahuas in a row, simply separate the above HTML with a space:

<img src=”” width=”100″> <img src=”” width=”100″>

Gives you:

And so on. Enjoy! And remember, YOU know bullshit when you see it too.


11 thoughts on “Introducing the Tipton Chihuahua Scale of BS

  1. I love the index (and I really love saying chihuahua); on the other, I hate to see such a noble creature denigrated in this manner.

    (Where I live we consider dogs like chihuahuas to be damn fine coyote fodder.)

  2. Hard hitting, Pols.

    You do realize that Tipton’s name has been mentioned more on this blog in the last six months than anywhere else in the universe, right?

    1. He’s going to lose and they talk about Republicans who are losing. ‘Cause it’s fun.

      And I wrote this, sweetie, not Pols. Get that straight. I enjoyed making a humorous scale to help explain the degree to which everything that comes out of a sitting member of Congress’ mouth is bullshit.

      Speaking of which, did you know everything that comes out of Tipton’s mouth is bullshit? I’d be dee-lighted to have a “hard hitting” discussion about this with you.

      1. You, go, JB.

        Nah, you have a permanent pass from me.

        It is actually pretty funny.  Don’t tell my homies or they won’t give me the new secret handshake.

        1. I keep holding out hope that the insanity of your party will finally get to you, and the ellbee who once came out for Obama will re-appear. That’s the ellbee I fell in love with and now stalk obsessively. He’s still in there somewhere, I know it! 🙂

  3. that on a spit their coat burns away rapidly

    Not an endorsement by any means. If I were any where near my 3 lovable canines I am not sure I could even key this in without feeling guilt.

    Ate dog once inadvertently. Cat too. Neither tastes like chicken. A cat skinned with paws removed looked enough like a rabbit that I was fooled.

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