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July 10, 2021 10:08 PM UTC

Jeffrey Sabols, Jeffco insurrectionist, in newly released, brutal January 6 video

  • by: kwtree

(“These were peaceful people, these were great people” – Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Video of Indian Hills resident Jeffrey Sabol dragging an officer down the Capitol steps on January 6 has been released by the Justice Department on Friday, and has been featured on multiple news outlets since ( WUSA9 is here.) MSNBC‘s is here.. The bodycam video is disturbing to watch; an officer is dragged out of the line of his fellows, and down the steps, where he is beaten with flags, hockey sticks, fists, and feet. Sabol, in his distinctive #orangeandteal outfit, can be seen in the melee about halfway through.

Here is a tweet from Blossom Culp, featuring Parler video clip showing Sabol charging up the steps on January 6.

Until he became infamous for assaulting a Capitol police officer, Sabol  had lived a quiet life in Indian Hills, Colorado. He had no big social media footprint. Like many other insurrectionists, he had a history of domestic violence, leading to abuse charges, divorce and estrangement from his teenage son.  Local journalist Melanie Warren interviewed Sabol’s friend,  John Shepard, in an in-depth piece on Politico. An accurate photo of Sabol’s face is featured; Twitter had various posts incorrectly identifying Sabol.

Sabols was arrested on January 11 in Boston, trying to flee to Switzerland. He has been held in a psychiatric hospital until recently. His lawyer had petitioned for his release, which was denied by Judge Sullivan because Sabol is still considered dangerous, and, obviously, a flight risk. Sabol himself has claimed that he was trying to “protect” the officer, when he held the officer’s baton above his neck. He’s also blaming Trump in the now-common ” I was only following the President’s orders” defense.

UPDATE: Judge Sullivan again denied Sabol’s lawyer’s request that Sabol be allowed to go home on house arrest, rather than remain in detention. Defense is still denying wrongdoing, even though Sabol came prepared with zip ties in his backpack, like every “tourist” attending a “peaceful rally” does.

Nine other Colorado insurrectionists have been arrested in connection with the January 6 attack on the Capitol. It’s worth noting that at least two of them had direct contact with Lauren Boebert – Gieswein, who took a photograph in front of Boebert’s Shooter’s Grille business, and Croy, who responded to Boebert’s tweet urging people to show up to the Capitol for Trump on January 6.


4 thoughts on “Jeffrey Sabols, Jeffco insurrectionist, in newly released, brutal January 6 video

    1. I’m curious about that, too, but since Loren / Ron Hanks has no social media presence on the mainstream sites, ( I haven’t checked Gab or Parler)  he’s not posting cute selfies at the Capitol. 

      Hanks claims to have been trying to meet up with the gang on the east side of the Capitol, and says that he didn’t go inside. My own theory is that he was running some drone surveillance, or may have been the one that posted the threat to the Capitol on military air force frequencies, since we know that there were illegal drones, threats made on AF frequencies from  “Iranians” , and that Hanks was an AF drones expert who spoke fluent Arabic. 

      I can post links to the drone videos, the threat– which, if taken seriously, would have forced evacuation of everyone in the Capitol into the teeth of Trump’s mob- 
      and Hanks’ military experience ifanyone wants to see them. 

        1. Answer: not at all. The pipe bomber was slight, thin, short, agile, somewhat effeminate in their gait. ( or a female ).  Hanks is none of those things.

          It is pretty astonishing that there has been NO PROGRESS finding the pipe bomber. 


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