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July 08, 2021 04:01 PM UTC

The COVID-19 Pandemic State of Emergency Is Over

  • by: Colorado Pols
Gov. Jared Polis symbolically pummeling COVID-19 in March 2021.

As the Denver Post’s Saja Hindi reports, the day at least some Republicans wanted you to think would perhaps never come is upon us: the formal end of the state of emergency imposed by Gov. Jared Polis over a year ago to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis lifted the state’s emergency declaration on Thursday, nearly 16 months after it was issued.

Polis rescinded all of his pandemic executive orders, he told The Denver Post in an interview, but signed the Recovery Executive Order, which is focused on the economy and federal reimbursements…

In June, he said he would begin to phase out his emergency powers.

“This has been a challenging year for our state and country,” he said in a statement. “We’ve experienced pain and loss, but through it all, Coloradans did their part, made good choices by wearing masks, socially distancing and sacrificing moments with loved ones and we succeeded in having one of the lowest COVID fatality rates in the nation.”

So ends almost a year and a half of misguided resistance to common sense and wacky conspiracy theories–but as Rep. Ken Buck can tell you, there’s always another way to get to the conclusion you’ve preordained, like Gov. Polis having another secret emergency order that he can still use to send the stormtroopers into your cul de sac at any moment. Less sensational but sadly more possible, COVID-19 variants spreading and mutating among unvaccinated population could indeed make another emergency necessary down the road if the pandemic isn’t crushed in the near term.

Either way, it should be a comfort to even the most resistant “COVIDiot” resister to know now that just like he said all along, Gov. Polis never had any intention of pulling an Emperor Palpatine with his emergency powers. The reality is that Gov. Polis was cautious to the point of vulnerability to criticism about imposing public health restrictions to control the spread of the pandemic, and pushed to quickly ease restrictions as case numbers declined. The result of Gov. Polis’ management of the pandemic, a death rate from COVID-19 significantly below the national average, speaks for itself along with Polis’ high job approval rating.

To everyone who played by the rules and got your shots, thank you. You’re the reason it didn’t get even worse.

The rest of you should think about all the things you heard (and said) in the last year that didn’t come true. The one prediction that did come true, unfortunately, was that a whole lot of Americans would die from COVID-19.


12 thoughts on “The COVID-19 Pandemic State of Emergency Is Over

  1. According to DIVOC-91, Colorado's deaths from COVID-19 are now 118.5 per 100,000. 

    MUCH better than New Jersey, the leader since a year ago and now sitting at 298.2

    Not especially praiseworthy compared to Hawaii at 36.6 or Vermont at 41.3.

    1. Comparing deaths state-to-state is a rather blunt tool, and doesn't actually explain much about what went on.  I see red states in the middle of the pack, and blue states that took it seriously still up high.  I suspect something else is at play, and likely could be answered with a deeper dive into the senior care situations. Although pace of vaccine rollout might also have a role.

      1. It's not fair to compare Colorado to small remote state like Vermont and Hawaii. And some of the blue states like NJ and NY were huge disasters because they are densely populated and centers for international travel. Colorado is way down the list for COVID death rates and Gov. Polis should get credit for that.

        But I think Pols is closer to the mark when talking about how Polis was hesitant to a fault to impose restrictions. That doesn't jive with Republican BS but it's true. I worried many times during the last year that Polis was locking down too slow and reopening too fast and I don't think I'm alone.

        Polis is a good guy who got a global emergency dumped in his lap and handled it as well as anyone could be expected to. He's got my support now as much as ever.

  2. Perhpaps the next Executive Order will be to build quarantine fences around certain counties.  That should keep the Q crew occupied.

    1. What the hell are you doing listening to Colorado Public Radio? Weren't you told by the Mother Ship that anything other than Fox or OAN was FAKE NEWS?

      You are not going to try to tell us that you have an open mind and are capable of independent thinking, are you Fluffy? Nah.



    2. Really.  We need to hear about people dying in nursing homes from COVID from a whiney little noodle dick who scoffed at there being any precautions.

      If you had your way, hundreds of thousands more would have died.  

    3. Since you’re such a CPR fan, you’ll appreciate this CPR story about how your former President LIED about having a vaccine reserve, thereby denying Colorado 250,000 doses of promised vaccine. Polis carried on, anyway, getting vaccines from other sources and saving elder’s lives. 

      Or how about your party’s corrupt FEMA bureaucrats diverting basic PPE that this Brush, CO, nursing home had ordered? 23 seniors and staff members died from COVID at just that one site. 

      Or your beloved ex- Senator “ Stay the Course” Gardner, who lied to beleaguered meat workers about getting them  covid tests? 

      The examples are too many to list. Colorado’s ( partial) recovery from the pandemic is due to Polis and others working for Colorado in SPITE of your corrupt and venal party’s best efforts. 

  3. I suspect Moderatus will also blame the Governor for Mesa County now being among the national hotspots for COVID. Of course, the heavy influence of QAnon and Trumpian viewpoints in the county aren't relevant.

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