New Poll: Colorado Dems In Great Shape, Polis Beats Ganahl By 20

Jesse Paul at the Colorado Sun reports on new polling by Global Strategy Group for our friends at ProgressNow Colorado that invalidates more or less every Republican talking point coming out of the 2021 session of the state legislature:

Democratic Gov. Jared Polis and U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet lead a generic Republican candidate, the survey shows, and generic Democratic statehouse candidates would beat their GOP counterparts. No big-name Republicans have announced a bid to unseat either Polis or Bennet, which is why the poll tested how they would fare against a generic — or, in other words, any — GOP candidate.

“This electorate has been pretty consistent over the past few years with Democrats having an advantage of somewhere between 8 and 11 points,” said Andrew Baumann of the Democratic firm Global Strategy Group, which conducted the quarterly Rocky Mountaineer poll with the liberal political advocacy group ProgressNow Colorado. “And that’s where things remain.”

Global Strategy Group polled 800 registered voters between June 17 and 23, weighting the survey to reflect Colorado’s mix of registered voters. The poll, which was conducted through a mix of phone calls and the internet, had a confidence interval of 95%.

Here’s the full memo and toplines for the poll. Notable findings include enduring strong approval of Gov. Jared Polis’ job performance (+22%) and high approval of Polis’ handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in particular (+35%)–as well as high marks for legislative Democrats after passing the most ambitious agenda in nearly a decade. From the memo:

Democrats are more trusted than Republicans on nearly every issue tested, with their largest margins on climate issues, improving wages, and education. Republicans only earn near-draws on certain economic issues. The Democratic margin has expanded significantly since last year on responding to the pandemic (+22 now, up from +11 in September and +14 last May) and on improving the state’s transportation infrastructure (+16 now, up from +6 last May).

Although this poll led with a measure of Democratic strength against a “generic” candidate, the poll includes a few head-to-head matchups to set the tone. Gov. Polis beats possible Republican opponent CU Regent Heidi Ganahl by a humiliating 54-34%, while Sen. Michael Bennet would hold off Rep. Lauren “Q*Bert” Boebert 51-38% in an unlikely face-off between the two. In Ganahl’s case, it’s evident that voters in large part simply don’t know who she is, and those who do have in many cases already heard something negative.

All told, the results of this poll indicate that three years of intense Republican opposition to Gov. Polis and the historic Democratic majority in the Colorado General Assembly have failed to meaningfully reduce voter support for Colorado Democrats and the agenda they were elected to carry out. After Democrats reduced Republican political power in Colorado to its weakest point since FDR in 2018, Colorado Republicans responded furiously but ineffectually with failed recalls, failed obstruction tactics in the legislature, and ultimately failure at the polls in 2020 to roll back 2018’s Democratic victories.

If there’s a reason 2022 will be different, we have yet to see it.

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  1. Moderatus says:

    This poll is a complete crock of shit. Did you poll three ZIP codes in Denver Boulder and Aspen?

    Colorado is much more divided than this and Democrats will pay dearly in 2022 for thinking otherwise.

  2. JohnInDenver says:

    Helping to explain the polling results —

    Once again, it is time for the monthly look at Secretary of State's report on voter registrations. Here's a comparison back to the "old days" of November 2020.

    Republican registration losses have slowed but continued. The GOP lost a little over 1.1% share of the registrations.  Democrats lost a 0.6% share of the registrations.  The Unaffiliated have gained that 1.7% market share. And there is no reason to believe the "lean" of the Unaffiliated is different than it was in 2018 or 2020 general elections, breaking about 6 to 3 for the Democratic and Republican parties' candidates, with the remaining 1 to minor party candidates.


  3. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    Moderatus actually makes one of his rare valid points here, and it can be found by sifting through the "flowery language."

    First, we're not currently in an election year. Second, this is a poll from a Democrat pollster and I'm always suspicious when I see the name "Progress Now Colorado." My hand immediately drops to my hip pocket to protect my wallet.

    I'm more interested in learning what a respected centrist/right leaning pollster like Magellan Strategies might say.

    But, Pols makes the most important point at the end: "if there's a reason 2022 will be different, we have yet to see it." Republicans doubling down on loser and major bullshit artist Trump isn't going to help things.

    • MichaelBowman says:

      He’s just protecting #PewPew’s honor today since her God is busy whipping up a hurricane in Florida to punish the gheys (again).

      It’s no coincidence that today is July 6 and it’s been six months since the terrorist tourist extravaganza at the US Capitol and Elsa is barreling through venue of the last televised public appearance by the Former Guy.

      He’s also probably a little upset they didn’t poll a head-to-head between Bennet and Ms. Navarro. 

      • unnamed says:

        He’s also probably a little upset they didn’t poll a head-to-head between Bennet and Ms. Navarro. 


        He'd be more upset if they did.  He would be defending Ms. Navarro's honor, probably more vigorously than he did Reppy Le PewPew.

    • unnamed says:

      One thing.  Banger, noodle dick didn't make that point.  You did.  And, yes, it is a valid point.  Polling at this point is good for taking the pulse of public opinion and reading the tea leaves.  Nothing more, nothing less.  And it tells us that there is no evidence 2022 will be different, thus far.


      As for noodle dick, he's just angrily sputtering because he and his favorite bullshit artist keep losing the argument in this state.

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