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July 13, 2011 05:09 PM UTC

Fundraising Record O-bliterated

  • by: Colorado Pols

The Atlantic’s Steve Clemons:

The combined operation of Obama for America and the Obama Victory Fund (which shares costs and receipts with the Democratic National Committee) saw 552,462 people making more than 680,000 donations — of which the average amount was $69.  98% of the donations made were less than $250.

Messina says that at this point in the campaign, this is the largest grass movement support for a campaign in American history.

The total Obama-Biden take this past quarter was $86 million…

As PoliticalWire’s Taegan Goddard points out this morning, the combined haul of Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Tim Pawlenty, Jon Huntsman and Newt Gingrich was just $33.1 million.

Adds Eli Lehrer over at the Frum Forum:

Many of those engaged in conservative happy talk about the huge fundraising gap between President Obama’s haul ($86 million) and that of all Republican candidates combined (about $35 million) suggest that the Republican haul should also include the $18 million or so that the Republican National Committee presumably has in the bank. (The RNC’s June fundraising numbers aren’t yet available but it had $12 million at the end of May and has been bringing in roughly $6 million a month.)

The RNC’s haul should, indeed, “count” but the $35 million or so shouldn’t. In fact, every penny raised by the individual campaigns to date will be dissipated attacking other Republicans in the primaries while Obama will be able to save his entire $88 million to attack the Republican nominee…

We don’t think there are any delusions among Democrats that President Barack Obama will face a tough fight for re-election, and that for all the weakness evident in the present GOP field of challengers, rebuilding the broad movement the Obama campaign organized successfully in 2008–the small-donor progressives and moneyed pragmatists alike–is a tall order as well.

But it’s pretty tough to claim they’re not on track to do exactly that, while Republicans face a growing disconnect between their confident bluster…and their bottom line.


42 thoughts on “Fundraising Record O-bliterated

  1. They’ll just get the Koch brothers to write a check out of their petty cash fund.

    What it does show is that there are a whole lot of folks out there who still believe in Obama and are willing to pony up some cash to make a difference.

  2. Down ticket races, yes, but do you really think ads are going to do much to change anyone’s impression of an incumbent president?

    Sure, ground games ain’t cheap. But realistically, how many states will you need to fight a ground game in — Colorado, Florida, Ohio, Penn, NM, Michigan, Virginia, Wisconsin, and maybe Minnesota.

  3. Hold off on the pee pee dance for now.

    Will Obama still be comfortably ahead? Of course. He probably should be, considering how he’s an incumbent president who has hit party fundraisers at a fast and furious pace in the past three months.

    But again, to match his $750 million from the 2008 cycle, Obama would need to average $107 million for seven quarters. Obviously, it is possible that Obama can make up ground in the next few quarters. But to hit that hyped $1 billion number, Obama would need to raise a bit more than $142 million per quarter. As impressive as the $86 million figure is, it’s well below those markers.

    And the kicker….where did all that money come from?

    ANOTHER UPDATE: The Obama campaign declares 98 percent of their donations were for $250 or less, and that the average was $69.

    Note that under FEC rules, the Obama campaign is not required to collect information on donors of less than $200; The commission asks campaigns to report any donor whose cumulative contributions have exceeded $200.

      1. I figured it’s early, but a good time to be part of the other 552,461 donors.  Don’t worry, lb, there’s a lot more where that came from.

          1. After ten years you would of thought that we would all be living in a economic utopia instead of just the top 1%.  Obama extended the tax cuts so where are the jobs?

            1. Until you either show me evidence that makes you think I’m a racist (as you implied), or apologize to me, I’m not discussing anything else with you.

              You made this bed, now man up, or slink away under your rock again.

            2. Using your logic, does another poster on this site need to prove that they are in fact not a “pussy”, lest they be a ‘covert pussy’?

              Do you realize how deep this hole is you’re digging yourself into?

              Normal people don’t just go around calling people they don’t know racists, when there is zero cause for it.

              You don’t know me – you have no idea about anything regarding me other that what you’ve seen written here.  You call me a racist based only on that, so, now, let’s see it.

            3. You condemn the racist attacks against Barack Obama by Republican extremists in 2009 when we desperately needed to come together and cooperate to rebuild our economy from the devastation of the Bush years and I will apologize for assuming that you were part of that cabal and your intense personal hatred for the man is because of the color of his skin.

              If you don’t condemn these racist attacks then I will be on everyone of your posts like herpes on a vagina repeating my request.  We all know from the experience of Fox News that if you repeat something enough times and people continue to be defensive about it then everyone starts to assume that they must be hiding something.

              This is my final offer and unlike the deficit problem, I can go on forever asking why you hate this man with such personal intensity.


              1. that were made by someone else?

                If you called him a racist, you should apologize unless you have some sort of evidence that he actually is a racist.

                The failure to apologize for someone else’s transgressions doesn’t count as evidence.

                1. Hey GG, trust us on this one. Ellbee is not racist. Not one bit.

                  There IS a lot of racism on the right. But not everyone there has it. Let’s judge individuals individually, okay?

              2. Fuck you.  

                Second, I’m not specifically condemning anything just so you can continue to be evasive about calling someone a racist who isn’t, just because you disagree with them.

                I stand by this, and will refer back to it every time you refuse to provide evidence of my racism (not someone else’s), or an apology to me.

                Any racist attacks are deplorable, and that’s a given, and I’ve said things to that effect many times on this site, so fuck yourself.

                But, just so you know, you’re probably not the most credible poster here to identify actual racism, eh?

                1. I suspect your intense personal hatred for the president of the United States stems from factors other than policy differences regarding the unholy protection of corporations and the rich but have no direct evidence on this single website that you are anything other than a closet racist.

                  My original reference of lumping you in with the pieces of shit who used racism to undermine our political process and derail the restoration of our nation was an unfortunate sentence.

                  I misspoke.

                  In retrospect I would say you are more a coward who can’t admit that the Republican Party has done everything imaginable to prevent the president from carrying out his duties and than complained that he hasn’t done anything.

                  How’s that?

                    1. Sorry that I got out of hand with my comments and I apologize for assuming you embrace any and all attempts to demonize and denigrate our president.

                      It was originally an offhand comment that you called me on and then I got stubborn about the racist attacks that I didn’t think good Republicans should have ignored like this one:

                      or this one

                      or this one

                      I have two nephews who are mixed race and I do have some direct experience of the prejudice that they encounter so it isn’t some theoretical liberal knee jerk reaction that motivates me.

                      There are dregs in the Republican Party who use racism as a wedge in our society and I am sorry that I assumed you being a proud Republican would proud of what they do.

                      How’s that?

                    2. I accept your apology.

                      I can tell you, that I’ve never seen those images.  They are reprehensible and disgusting.  I’n probably a fairly typical Republican, other than the fact that I support gay marriage (although there are a number of us that do), and I can tell you that I don’t get emails with crap like that in it – I don’t see that stuff on the blogs I frequent.

                      I don’t think it’s nearly as prevalent as many on the left do, but that’s anecdotal, and I realize it makes an easy target in the absence of policy defense.

                      I disagree with this President on policy.  I always will, now, and you and I are never going to agree on it, but hopefully at this point you understand clearly that my motivations are idea-based.

                      I appreciate your response.  Thanks.

                    3. nice to see, honestly.

                      Now that we’ve got that mess out of the way, are you boys up for taking a stab at working out our little debt-ceiling problem?

                    4. handle the national credit card.

                      I’m off to do some crabbing and celebrate a family members 60th birthday in the San Jan islands of Washington this weekend.

                      While I don’t write for other peoples approval, I’ll make more of an effort to recognize that we all post on the same forum and stop with the assumptions.  It is ironic that I have been practicing my own form of stereotypes.  Note to self: “Stop it”.

                    5. I didn’t apologize for telling you to ‘fuck yourself’ ad nauseum.

                      Sorry for that, it was rude, and inappropriate.  My bad.

      1. For an apology from you or something I wrote that would give you the inclination to call me a racist.

        Otherwise, you’re just a clown who can’t debate and has to resort to calling people racist to deflect attention from that fact.

        1. There are overt racists and covert racists.

          The fact that you didn’t disavow the racist attacks on Obama by Tea Party and Republican extremists is an indication of someone who doesn’t take this degradation of our democracy with any sense of seriousness.

          The only way you can prove to me that you aren’t a covert racist is tell us in no uncertain terms that the racist attacks on Obama were unwarranted.  Until then your just a GOP hag who waddles around the cauldron crooning “Lynch the Nigger” in a harpy voice.

              1. Any racist attacks are deplorable, and that’s a given, and I’ve said things to that effect many times on this site, so fuck yourself.

                You called ME a racist.  Where is your evidence, or your apology?

    1. Your figures assume he is starting from zero. But, his available campaign funds include money the DNC has been collecting since 2008, and he probably has some of his own campaign funds from 2008 still in the bank that he can use for 2012.

      I’m not sure what the total cash on hand numbers are but he may be closer to the $1 billion mark than you suggest.

  4. Smart conservative money is going to go in to consolidating gains at the state level.

    I would have said consolidating/trying to take the senate as well, but after this debt ceiling fiasco, which scares the piss out of the big money, I’m not so sure.

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