Lauren Boebert’s Cure For Delta Variant: “Turn Off CNN”

Rep. Lauren “Q*Bert” Boebert (R-ifle).

Western Slope Now has another update on the ongoing struggle in Mesa County to contain the new and highly contagious Delta variant of COVID-19, which is now accounting for 1 in 4 new COVID cases nationwide and threatens to undo the progress that’s been made to date toward ending the pandemic once and for all:

Mesa County saw its first case of the Delta variant in May and is now ranked number one in highest confirmed cases across the state of Colorado.

“We’ve had the Delta variant in Mesa County before it was really noticed by anyone at the state or federal level. So right now we are a hot spot and have been a hot spot for several weeks,” Public Health official, Jeff Kuhr.

Mesa County Public Health officials say the community is seeing a high number of hospitalizations as the variant has been proven to be more contagious. it also can cause more severe symptoms than the original strain of COVID-19. State health representatives requested the Centers for Disease Control to investigate the Delta variant in Mesa County earlier this week…

The CDC is also investigating the high hospitalization rates in Mesa County and vaccine breakthrough cases. According to Mesa County Public Health, 40% of residents are fully vaccinated. Experts believe the cause behind the spread is because of low vaccination rates and large unvaccinated gatherings.

With one of the lowest rates of vaccination among populated counties in Colorado and a highly vocal “COVIDiot” resistance movement against both vaccination and basic prevention best practices like facemasks, Mesa County is unfortunately an ideal location to track the spread of the Delta variant among a population unwilling to protect itself. Even with most COVID-19 restrictions having been removed, for weeks mobs of angry residents have showed up at the all-GOP Mesa County Board of Commissioners threatening civil war if the county didn’t pass a resolution declaring itself exempt from whatever federal and state laws they don’t like (an idea finally put to rest this past Monday).

As for Mesa County’s representative in Congress, Rep. Lauren Boebert? Here’s how she’s helping:

We don’t know who prevailed on Rep. Boebert to delete this Tweet about an hour after it was posted this morning, but whoever you are, thanks for prevailing on her to clean up at least this latest highly objectionable piece of misinformation. Worse even than Boebert’s previous disparagement of the “experimental vaccine,” this is Boebert at her most destructively ignorant–flat out telling her faithful followers that the Delta variant presently rampaging through Mesa County is fake news.

With apologies to the Republican county commissioners who have to deal with the fallout, Mesa County’s problems go right to the top. If there are any Republicans in Mesa County like the county commissioners who struggle to make the mob see reason week after week who don’t want to be lumped in with Boebert’s lethal stupidity, now is the moment to call her out as loudly as possible.

If they won’t, or can’t, then all their sensible protestations to Boebert’s flock mean nothing.

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  1. unnamed says:

    Yeah.  Sorry Bobo.  Listening to your advice is what got us into this mess.

  2. bullshit! says:

    There has got to be somebody in that district with a family member lost to the Delta variant willing to speak up. She's a fucking amoral monster who laughs at her sick and dying constituents.

    No shame?

  3. davebarnes says:

    Should I be sad that she is killing off her own voters?

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