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June 08, 2021 08:06 PM UTC

House Republicans Trying to Oust Minority Leader

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE: Seriously, just look at this…


Shortly after the Colorado lawmakers concluded the 2021 session, House Republicans including Rep. Ron Hanks and Rep. Dave Williams initiated a challenge to House Minority Leader Hugh McKean.

Very brave of them to wait until after the end of the legislative session.

Alex Burness of The Denver Post is following this raging dumpster fire live on Twitter:


12 thoughts on “House Republicans Trying to Oust Minority Leader

    1. Nah … too serious to be a part of the Keystone movement.

      I'm a trifle confused by an elected official considering the session taking place “on the battlefield.”  While all of my experiences with "battlefields" are, thankfully, well after any armed action took place, a literal meaning makes no sense.  And if selecting metaphors for meaning, viewing the legislature as a clash with enemies clarifies why the Republican conference was inconsequential on most matters.


      1. My guess is that Hanks views the legislature as a literal battlefield, and that he also viewed the January 6th insurrection at the US Capitol – which he attended – as a battlefield. He's allied with people who have demonstrated they want a violent overthrow of our current government. And remember, he said in front of witnesses that he would break the neck of the Republican leader he tried to oust yesterday. 

  1. Really – look at Burness's entire thread on this debacle. When you read Ron Hanks' statements at the end you have to believe something is seriously wrong with that guy. Apparently the Republicans of HD60 think he's just fine. 

  2. The last forty years of GOP antics has led many sane, thoughtful people to find themselves wondering frequently if the people doing the speaking actually either (a) earnestly believe what they are saying (at least in the moment); or (b) they are complete sociopathic cynics who will deliberately spout vicious nonsense endlessly; or (c) they are utter reptilian morons who are unable to understand the difference.

    The truth is: there’s some of all of these types under the big tent of the GOP – where there’s room for deranged redneck Bubbas, angry suburbanite Karens, empty-suit former student council leaders, and vile opportunistic grifters to all mix and mingle and feed off (and on) each other (*provided they are white, and claim to being straight and God-fearin’).

    When the GOP turns on itself like this, it is both gratifying, and horrifying, because you realize that some of these clowns actually believe themselves.  And that makes them particularly dangerous.

    1. …and it's producing experts like this one: (when do we start calling this what it is: a mental illness).

      1. Sherri Tenpenny is a very special sort of batshit. But hey, credit where credit's due – I'm sure making bank as an anti-vax celebrity beats the day-to-day grind of practicing medicine for a living.

  3. Always keep this in mind about Rep Hanks. I particularly like this quote: "Two of us went around to the back of building, which is where the next meeting was supposed to form up,” he said, . . . " 

    And remember, he recently threatened to break McKean's neck (multiple witnesses to that statement).

    I suspect Hanks was more involved with the Jan 6 assault than he has revealed (unless the FBI has gotten more of his story from him). What do you suppose – maybe an Oathkeeper?

    1. Probably an Oathkeeper, yes. They would use his skills in drone surveillance and attack. He wouldn’t have to be in fighting trim himself to run drones.

      There were drone videos online from January 6, in spite of DC’s “ No drone zone” policy. There were threats of a drone attack on the Capitol; in order to make those threats through the channels they came through, one would have to have some familiarity with the frequencies and procedures of aerial communication. If that threat had been taken seriously, all the people in the Capitol would have had to be evacuated- right into the middle of Trump’s rioting mob.

      Hanks made campaign videos with known Oathkeepers when he campaigned in California in 2010. 
      ( don’t have time to post links right now, but will later if requested).

      Radicalization through a paramilitary group would explain how mild-mannered Loren Lowell Hanks, the socially liberal Republican in 2010, became Ron Hanks, the raving lunatic he is today. 

  4. Dave Williams complaining about leaks and then being called out as the leaker in public by McKean laugh  Williams is such a weasel.

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