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June 22, 2011 02:52 PM UTC

Wednesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“The essence of lying is in deception, not in words.”

–John Ruskin


54 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Thread

    1. Is it any wonder moderate Republicans find it virtually impossible to work with D’s or right wing crazies in their own party to get anything done?

        1. Invest in the future.

          Minimize government impact on the free market.

          For problems, look first to the private sphere for solutions.

          Equal opportunity yes, equal outcomes no.

          Have the government be as small as makes sense, but no smaller.

          With that said, God is in the details.

          1. Hide.  Keep your head low. Never, ever, ever criticize Sarah Palin.  Avoid David Gregory, he might ask ‘gotcha’ questions wherein you feel obligated to respond accurately.

        2. but I can give you people examples: Rep. Ellen Roberts, former Rep.& Senator Norma Anderson, former Rep. Matt Smith and former Speaker of the House Russ George.

          The platforms I was involved in when I was an active R tended to be more economic development, natural resource (primarily water) with the big social issues watered down.  There was always a gun element but we even put in some modifiers on those stands now and then.  But all that was some years ago and the umbrella got smaller, the meeting rooms became suffocating.

          In all honesty I don’t have a lot in common with current Republican leadership at any level but I do know there are those that struggle with staying in the R-party – I talk to them.  

            1. I’m watching.  From a strictly whose on 1st against Obama, I still think it’s Romney, Mormon and health care given as the reasons he can’t get through the caucus, primary season. His $$$’s a plus.  But you know all that.  

        3. Being Republican meant:

          • Honest and accountable government
          • Investing in our country’s future (e.g. good educations leading to good workers, good roads)
          • Minimal military involvement overseas
          • A strong but respectful foreign policy
          • A government only as large as it needs to be, given the above.

          The Republican Party I remember when I joined it supported the social safety net with strong oversight.  It supported sensible regulations on the private sector.  It didn’t spend a whole lot of time invading people’s lives.  Of course, this was the Republican Party of the Northeast that I remember – and I joined for local politics.  Reagan by that time had been elected, and many of these things began to change nationally just as I was beginning to get involved.

          In all likelihood, every Republican President prior to Reagan would no longer be comfortable in today’s GOP – and add Bush the First to that list as well.

        1. Republicans Suck, and they are evil, I tell you EVIL

          There, I set the tone for the discussion today

          You kicked off the debate.  I responded.  

          P.S. My grip’s just fine thank you very much.

  1. So I rode in – bike paths the whole way. It’s really pretty being off the roads. On the down side everyone else was flipping me off, swearing at me and throwing things at me.

    And a couple of the underpasses were so narrow my car barely made it through.

    1. wait, UR on Boulder’s beautacious bike paths the whole way and folks were birding & cussing & missling U?  

      How the f*ck do U ride?  … sidesaddle?  

      Do you ride against bike traffic?  Were U on some saddlebagged tricycle weaving to & fro?

      David, please educate us on your experience ’cause your post just doesn’t make sense.  I & about 40 colleagues biked  Boulder 2day and not a one dissed their commute.  Sure we got the usual knuckleheads but nothing – nothing like what UR sayin’.

      RIP E.P. Howrey  

    2. swearinng at you, and throwing things . . .

      So, dude, why blame it on the bicycle?  (I’m guessing that a lot of Polsters already recognize you.)

  2. There was the discussion yesterday about economic development and trying to get companies to move here. And that got me thinking about two items.

    1. If any high-tech, bio-tech, etc. company asked my opinion about moving here, I would tell them not to. And the reason is we’re well into the process of destroying our educational system here – K-12 and Higher Ed. The lack of qualified people to hire makes it very difficult to grow a company here.

    2. If this state every does decide to invest in Higher Ed, they should pick some segment (bio-tech, programming, green energy, or another) and make Ft. Lewis College a top school in that field. Bring in really strong teachers, raise the admission standards for that field, and offer scholarships against those higher standards. If doing so over 10 years builds up home-grown private businesses in that field, then we have a model to use in other parts of the state outside the Ft. Collins – Colo Spgs. corridor.

    1. Colorado boasts 380 biotech companies  employing almost 16,000 people.

      CU is a year away from finishing the  330,000 sq foot JSC Biotechnology Building.

      CU is delivering a 1st ever IQ Biology Ph.D. program promoting disciplinary eduation among varying scientific programs.

      CU & Colorado Initiative in Molecular Biotechnology (CIMB) held the FIRE Syposium this past March and biotech networking was electric.

      Dude, seems these folks like the culture, the candidate pool, and all the benes that come w/ a CO locale but you think they’re doing it wrong?  


      Array BioPharma


      Gilead Sciences

      Martek Biosciences

      Quark Pharmac


      Tapestry Pharma


      Bolder BioTech

      Kestrel Labs



      Clovis Oncology


      OPX Biotechnologies


      Yeah we’re not Boston or the Bay area but try 2B a lil more positive.  Yer doom & gloom is a downer — if yer gonna bike use that commute 2 live & enjoy.


      1. You are right that we are doing a lot of things right in this state. But we’re also diluting those good things by destroying our educational system cut by major cut.

        And instead of singing “don’t worry, be happy”, I’d prefer to reverse our race to the bottom and instead make use of what we have in place to significantly grow the number of quality jobs in the state.

  3. Al Gore Blasts Obama On Climate Change For Failing To Take ‘Bold Action’

    While Gore credits Obama’s political appointees with making hundreds of changes that have helped move the country “forward slightly” on the climate issue, and acknowledges Obama has been dealing with many other problems, he says the president “has simply not made the case for action.”

    “President Obama has never presented to the American people the magnitude of the climate crisis,” Gore says. “He has not defended the science against the ongoing withering and dishonest attacks. Nor has he provided a presidential venue for the scientific community … to bring the reality of the science before the public.”

  4. Small Businesses Bash ‘Tax Holiday’ Plan For Corporate Titans

    Case in point: the current quarrel over a corporate tax “repatriation” holiday. The plan is widely viewed by economists, tax experts and small business owners as a useless government giveaway to a handful of multinational corporate behemoths. But several companies and a Wall Street friendly think tank are now touting the idea as a new “stimulus” to create jobs.

    The trouble is, this has been done before, and it didn’t work.

    On the plus side, if our two Senators vote for this, the large corporations will thanks them by donating 0.000001% of their additional profits to their campaign funds. That’s a really good deal.

  5. The inner circle of American Islamophobia.

    Worth a read for anyone interested in issues of religious freedom. It’s obviously biased and slanted, but they’re still quoting these people in their own words, including a woman saying that Lara Logan deserved to be sexually assaulted in Egypt because she didn’t consider Muslims evil. It’s also telling that there are folks on the list who have written books about “Sharia Law” who have no education in Islamic studies or Sharia (which is not a fixed body of law).

  6. Michele Bachmann’s Holy War

    Even other Republicans, it seems, are making the mistake of laughing at Bachmann. But consider this possibility: She wins Iowa, then swallows the Tea Party and Christian vote whole for the next 30 or 40 primaries while Romney and Pawlenty battle fiercely over who is the more “viable” boring-white-guy candidate. Then Wall Street blows up again – and it’s Barack Obama and a soaring unemployment rate versus a white, God-fearing mother of 28 from the heartland.

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