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June 01, 2021 12:32 PM UTC

BREAKING: Ganahl Front Group Sues Over Denver All-Star Game

  • by: Colorado Pols

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: 9NEWS’ Kyle Clark got a statement from Heidi Ganahl as local partners of the so-called “Job Creators Network” run away from their lawsuit against Denver:

CLARK: Several Colorado organizations are listed as partners on the Job Creators Network website. As you can imagine they did not love getting asked about it today. CU Regent and possible Republican candidate for governor Heidi Ganahl is the Network’s former chairperson. She told us she’s off the board and wasn’t involved in this lawsuit. She said that she wants the All-Star Game in Denver, but said that how it played out was not fair to business owners in Georgia…

So…Heidi Ganahl “wants” the All-Star Game in Denver, but agrees with the basis of lawsuit against the All-Star Game in Denver? That’s a convoluted position to say the least. Other organizations including the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce were apparently taken by surprise by this lawsuit and are trying to get their names as far from the embarrassment as possible.

Safe bet: this won’t be Ganahl’s last contradiction.


Heidi Ganahl throws the first pitch by video at this season’s Colorado Rockies home opener.

As the Denver Post’s Justin Wingerter reports, an organization billing itself as the Job Creators Network is filing suit against Major League Baseball over the decision earlier this year to relocate the All-Star Game from Atlanta, Georgia to Colorado after Georgia’s passage of controversial vote suppression laws to console themselves over Donald Trump’s election defeat there last November:

A conservative business group is suing Major League Baseball over its decision to move the 2021 All-Star Game to Denver, alleging the league conspired with the players’ union to intimidate the state government of Georgia over a new voting law and to harm Georgia businesses.

The Job Creators Network filed a lawsuit in a New York federal court Monday, asking for Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association to pay $100 million to make up for lost business revenues in Georgia. It also seeks $1 billion in punitive damages for their “unprecedented cruelty and hostility” toward Georgia.

“MLB robbed the small businesses of Atlanta — many of them minority-owned — of $100 million,” Job Creators Network CEO Alfredo Ortiz said in a news release. “We want the game back where it belongs.” The organization supports small businesses, including in Colorado and Georgia, and was started in part by the CEO of Home Depot, which is based in Atlanta.

Now first of all, “unprecedented cruelty and hostility” toward Georgia? Didn’t the Union burn Atlanta to the ground during the Civil War? It seems to us like they’re pouring the outrage over losing the All-Star Game on a little thick here.

More relevant to our purposes though we haven’t seen it mentioned yet, the so-called “Job Creators Network” has counted University of Colorado Regent and expected 2022 Republican candidate for something Heidi Ganahl among one of its principals for as far back as we can find records. Ganahl was at one point reportedly the executive chair of the board of Job Creators Network, and co-chaired the JNC’s “National Women’s Coalition” with GOP ex-presidential candidate Carly Fiorina. Ganahl’s association with this group goes back at least as far as 2015.

So now, the question that has to be asked: was Heidi Ganahl, who lobbed the ceremonial first pitch at this year’s Colorado Rockies home opener, involved in the decision to sue Major League Baseball against Colorado’s best interests? Does Ganahl support JCN’s lawsuit seeking $100 million compensation for Georgia over Colorado winning the All-Star Game due to Georgia’s vote suppression laws? If not, why specifically not?

Her answer may tell us a lot, including in which state Heidi Ganahl should be running for office.


22 thoughts on “BREAKING: Ganahl Front Group Sues Over Denver All-Star Game

  1. Oh no! Ganahl has to choose between the far right and the state she wants to serve!

    She'll find a way to weasel out of a definitive statement, watch and see.

  2. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Ummmm . . .

    . . . dismissed for lack of standing, and with prejudice anyone???

    Spose’ Patrick Neville can find any way to fundraise off of this?

    On a serious note, when the hell are the courts going to begin severely sanctioning the nutball attorneys who file these frivolous nutball cases???

    And, can Colorado sue MLB for fraud (for having to watch the Rockies, instead of a major league baseball team)???

    ,. . . Or maybe we countersue the Job Creators Network for trying to deprive Colorado of a chance to host just one real major league baseball game at Near-beer Field this year?? (. . . It’s what Wyoming would do . . .)

    1. I read this and told myself, "O.K., was this an emergency filing?". I didn't read that it was.

      The Southern District of New York is a very, very busy court. I can't see this case even being heard before the first of next year.

      And then what? The game will have been over for six months. Will Georgia join the lawsuit? Will any of those "small businesses" join the suit? 

      This is just a cheap publicity stunt. 

    1. What’s really frightening is how you can take a diary about a absurdly idiotic law suit, and somehow so effortlessly manage to make it even more moronic . . . 

      . . . you’re an absolute prodigy of fuckheadedness, a true dipshit savant, Fluffy!

      PS. Does Governor Taller Coffman still have us cowering in fear?

      1. How about Marilyn “Never Concede” Musgrave?

        Krista “I can’t Recall” Burton Brown?

        Jill Repella?

        Laura Carno? 

        Clarice “ Trump Forever .Boebert 2020” Navarro-Ratliffe? 

        Judy Reyher

        NotPelosi Palozzi?

        Which conservative women are we supposed to be afraid of? 




        1. I had a great deal of respect for Lola Spradley  (R-Beuhla): once Speaker of the House, and co-chair along with “Boulder liberal Mark Udall” (channeling Dick Wadhams this morning) of the (successful) Amendment 37 campaign mandating renewable energy in Colorado. 

          They don’t make ‘em like Lola anymore. Fluffy & Co. would consider her a RINO and traitor. 

              1. Yeah.  You're just an AINO (American In Name Only), who has thrown in with fascists and insurrectionists in their ongoing putsch to institute a totalitarian government.

      2. What’s really frightening is how you can take a diary about a absurdly idiotic law suit, and somehow so effortlessly manage to make it even more moronic . . . 

        Hey.  We gotta hand it to him.  He's really good at.  It's the only thing he's good at.

        PS. Does Governor Taller Coffman still have us cowering in fear?

        Only in nutlid's personal alternate reality.

    2. Funny.  I see no fear, and certainly no "strong conservative women".  The last woman you dubbed a "strong conservative woman" lost a primary and couldn't raise money in the lead up to said primary.  She suffered the "Nutlid kiss of Death" and now it looks like the last statewide Repug in CO is now the object of your affection.

    3. lol

      That brings to mind the time Barstool Bristol Palin complained that making fun of her drunken brawls was "an attack on conservative women."

  3. Well, pandering to both sides of an issue is rarely impressive to either side. Plus, Ganahl managed to criticize MLB's decision to move the game but not the Georgia voting bill that led to the decision, so she certainly didn't stand up for voters' rights with her squishy non-statement. I believe I'm not alone in wanting a governor (or whatever office she's thinking of) who will stand for voting rights, but she dog-whistled to her partisan friends instead of taking that stand. Duly noted.

    1. Yeah her answer was complete bullshit. I do believe she got blindsided though, probably had no idea her group did this. Squirm like a bug I say.

      1. Well, if "bullshit!" says something's bullshit…

        Though while she may have been blindsided on a question about the group she once chaired, she still found the wherewithal to avoid standing against a bad voting bill that aligns with the wishes of donors and operatives from her political circle.

  4. Heidi Ganahl is going the way of Cory Gardner; trying to play both sides and contradicting herself and looking squishy in doing so. You just can't please both the crazies and the middle of the road folks because they are now so far apart that it can't be reconciled.  The Republican party has people that literally think Trump will be reinstalled as President this summer through a coup, and if that's not batshit crazy off the deep end stuff then I don't know what is. This problem has rightly been pointed out here on Pols many times, and IMHO I don't think it's going to end well for her should she choose to run.

      1. More wishful thinking courtesy of our resident moron.  If Ganahl wants to run, she can go for it, and be put under the same uncomfortable microscope that sunk Trump, Gardner, Stapleton, Taller Coffman, Shorter Coffman, Brauchler, your friend Judy Reyher, and on, and on, and on.

        Heidi is also getting the Nutlid kiss of death that helped sink everybody else.

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