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June 16, 2011 05:41 PM UTC

Stanley Cup Thread

  • by: Ralphie

A few days ago, I posted that I had no dog in the Stanley Cup fight.  That’s because I’m a long-suffering New York Rangers fan.  In 1970, the Bruins eliminated the Rangers in the first round, and in 1972 they beat the Rangers in six in the Final. Those were the Phil Esposito-Bobby Orr days. In 1994, when the Rangers finally won the Cup after 54 years, they beat Vancouver.  So both teams were the enemy as far as I was concerned.

But it was a great series.  Your turn: what did you think?


26 thoughts on “Stanley Cup Thread

  1. becayse of the three close victories for Vancouver and the three blowouts for Boston, all on home ice. I really didn’t know if that trend would continue last night, but bet that the Bruins would win if they could bring out their best on the road.

    I ended up rooting for Boston because the Canucks are division rivals and were the ones the Avs had the most intense rivalry with before the lockout. But I feel bad for Luongo because he has all the talent of a Hall of Famer but apparently not the nerve. Even though he won an incredibly close Olympic Gold game last year, he’s just too shaky for some reason.

    Anyway, it was great, and I hope the NHL can somehow get NBC to broadcast the entire Final next year.

  2. Sports gets talked about on political sites/radio, but if we tried to put up a fashion show thread, it probably wouldn’t work. I don’t have a problem with sports threads at all, but it does say something about American culture, I think.  

    1. If someone had posted threads about Project Runway a few years ago, when it was still compelling TV, I would have had a lot to say. I bet others would, too.

      In general, I’d say fashion wouldn’t get anyone going here, but add the competitive element and it gets people interested.

      I think it’s the competition that matters, not necessarily the subject. Sports, of course, is competitive at its very core; and although fashion is, too, it’s not a spectator sport in which one can easily choose sides.

        1. Don’t let the face, that body, and those legs fool you — I’d put my money on Heidi Klum beating the everloving crap out of any two Bruins you select (and she’d look fantastic doing it).

    2. I can talk men’s or women’s fashion all day. In fact, if there was a thread on politics, poker and fashion I would be like Steve Harvey in that thing (apologies to Steve).

  3. What happened to all that Canadian politeness in lovely, civilized Vancouver? You can actually drive the speed limit there (we didn’t bother to rent a car after our first visit because the public transportation turned out to be so great) without getting tailgated or seeing the bird.  You can hold up the line getting onto a bus because you need to ask some clueless tourist questions without the people behind you getting annoyed.  I know those jerks aren’t typical.  

      1. and loved it. Especially all the different kinds of great Asian food and big open air market. Loved Vancouver Island and Victoria, too. Stayed in B&Bs and met  people from various countries. We all got great tips on where to  eat etc. from our hosts. Lots of beautiful parks, urban and wild.  Vancouver so multicultural and Canadian manners so civilized.  What’s not to like?

  4. …this wasn’t the epic hockey game that was destined to go into double or triple OT, but instead a goonfest as both teams attempted to out-thug the other as the Bruins built their lead.

    And even then, the goals scored by the Bruins weren’t displays of hockey skill or fortitude, but pure-luck ricochets or pounded into the net by the result of tangled bodies. This was as unsatisfying a championship games as the Broncos early Super Bowl appearances!

    The riot after by the Hoseheads seemed to drag the final game down to the murky depths for good…

    1. I think the thuggery was good coaching and good strategery.

      Vancouver was a “finesse” team.  What better way to take them out of their game than physical intimidation?

      Plus, the zebras RARELY blow the whistle during a Game 7.  There was little risk.

      1. Vancouver has been a goon team for fifteen years.  Matt Cooke, Ruutu, Burrows, and the biggest idiot of all time and perhaps the largest disgrace to the modern NHL, Bertuzzi.

        This team and their idiot jackass fans have now reaped what they’ve sown.  I watched them cheer, on their feet, as an opposing player with a broken neck from a hit from behind was immobilized on a gurney and carted off.

        Imagine how bad the riots would have been had they won.

        Screw Vancouver.  You don’t deserve to touch the Cup.  Ever.

        1. I think the Sedins are the only players who were on that team. Maybe one or two others go back to that season. Anyway, I didn’t get to see the “Bertuzzi incident” (what a quaint name – you wouldn’t know first degree assault had taken place) on live TV. I was still in Seattle then, and only went up to Vancouver on the occasional Saturday night game, which this was not. BUT, I do recall how there were pro-Bertuzzi rallies when he was suspended. That really stuck in my craw, and made me root against the Canucks the entire time.

          BTW, ellbee, do you have any idea if the league’s going to shuffle the divisions now that the Thrashers are moving to Winnipeg? It seems to me that the Avs should be bumped from the Northwest since Winnipeg is geographically more northwest (and a lot closer to Minneapolis); maybe we could go to the Central division and bump Nashville to the Southeast? Have you heard anything?

          1. Although the prevailing thought is that it will happen after this season – Avs to Pacific to take the place of Dallas, with Winnipeg moving to NW, or Avs taking place of Phoenix team in Pacific when PX goes under.

            1. So I guess that means that, for next season, the Thrashers are remaining in the SE division?

              I think, if the Coyotes stay in Phoenix (which is about as likely as global temperatures reversing), that it’s more logical to bump Nashville to the SE. It’s only a five hour drive from Atlanta, a lot closer to the city it would replace than Dallas, and have the Avs move to the central. How many times would we play Detroit then? 🙂

              1. Detroit is going to have to move.  Not out of a lack of fan interest, but due to the fact that leftie government will leave them without electricity to cool the ice at the Joe.


        2. infamous team of the Bertuzzi travesty era in terms of thuggery. Crawford was and is a major league putz and thug.  Never having attended a hockey game there, though (we vacationed there a couple of times in the summer) my experience of the city, rather than the team, was really positive. People were so laid back, helpful and polite. Go figure.  

  5. The Bruins manage to blow thru $157K in booze:

    The party continued over the weekend for the Stanley Cup champion Bruins, who tore it up at Shrine nightclub at Foxwoods Casino in Mashantucket, Conn., Saturday night.

    When all was said and done, the Black and Gold racked up a four-hour bar tab that according to Shrine totaled $156,679.74, and included the now-famous $100,000.00 bottle of Ace of Spades “Midas” champagne, which was a gift according to Bruins players Shawn Thornton and Zdeno Chara.

    The tab also lists a built-in tip of $24,869.80 for Danielle (the server whose name is on top of the tab below), which we imagine she had to split up with a few other servers at Shrine.

    A graphical representation of the booze consumed:

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