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May 23, 2011 03:44 PM UTC

Monday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Falsehood is invariably the child of fear in one form or another.”

–Aleister Crowley


40 thoughts on “Monday Open Thread

  1. story on the upcoming release of “Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin” by Frank Bailey…

    Yeeeouch!! Does anyone still consider her a serious political figure…other than the 20 percenters…and maybe Todd?  

    1. Gabriel Sherman’s NY mag cover story “The Elephant in the Green Room” sheds a little light on  Roger Ailes’ (the Faux News “Jabba the Gut”) fondness of the Wasilla hillbilly.

      Is this signs of Ailes growing a conscience?  He pushes Beck out the door, gives Santorum & Newton their walking papers and now realizes the beast in the garden ain’t no Mama Grizz but rather a wacko grifter.  

        1. Beck lost hundreds of advertisers & sponsors so he was being subsidized by everyone else @ Faux.

          Santorum & Newton didn’t really add anything great to Faux – since they’ll slut themselves out for any squawk box w/ a red REC light on.

          And Palin is losing her draw.  You can now slot her book signings in between the cheapo Chinese jeans and the mega-family chick’n nugget sampler @ CostCo.  And tomorrow drops Frank Bailey’s “Blind Allegiance …” – his blashphemcration of poor $ara.  

          $ara twit barrage starting in 3 .. 2 .. 1 …

          1. Loss of avdertisers a big problem even with decent ratings. With Palin the ratings weren’t so hot either but even Beck’s still strong ratings weren’t enough to make up for the fact that nobody but companies catering to survivalists and gold sellers wanted to run ads during his show.

    2. Nope. But Daniels was supposed to be as serious as a heart attack and he just  dropped out because wife and daughters not on board with the attention the family soap opera was bound to get. But even without that, the guy was GW’s budget director, for God’s sake.  

      Seems like holding a position like that in the administration that turned a nice fat surplus into a staggering deficit and the worst economic crash since the Great Depression, even though he left before the worst consequences of all the disastrous policy kicked in, might have been enough to put a crimp in the campaign even if a documentary on the family situation wouldn’t have looked exactly like Desperate Housewives.

      I’m sure Dems could have made some serious hay out of all points of connection with the Bush Budget Follies.  Especially since his whole thing was going to be fixing the budget deficit and national debt.  That and the GOP war on low income women. So I guess for now Pawlenty (yawn and/or who?) and Mittens (Romneycare was totally different because it was just for Massachusetts which is nothing like any place else in the whole country where it would be just awful) have the field of non-joke candidates pretty much to themselves?

  2. Since this site isn’t likely to headline this on their own, here it is.  I wasn’t a big McInnis fan, but he may have taken one of the biggest political screwings in history.  Though – his campaign team completely botched the response.

    According to the counsel’s findings, Fischer was responsible for the plagiarism, not McInnis….

    While the Hasan Foundation had originally stated in a news release that McInnis had never disclosed to them the use of Fischer as a research assistant, the investigation found that in fact McInnis had disclosed that information to the foundation.

    1. Whenever an article is titled “Scott McInnis exonerated in scandal?” – notice the question mark – it’s definitive proof of his innocence. After all, he only put his signature on the 50 or so pages he turned in and collected hundreds of thousands of dollars. The poor victim…

      1. I plagiarized, but now the Attorney Regulation Counsel has decided not to discipline me, and i’m still attempting to dump it on Rollie Fischer, so I am therefore completely exonerated.

        1. bear responsibility for an alleged author’s final product?  A researcher is just supposed to provide raw material. The rest is the author’s responsibility. If the McInnis defense is that Heath was no mere researcher but that McInnis actually just handed in what Heath gave him and collected the cash, that’s pretty much what everybody already thinks anyway. Some vindication.  

            1. Oh well.  At least not as bad as my old habit of mixing up Obama and Osama which I cured by switching to exclusive use of bin Laden for latter! Neither one is a  soulless terrorist.  Apologies to Rollie Heath who, as far as I know, doesn’t work as a research assistant and is a comparative youngster.!

    2. Here’s a quote from the Article:

      “”For all these reasons, there is no clear and convincing evidence Mr. McInnis knowingly engaged in dishonest conduct by either: (1) plagiarizing Justice Hobbs’ work, or (2) reporting to the Foundation that the articles were his original work,” states the report.”

      That’s vastly different from “he is absolutely exonerated of plagarism and deception.” All this says is McGinnis is a lying dumbass….

      1. why not just post a comment under Jason’s diary? I prefer if all the discussion on one topic can be confined to one place. (Or not more than two, since it seems we already have that many places where discussion is taking place…)

    3. Ari – you must know by now that headlines aren’t often accurate indicators of the underlying story or the truth.  Try reading.

      Fidel – McInnis isn’t “still attempting to dump it on Rollie Fischer..”  The State of Colorado is.  I haven’t seen any official response from McInnis on this report.

      SSG Dan – Exonerated:  “to clear from accusation or blame.”  Don’t be obtuse.  The final report spoke within the scope of the investigation.  It’s not meant to be a McInnis campaign piece.

      The point is, McInnis got roundly screwed on a number of fronts.  But as I said in my original post, he is to blame for his poor response in the beginning.

      And yes, he is ultimately responsible for everything that goes out above his signature.  But with Fischer’s background as an expert on the subject, and the requisite communications between the two regarding plagiarism, what are the reasonable duties McInnis should have undertaken after receiving Fischer’s work?

      Is it the responsibility of an executive to personally head to the library to double-check every quote and fact submitted to him for use in a larger work with his name on it?  In this case, it doesn’t even appear that the lifted language was noted  or marked in any way, so how would McInnis have known to even check it?

      The state says he didn’t legally commit plagiarism.  What’s the next level of standard – academic?  How would those standards apply, in context, to this situation?

      McInnis obviously should have had Fischer sign an affadavit swearing that everything was original work unless otherwise noted. Should the state still have admonished McInnis for not doing this type of due dilligence?  

      1. Fischer was supposedly just a researcher. Responsibility for finished product with Mcinnis name on it all goes to Mcinnis. Fischer wasn’t supposed to be doing any “original work”.  That was the job of the alleged writer, McInnis.

        Authors use researchers all the time. They’re still supposed to author their own work or at the very least pretend to and take responsibility for it. Especially when the humble researchers names don’t even appear in connection with any of it.  Some authors give a little credit.  Others don’t.  But in no case are researchers credited with the “original work” the author signs his or her name to. It’s still the author’s name and the author’s responsibility.

        Short version: Mcinnis still a sleaze. There is quite a lot of sleazy behavior for which there are no legal consequences. But will the guy ever be elected to anything again? Don’t think so. I know plenty of west slopers who have despised the guy for decades and this is just one thing on a long list.

      2. His responsibility was he should have at least been involved in the writing of the one short article he turned in (remember, it was all the work he ever did for $300k). In short, yes, he should have checked his quotes and sources – after all, this is a short report here, not a multi-volume body of work which the Hasans doubtless expected over the course of McInnis’ employment.

        If he was half the expert he passed himself off as, he would have written the paper himself. “Research assistant” isn’t synonymous with “lackey who does all the shitwork.”

        It’s not my problem if the state has a lax interpretation of the meaning of plagiarism. As Ralphie said, all it means is that he won’t be disbarred; but his reputation’s tarnish is still roundly deserved.

        McInnis – NOT screwed.

      3. all he had to do was hype end times coming to a world near you very soon without the specifics.  What with tragic tornadoes (seriously, hearts go out to midwest especially Joplin MO), volcanoes, ash clouds, quakes, floods, he could have maintained a very credible “the End is Near” campaign if he just hadn’t locked himself into a specific date. Only conclusion; the poor old guy really believed his own nonsense.

      4. You think McInnis is just passively sitting back while the council does its research ? This is SCOTT MCINNIS we’re talking about. He is selling Fischer down the river (sorry for the pun), and apparently is having some success in those efforts.  I’ll give it to McInnis, he’s a good liar, but still a liar.

        All to clear his name.  Which is still shit.

    4. What’s that word I’m looking for? . . . you know the one? . . . um, it’s the word for screwing yourself . . . Oh, yeah . . .

      Hey 20th Maine, go McInnis!!!

  3. The Daily Prophet is reporting that TABOR is being challenged on Constitutional Grounds. If anyone can find a non-litigious website to link the story to, please do so…

        1. … or give it a sub heading after a colon. Not saying you have to if you don’t want to. Maybe it will find its way to the main page…

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