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May 13, 2011 11:27 PM UTC

Do You Need To See Osama bin Laden on Ice?

  • by: Colorado Pols

As the AP reports via the Durango Herald, here’s something else that Colorado Republican Reps. Doug Lamborn and Mike Coffman don’t agree on–an interesting parallel with their opposing positions on cuts to the Department of Defense.

A Colorado congressman who has viewed photos taken of Osama bin Laden after he was killed thinks the least graphic of the images should be made public.

Republican U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn said he viewed the photos for about 10 minutes Thursday at CIA headquarters in Langley, Va.

Lamborn said seeing images showing bin Laden shot in the head helped give him closure on the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. He thinks they could do the same for relatives of victims and other Americans…

[Rep. Mike] Coffman said he backs President Barack Obama’s decision not to release the photos to the public and praised him for keeping the operation to kill bin Laden and its aftermath free of politics. He said the administration may have more intelligence about the potential global ramifications of releasing the photos than members of Congress do. [Pols emphasis]

We don’t have a strong opinion on whether or not the post-mortem photos of Osama bin Laden should be made public–putting to bed conspiracy theories has value, but so does not further inflaming tensions in the Middle East by doing so. But we do take Rep. Coffman at his word in this story; both his respect for the administration’s handling of the situation, as well as his own combat experience making personal viewing of the photos unnecessary.

As for Lamborn? It’s tough to know if his reasoning is as well thought out as Coffman’s, regardless of whether you agree with his bottom line. But in the absence of a better explanation from Lamborn as to what releasing the photos would help, we’re inclined to accept Coffman’s assessment above–the part about “intelligence” possessed by many members of Congress, though maybe not exactly the way Coffman meant that.


30 thoughts on “Do You Need To See Osama bin Laden on Ice?

  1. 1) People who know the photos could be faked and that bin Laden’s body can’t be verified anymore, eager to make something replace the birther conspiracy.

    2) People who want to see a gory dead dude.

    That’s why you’re never going to see any thought out explanation. They are searching for a way to get to point 1 or 2, not deciding a belief or any kind of policy.

    1. about this when the controversy first flared up about offering proof of Bin Laden’s death via photos.

      He asked one question–what problem does releasing photos of Bin Laden solve? His answer? It doesn’t. It has the potential to create problems that do not currently exist. But releasing them solves nothing because there is nothing to be gained by it.

      There is no problem except within the lunatic fringe that will always believe in a conspiracy over reality.

      There is no reason to create a solution for a problem that does not exist.  

      1. These photos really don’t have any value in putting to rest conspiracy theories because the only people who will continue to espouse such theories will simply use them to support their theories, pointing out imagined photo doctoring or claiming the whole thing happened years ago, whatever.

        As far as closure, I’d like to see that  word retired from all discussions of recovery from tragedies large and small.  

        Those 9/11  victims’  loved ones who feel the need to see these perhaps ought to be allowed to view them privately, as are relevant congressional  committee members, under strict security, no cell phones etc that could transmit the images. I do see some possible value in having officials outside of the inner circle be able to say, yep, saw ’em and I do think the 9/11 families ought to be granted whatever they ask for concerning this matter within reason if it can be done privately and securely.

        As for the rest of us, I’m sick of the cult of victimhood that makes all of us, just because we know that something bad happened, because it was on the news, victims who need closure.  Mr. Lamborne, nobody close to you was killed on 9/11. Don’t dramatize yourself.  Bet you’re doing just fine.

        The young people who grew up with the bin Laden boogie man and celebrated in the streets and bars seem to be feeling plenty of “closure”, more beer and shots, and had no trouble believing the news without seeing a photo.

        Having said all that, it is impossible that, at some point, these photos won’t come out. But it will be better to have them come out as a result of some do-gooder or sensation seeker or historian or journalist outing them than to have any official government role in their general release.  Agree it’s a no win/possible harm situation. Let them come out in the course of history as everything like this always does, sooner or much, much later. And let’s drop the new agey closure crap, shall we?

    2. 3)  The group that just feels the need to piss off and taunt Muslims.

      3a)  Evil people that want to be able to blame the Administration for any persons who do get pissed off enough at the taunting, and actually do something foolish or evil in retaliation.

  2. Lamborn and his revenge fetish can take a long walk off a short bridge, for all I care. There is no reason to contribute to the glorification of gore and death. The families of 9-11 victims should be permitted (as Lamborn apparently was) to view these materials if they feel it would bring them closer. Everyone else can buy a ticket to the summer action movie of their choice if they’re so desperate to see gaping head wounds.

  3. to abuse my position as FPE and edit the diary’s title. I’m not sure when Osama bin Laden suddenly became plain ol’ “Osama,” but that’s clearly going to contribute to the “Obama/Osama” confusion/misinformation out there.

    I propose that we never refer to OBL as just “Osama.” What say you, Pols community?

      1. At the local bar here in Salida, they are offering a bin Laden drink special.  Two shots and a splash of water.  

        A little gory, but it helps with closure for some.

          1. You are really one of the lamest, most inane, most tritely offensive little pricks to have ever appeared here from SquareState.

            Seriously, why haven’t you been banned yet? People like you make me question Pols’ tolerance for stupid trolls.

  4. Who wants to see the exclusive, one of a kind, only the A-list gets to see, pictures?

    Why the only people in the world who cannot imagine a body with half the head missing and a big (shove a cantalope in there) hole in the chest. They don’t go to movies because the socialist commie pinko’s make movies.

    They don’t do much online because they don’t want to clog the tubes and they are afraid the dead guy is still alive and the black guy who is head of the U.S. is still running the country is listening to their brain cell through the chip in that brain cell.

    Yup. Real American’s there. Real dreamers. Real thinkers.  

  5. I don’t know what everyone’s problem is, I’d pay to see that, maybe even take 152 to it. As long as the skating is good, the music is good, what’s controversial?

    I suppose that’s why Disney copyrighted Seal Team Six.

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