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May 09, 2011 06:49 PM UTC

Romer Nets Mejia Endorsement

  • by: c rork

(That sound you hear? It’s the Fat Lady. She’s warming up. – promoted by Colorado Pols)

James Mejia will be endorsing Chris Romer in the Denver mayoral race. Romer has been considered the clear frontrunner from the beginning of the campaign for Denver’s next mayor, and this endorsement will only further cement that position in the run-off.

Any hopes of an “anti-Romer” coalition forming have effectively been ruined. As Pols rightly pointed out, the clout of the 29,170 votes Mejia received is undeniable. Considering Romer’s fundraising prowess and ability to hire on additional field staffers, Hancock faces an uphill battle against an opponent who will undoubtedly pick up donations and volunteers from this endorsement.

Of course, it is yet to be seen whether Mejia will actively campaign and convince his supporters to rally behind Romer.

A Mejia endorsement would have been a much needed boost to Michael Hancock’s campaign. He has been on the ropes recently, suffering from an attack from Romer’s campaign as to whether he is “pro-choice” or “pro-family planning”.

Though Mejia is reported to have talked to both candidates over the weekend, it is unclear whether he has a pre-ordained position in a potential Romer administration.  

Whatya say, folks? Is there a chance that Hancock can come from behind to win this one?

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117 thoughts on “Romer Nets Mejia Endorsement

  1. The only thing further I have to say: I am officially substituting the phrase “Eating the cupcakes” for “Drinking the Kool-Aid” for the foreseeable future.

    Unless there’s a DAMN good explanation, I no longer less than three Mejia. Officially.

    1. Personally, I’ve got no horse in this race. As for a good explanation, I think that Mejia is trying to pick the  winning horse. I’d bet that Mejia gets a nice position (something educationy) out of this and continues to serve the fair citizens of Denver county.

      1. And I still won’t like it unless the Dep. Mayor comes with some sort of promise to step down halfway through or not run for reelection so James gets a turn.

        Yeah right, I know, but that would be my price if I were Mejia. Well, really, if I were Mejia I’d just go back to my perfectly good job at DPP, wait for Romer to fuck it up, and run against him.

      2. James has already been there, done that, in previous city administrations.  I am not sure it would be a step forward for him, but who knows.

      3. If I were Romer, I would offer Deputy Mayor (which I think he has). And I think whether he starts actively campaigning will be the best litmus test for what role he’ll be taking.

        But imagine you’re Mejia: what’s the political upside to endorsing Hancock? A hard, uphill campaign against a well funded opponent?

        1. Unless he’ll be Deputy Mayor, with a strong commitment to involve him in all major decisions (a “Biden Promise?”) there’s nothing in either for him.

        2. Unless he’ll be Deputy Mayor, with a strong commitment to involve him in all major decisions (a “Biden Promise?”) there’s nothing in either for him.

    1. This endorsement makes a difference.  I trust Mejia’s judgment.

      I like Hancock.  But, I was actually starting to feel sorry for Romer (only a little) with Susan Barnes-Gelt’s ridiculous and oft-published fawning over Hancock’s niceness advantage.  Hancock’s weird dancing around the evolution question and his lack of outreach to LGBT voters had me wondering about those second-level election issues beyond jobs, economic development, etc.

      Romer’s not perfect, but if he’s good enough for Mejia, I’ll give him a second look.

      1. JK, that was stupid.

        Hancock can’t say “yes” I believe in evolution?  He doesn’t understand that belief in evolution and god aren’t contradictory?  Who is he sucking up to with this answer?  

        I’m sorry, I can’t vote for someone who doesn’t believe in evolution.  The evidence from too many fields of scientific inquiry is too overwhelming, and there are too many well-written books on reconciling faith with evolution for this type of denial to be acceptable to me.

        I know neither of these issues are significant to the job of running Denver, but I have to be intellectually comfortable with my vote, and Hancock can’t get it now.

    2. I voted for Mejia.  I haven’t yet made up my mind for certain, but am definitely leaning towards voting Romer over Hancock.  Not feeling great about it, mind you, but am turned off more by Hancock than I am Romer.

      The endorsement has nothing to do with my decision.  I think politicians usually endorse for personal reasons, and couldn’t care less.

    3. A lot of it had to do with Hancock’s weird dancing around issues like abortion and his lack of outreach to the gay community. This still hadn’t completely decided me as I REALLY wanted Mejia as mayor. Once Mejia endoresed Romer it was a done deal for me.

    4. Romer was way down on my list of candidates, all in all. I would have rather voted for the UFO guy before Romer. However, Hancock remains lower on my list.

  2. Asking “Is there a chance that Hancock can come from behind” and musing that “the fat lady is warming up”?  That’s waaaaay premature. Look, I’m still calling my bookie to wager $5 on Romer simply because of his fundraising advantage — but as of now there’s no reason to be certain Romer has the edge:

    1) We’ve seen no Romer-versus-Hancock polls, have we? (I’ll stand corrected and withdraw this entire comment if there is some poll showing Romer substantially ahead.)

    2) Romer and Hancock weren’t all that far apart in the results last Tuesday.

    3) I’d guess that lots of the 70% non-Romer voters dislike Romer, whereas many of the 75% non-Hancock voters don’t affirmatively dislike Hancock.

    1. Number 3, where’d ya come up with that?

      As far as this site goes, politically active and everything, I’m seeing a nearly 50/50 split from Mejia to one or the other. And the most vehement Romer haters hate BOTH. Which makes them more likely to sit out.

      Surprised? Kind of. Utterly shocked? No. Bad for your numbers? Yeah.

      If we assume anything like a 50/50, Hancock has to make up the numbers. Or… come from behind.

      I hate Romer, too. But this is a political blog. Not a commercial and not a wishing well. Romer has a clear advantage. Many of them in fact.

      1. Try to read what I said rather than skim it & move on to lame attempts to be witty with trite cliches. You wrote:

        … this is a political blog. Not a commercial and not a wishing well.

        Stoop, I’m clearly a Hancock guy, and in saying I’d still bet on Romer, I’m (a) not posting my “wishing” and (b)  certainly not posting any sort of “commercial” the Hancock folks would like.

        All I’m saying is that Pols is making an overly confident prediction, whereas I see good bit of uncertainty here because: while Romer has the money, I perceive more anti-Romer sentiment than anti-Hancock sentiment. In a runoff that’s about “which guy can become the second choice of the 55% who voted for someone else,” a big factor is who has stronger unfavorable ratings. I perceive that to be Romer — but I called that a “guess,” not a “prediction,” because as I expressly noted, I haven’t seen polling yet.

  3. “Over a year ago I entered the Mayoral campaign because after a decade of serving the last two Mayors, I believe I have a perspective and ideas that can best serve Denver.  Throughout the campaign I believe that some of those ideas were embodied by precise, specific and well written policies to Move Denver Forward.  I am very proud of my team that took a relatively unknown candidate to receiving over 26% of the vote in this campaign.  

    The most politically expedient decision in the race is to not endorse one of the remaining two candidates.  We ran a highly respected race and if I were to stay out of the race, it wouldn’t create any ill will.  But I talked to my campaign team and family about it, and this is a team decision.  We entered the Mayoral race because of our ideas for Denver and now we see a clear way of implementing those programs and policies.

    I know Michael Hancock well.  We have known each other for 20 years and I respect his work and his career.  I also know Chris Romer and the Romer family.  Chris’ brother Tom and I went to high school together.  But this isn’t about who I know best, this is about who is best equipped to move Denver forward.

    In their endorsement, the Denver Post mentioned that there are two candidates ready to be Mayor – me and Chris Romer.  Now, only Chris Romer remains in the race and I unequivocally support his candidacy to become the next mayor of Denver.

    Our campaigns will merge completely, I will take a prominent role in Chris Romer’s mayoral bid and together we will ensure that Denverites are put back to work, that Denver is positioned as the sustainability capital of the West, that our world-class city has a world-class education system, and that we maintain our excellent arts and culture system.

    I look forward to working with Chris Romer and wholeheartedly support his campaign to become the next Mayor of



    James Mejia”

    Where’s my dislike button? This update lacks the words “Deputy Mayor” and has therefore failed to appease me.

    1. My team likes Romer better cuz he has lots of bucks to pay us with.

      I personally like Romer better cuz he promised me a really good job.

      I almost expect Romanoff to join too.

      1. Let me read between your lines:

        I know nothing about Denver politics.

        I stir up random shit because I have too much time on my hands and am very, very lonely. 🙁

        Please help me,


        Close, or perfect?

      2. I think it is beyond commendable that James Mejia asked his staff where they would want to go?  Do you think Carol asked her team if she should back Hancock.

        I was in the room, the team wanted to go over to Romer without a thought as a team.  I am personally choosing not to go over to anyone’s team but I would much rather pick Romer as mayor over Hancock.  

        Enjoy trying to discredit one of the most honest, thoughtful and classy people I have ever had the chance to work for in politics.

        As for the race, with Mejia’s team on board it’s over for Hancock.  It closes the gap with minorities and women.  

        1. and skip several forums of interest, I don’t see why he should assume he closed “the gap”. Pfft! If he can’t bother, he shouldn’t feel comfy that “the minorities” will pull the lever for him.

          This is going to be good.

          1. Chris “auditors with guns” Romer? I think I’d order the economy sized bin of clothespins and endorse Hancock, too, if I were in Linkhart’s shoes.  

              1. I have a number of friends in the MMJ business and they are backing Romer.  He is much better on the issue, he supports having some sort of MMJ industry and Hancock is hell bent on getting rid of it. ( Him and Carol both)

                1. Romer’s acted to destroy the industry but theoretically supports it–Hancock doesn’t have the horrendous track record but opposes it–can’t Denver catch a break? If I were a Denver resident I’d be pretty pissed. No interest in being a part of that industry in any way myself, but I don’t think Denverites want to pay higher taxes to close the budget gap because the Mayor won’t embrace and tax the one industry in town that WANTS to be taxed.

      3. Wow.

        Ok, first of all I could not support Romer personally, but you’re a piece of shit.

        My friends at the Mejia team had their own reasons for wanting to go to Romer, and none of it had to do with money. I can also say that James Mejia did not want to go to Romer for a job, or money, or anything else you’re trying to insinuate. He wanted to go to whoever he thought would help fulfill his (IMO brilliant) vision for the South Platte and for helping to promote buying Denver-made products.

        I personally will be supporting Michael Hancock, though not as a member of his staff. I also happen to have a tremendous amount of respect for the Mejia team, and I was proud to be a part of that team.

        You, reuben, are not worthy to lick their canvass walking shoes.

        1. I am really disappointed in the decision, but having known James for years I would be inclined to believe it is completely above the board.

          I fucking hate it.  But it is totally James’ call (and he even shared that with his team), and unfounded insinuations about why are just that – unfounded insinuations.

          1. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, we really lost out not having him as Denver Mayor for the next four years.

            I disagree with him on this endorsement, but he knows that I have a tremendous amount of respect for him, and I’m looking forward to working with him again the next time he’s a candidate.

            That said, I hope his new political buddy gets crushed by Michael Hancock next month.

            1. 🙂  Let the shills, trash talkers and overall sofa quarterbacks know that we will defend Mr. Mejia and squash any attempts to attack him.  

              1. I mean, not me personally, in Denver elections, ’cause I don’t live in Denver. But I’m just saying. You come off like you think people who don’t work in politics should just sit down and shut up, but if they don’t get involved and excited, will they vote, volunteer, talk to their neighbors…?

                If RSB says Mejia made this move for all the right reasons I’ll accept the heartbreak after a mourning period (which will conveniently last until just after the runoff is over). But don’t get all huffy with people for having an opinion, eh? Reuben’s being an ass, but two asses aren’t better than one.

                1. I am not saying you cannot have an opinion but to try and smear someone because they think they know what is going is not up for debate.

                  I do wish many of the folks on here who comment would try working on a race full time for a cycle before they claim to know what works and what does not.

                  We all have our own opinions and if mine make me an ass so be it.

                  1. David with his tech company, anyone who’s unemployed, anyone who works in health care, every teacher ever… personally, I think quite a few of them could use some equibusiness experience, but it’s a pretty low priority below understanding the more volatile issues.

                    We’re all voicing opinions without the experience to back it up–the non political types when we comment on politics, and the political staffers/candidates when they make and support policies. It’s just really not all that worth fighting about. If there’s something factually inaccurate, dispute it, but nobody’s ever going to fully understand your job (even if they DO work in politics) any more than you fully understand theirs.

                2. was his assumption that Mejia’s team joined with Romer’s out of promise of being paid. That’s what Reuben asserted and that’s pretty out of line. Why Mejia endorsed Romer is anybody’s guess but making out that anyone that worked for him is just a money hungry campaign jumper is pretty insulting, particularly since I know some of the staff personally.  

                  1. Deminator’s response just rubbed me the wrong way, in conjunction with his various and sundry previous statements implying that nobody who isn’t working on a campaign has any business opinion about ’em.

                    All for RSB and droll’s responses, though.  

                    1. It’s what I do, I rub people the wrong way.   Anyone on here can tell you that.  

                    2. But at least you don’t get offended when people push back. You just happen to particularly get my goat (odd, since usually a friend of Mejia is a friend of mine, even though I do not love Mejia at the moment). One of my pet peeves is the elitist campaign staffer. Y’all ask people to work a lot of hours for you for free. A less patronizing ‘tude would improve that sales pitch.

                      (I know, you’re not a field organizer, so you sort of get a pass.)

                    3. I knocked plenty of doors this round and came from the field world but yeah voters stress me out so I stick to raising dollars.    

                      We elitist campaign staffers sometimes have pet peeves with you know it all volunteers as well.  🙂 That is me trying to be funny for those who have not met me out in the world.

                      Relax have a beer, Romer or Hancock they both will be weak suckie mayors and I look forward to whomever wins deciding they want to take on Degette so James can run again.

                    4. Raising a cuppa coffee, though–I’m a teetotaler, why do you think you never catch me in any semblance of “relaxed” mode? 🙂

                      Whenever Mejia-redux happens, I’m on board. I’ll be over the Romer thing by then.

    1. I don’t see it happening, but I do give Romer a better chance at it than Hancock. Though Hancock voted with Hick 95% of the time, I think Hick would rather have Romer as an ally if he ever ran for President.

          1. It’s still ridiculously premature to even hint at a Hickenlooper for president campaign.

            Besides, I can’t imagine Helen Thorpe would be all that enamored with such an idea. But who knows.

            1. Who do you think he would pick as hid Veep? Joe Garcia has running-mate experience, but Bill Vidal is probably a better personal story–and he’ll help with that Cuban vote in Florida!

        1. Remember his little “level playing field” speech when Bill Vidal — a friend of mine, btw — was toying with getting in the game.

          Coming in now for either candidate would make Hick look like an idiot.  And whatever he may be, Hick is not an idiot.

             Let me add that I hope to see Mejia have a prominent role in a Romer adm, simply because the city can use his admitted talents.

    2. The negatives of pissing off one group of supporters or another outweighs any benefits for him.

      In fact, I don’t see any benefits for Hick inserting himself into the Mayor’s race. If he runs for higher office, he’ll have the support of whomever wins this one so why take the chance of alienating a core group of supporters?  

    3. Since he is a rich Republican – I mean, corporatist Dem – he would endorse the other Republican, Romer – I mean, corporatist Dem.

      1. But he won’t endorse him. As others have mentioned, it would make him seem a bit silly and risk ticking people off.

        I doubt he’d be all that thrilled if Hancock wins. I’ve heard Hancock say a couple of times recently that more or less “Denver has been without a mayor for the past year.”

        I’m sure that miffed the Hickster just a bit.

  4. Mejia’s endorsement is huge, but it’s still going to be a tight race.

    Fundamentally, both candidates will have money to wage the air wars. Now, with mejia’s team, Romer will have the ability to start waging a better ground war. However, the ground advantage still goes to Hancock–whose field team did an outstanding job of GOTV, and that work definitely gave them the edge in the final few weeks of the general.

    Get out your popcorn, folks, this one just got interesting.

  5. Haha, err. I think this article was written in a cubicle somewhere before a check to see which way the wind was blowing. Lots of Mejia supporters I talked to today were fuming and will not go with Romer. Five are pavement-stompers for Mejia and see him as an opportunist – for himself, not for the agenda at-large. Romer’s values don’t align with the Mejia supporters I know, so I am not of the mind that people are going to sheeple out.

    Hancock should make Romer’s shady banking practices front and center.

          1. People who have opinions are “shills” to you, which means your are intimidated by them. Zzzz with the shill thing. Not everyone is going to agree with your jump-the-gun assessment, would think writing for a blog, one would know by now.

            I doubt you will address the banking issues.

            1. People who make accounts and do nothing but post one-sided comments about a specific candidate are shills.  That’s what we mean by the word.

              Lots of people here have strong opinions.  But by and large, they have opinions about a variety of issues, and stay on topic and organized rather than just cramming as much pro-candidate stuff as they can into each message.  That’s why they aren’t shills, and you are.

              1. Oh noes! I didn’t realize people needed to be disorganized and write out a platform statement to be approved by the establishment. I have plenty of opinions on many, many topics, but since I am a new kid on the block, it will take some time.

                So, I’ll rectify my shill status by welcoming myself to these boards, and getting my opinions posted. Looks like I’ll be right at home here…

                And, I did tell you to ask Hancock about the evolution thing.

                Gosh, darn it, though, shady banking does seem mighty important to me. If it is not to you, well, who cares?

      1. You joined at 3 today to write about Romer’s “dirty banking practices” and to call him a “corporatist dem”, but you’re NOT a shill.

        That’s rich.

        1. So you supported Linkhart yet never voiced an opinion but now you are all over Mejia and Romer.

          So you either did not care enough about Linkhart ( who destroyed the chance for a progressive mayor by not dropping out and taking enough progressive votes from Mejia to be a spoiler) Or you are claiming to be a former linkharter just for cover.

          1. …alas, he lost.

            I actually joined the site because of the article about Mejia endorsing Romer and the reaction. I am on the Facebook page, but have been a long time reader.

            I am paid by nobody. I doubt you can say the same for yourself.

            1. If you search over my posts I am sure you can find where I post my name. I am one of the few folks on here who does.

              Ask ProgressiveCowgirl I am a elitist campaign staffer 😛  ( Not really tho more of an elitist consultant)

              If you knew what a shill was you would understand I am not a shill.  I questioned what Romer did with Choice and will hold my nose and vote for him.

            2. …that people are encouraged to join the debates and voice opinions, but when you do, the so-called site veterans try to shoot you down. You own nothing.

              I love it. You can have the last word, since I think you’ll need it.

              Look forward to your banking articles on Romer. To be fair, ask Hancock if he believes in evolution. I don’t think he does, if that makes a difference in the Mayoral race.

              I really don’t like either of these people, but once again, I’ll have to roll with the lesser of two.

              Have a lovely evening, paid Romer staff.

            3. I won’t even pretend to be a “site veteran” and I don’t want to shoot you down.

              I won’t be writing about romer and banks or hancock and evolution. Seeing that Denver is in a $100 million budget deficit, I just hope our next mayor is really good at furloughs and firings.

              Just a tip; “Polssux” might not be the best name if you’re not wanting to be called a shill. 🙂

              1. I really just care about who becomes Mayor, and I am not happy with either choice. That said, it is too bad noone will write about the banking issue, since I really do believe business ethics and judgement kinda-sorta directly relates to how one would deal with the budget and governing.

                And since you appear to like austerity, furloughs and firings would be the first thing you would site. Yes, let’s up unemployment off the bat!

                But that is for another thread. I don’t want to be “disorganized” or some such word.

                Are there any journalists out there that care about deeper issues? My 8-ball says “No”.

                1. Well, you’re fucked in this race. 🙁 Hancock is nearly every bit as crooked and corrupt.

                  Oh, and using “so-called” only works if something has been so called. “Site veterans”?

  6. I don’t know if it would be considered good, bad or somewhere in-between, but he is still one of the best known Dems in the state and as a former Denver DA obviously has strong ties to the city. I know Jeannie Ritter endorsed Hancock. I wonder what her husband thinks!

        1. I mean, I really don’t get how anybody would support Romer, knowing Penry is endorsing him. And knowing that Romer is touting that endorsement.

          I’d love someone that plans to vote for Romer explain that one to me. (Someone sane, I might add.)

          1. 16% of the republicans or so who voted cared. I am shocked Hancock is not nailing Romer’s ass to the wall over it but he’s claiming he’s staying positive.

            It’s beyond easy to paint Romer as a big banker supported by R’s

            1. I’ve been on this site long enough for most people to know I’m a Dem so I guess I assumed that was a given in the comment.

              So, since you’re now supporting Romer and I consider you sane, I’ll ask you: how does this not bother you or factor into your vote?

              1. One of them is going to be the mayor… like it or not. ( and I work in Politics I am far from being sane)  

                Chris Romer has some solid ideas for the city, can attract business and can call on some powerful favors because of his father when it comes to govt favors.  

                The one thing I do like is that Romer is looking at what the other folks in the race said and is taking some of their ideas and is planning on implementing them. ( and is giving full credit)  I think he will take some of Mejia’s ideas and put them to use not only in the campaign but also as Mayor.  

                He comes off to me as someone who will surround himself with thinkers and may know he’s not the brightest bulb in the box

                I personally feel that Michael Hancock has little to no substance, says what people want to hear to get him elected and I do not trust his word.  Hancock’s Policy papers were always 1 – 3 weeks behind Mejia’s and were on almost the same topic with very little thought. Plus Hancock has always surround himself with folks I personally find are using him to get to higher places on his coat tails.

                Does the fact Republicans are backing Romer upset me, not really because Romer was a bridge builder in the Senate.  He works well with those folks, I think his Republican support shows he can cross the way and use some good Republican ideas in his platform.

                Romer and Hancock will be liberal / left leaning mayors.

            2. Hmmm, Maybe Hancock Can Pass That Message Along.. but in a positive way 😉

              Gotta admit, I’m really disappointed that Mejia went for Romer.  Won’t change my vote for Hancock, however.  

  7. many folks I know find neither Romer or Hancock palatable – because of this I predict historic low voter turnout for the runoff election

  8. …and you miss all the excitement.  I was commenting regularly over at Denver Pols on the municipal races, but ended up being out of town for the election (yes I mailed in my ballot).  

    As someone who finally decided on Mejia, I was really disappointed with the results (obviously).  His endorsement of Senator Romer will make me take another look at the guy.  I had dismissed both Romer and Hancock as options for my support, but I guess one of them will have to be mayor.

    I don’t understand the hate on here for Mejia’s decision.  Obviously he was going to go for one or the other, and it sounded like he really look his time sitting down with both.  That seems in sharp contrast to Linkhart, who jumped on with Hancock right away (and I haven’t heard from since).

    1. Linkhart made his endorsement Friday, Mejia made his on Monday. How is one “right away” and the other “really took his time”? Both of them spent four months in near daily contact with the other candidates, and they both had lengthy sit-downs with them after the election.  

  9. I may have to sit out this election.

    Mejia was the lesser of evils for me. Hancock and evolution? Anyone who denies simple science scares me. Where do you think your dog and cat came from?

    Romer… Hates MMJ. I don’t partake, but all of the closed down stores around me are now humming small businesses, and gangs have less power. I feel Romer is too conservative for this city.

    Both candidates have little regard for the opinions of teachers. They will have to work hard to convince me to support either one of them.  

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