Just Stop Talking, Rep. Matt Soper

Last week, we wrote about the unhinged reaction on the part of a number of Western Slope Republicans, including up-and-coming wunderkind Rep. Matt Soper, to the results of city council elections in Grand Junction–in which a slate of GOP-endorsed candidates was soundly defeated by a bipartisan moderate coalition:

Rep. Matt Soper (R).

Given that Rep. Soper was himself elected to office via Dominion Voting Systems election hardware used by Delta and Mesa Counties, it’s completely natural that the press is going to want to follow up and find out if this is a serious complaint from Rep. Soper–or, you know, a “misstatement” made in a moment of exasperation. And as the Grand Junction Sentinel’s Charles Ashby dutifully inquires:

Even though the same voting systems were used to elect such Republicans as U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert and state Rep. Matt Soper, some members of the GOP in Colorado are questioning the legitimacy of Tuesday’s Grand Junction City Council race…

That prompted Soper to post, “Were they using Dominion? This seems impossible!” and, “Cindy Paschal Ficklin we need to request a scan of every ballot and do a manual recount.”

Not long after being questioned about those posts by The Daily Sentinel, the posts were deleted.

That’s a relief–whether it be rage posting, drunk posting, or something in between (these are not mutually exclusive), mashing the delete button once your bad judgment has been brought to your attention by the press is generally a good idea.

But don’t do what Rep. Soper did next:

Still, Soper defended writing them. [Pols emphasis] “Many voters remain concerned about election integrity and whether the results are from a fair system,” Soper said. “Dominion was at the center of the 2020 election complaints, and if Dominion was used, it would be an opportunity to have an audit with the public observing. If the results are verified, it helps restore confidence.”

It would have been much, much better for Soper so simply have taken his lumps and walked away from this fight. If this is how Soper feels, wasn’t deleting his posts calling for a recount a mistake? Since we never heard any complaints from Soper about Dominion Voting Systems when their equipment tabulated Soper’s victory in 2020 with almost 75% of the vote, we are forced to conclude based on the available evidence that Rep. Soper only has a problem with Dominion when his favored candidates lose.

This is not news to the majority of Americans who still believe in democracy.

Soper just isn’t supposed to make it so pitifully obvious.

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  1. gertie97 says:

    Soper is the reason so many Western Slope counties can't have nice things. He's among a nice selection of complete idiots too many counties elect to the legislature.

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