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May 04, 2011 03:39 PM UTC

Wednesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Don’t fight a battle if you don’t gain anything by winning.”

–Erwin Rommel


42 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Thread

  1. and to Robin Kneich and all the other winners of last evening. It is a shame any of our good Dems lost. To all of you who tried and came up short — we’d love to have you run in the suburbs!  🙂

  2. I’m announcing my candidacy for Front Page Editor.

    For too long, Aristotle and MADCO have had reckless disregard for their offices, putting this blog–and the bloggers–at great risk. Their reign of terror will end, and they will be brought to justice before the interblog blogcrime court.

      1. RSB, in order to be considered for such a lofty office, you must immediately post your long form birth certificate.  None of that namby-pamby certification of live birth.

        While you are at it, we are also going to require your school records, a note from your kindergarten teacher, your SSN, DOB, mother’s maiden name, etc.

        Please disregard any notices of credit inquiries you may receive, it is just part of the background process…  honest

    1. Both Ari and MADCO have demonstrated an obvious conflict of interest by breathing air and being front page editors at the same time.

      I think it’s high time to contact their places of work…

  3. The Hancock party must have been fun. Not a Denver voter but I always liked both Mejia and Hancock.  Wish your guy luck in the run off.

  4. between “Obama” and “Osama” has reached epidemic proportions:

    The latter link takes you to what will probably stand as the worst gaffe of this news period, actually saying, not just “Obama”, but “President Obama” is dead! It seems to always work one way, using “Obama” in error for “Osama”.  And it’s not just righties. People like Olbermann have joined folks like me and Cowgirl in doing it.

    As a public service I would like to again recommend my foolproof solution.  I haven’t made that mistake again, in print or in conversation, since doggedly sticking to “bin Laden” whenever referring to the tall dead guy.  It works like a charm.  

    1. Word problems are a pain. Whenever I write them I feel like I need paragraphs of text to explain why the student might find herself in a situation where it’s necessary to compute this or that. And it always feels pretty ridiculous, since an average person really doesn’t need to know much beyond algebra for everyday life. (Which isn’t to say math isn’t worth learning, just that I think you can motivate students with interesting puzzles or famous historical problems rather than lying to them about how important it’s going to be every day.)

  5. I know MADCO: Not news.

    If you thought Indiana was being stupid for preventing Medicaid patients from using their benefits at providers who do abortion (Planned Parenthood), even though excluding medically qualified providers is against the program’s rules, and could cost the state the rest of its  $4 million federal family planning money, wait til you see what the Texas Legislature is finagling:

    But there’s a catch. The bill prohibits Planned Parenthood from delivering services under the Women’s Health Program. The Texas Attorney General’s office issued an opinion earlier this year stating that Texas can constitutionally eliminate abortion providers and their affiliates from the program. Women’s health advocates believe singling out Planned Parenthood may be unconstitutional. But the bill provides a powerful deterrent to a lawsuit.

    The bill contains a provision that says if Planned Parenthood were to sue in court and win, the program would dissolve all together. If one part of the bill is declared unconstitutional, the whole legislation would be invalidated. And since it reauthorizes the program, if the entire bill is struck down in court, the Women’s Health Program would vanish.

    1. Isn’t that blatantly unconstitutional to single out an organization?  Art. I, Sec. 10 prohibits states from passing bills of attainder, and so does every state constitution.

      Frankly, as a ruling, PP should ask that the judge also rule the inseverability clause unconstitutional in light of its purpose.

    2. Well, we are just talking about women, right?

      What’s the problem? Planned Parenthood is 90%  abortions right?

      Indiana?  I thought Indiana was stupid for dividing the state up into a dozen time zones.  And attempting to legislate the value of pi as 3.14.  And the whole hoosiers thing.

      Teaxs? I thought the governor was planning to return thew state to Mexico.

  6. Democrat Steve Doyle defeats GOP candidate John Lautz in a special 94th District State Assembly election, 54% to 46% yesterday. A seat held for the last 16 years by Republicans.

    Larger implications for the July 12 recall elections and for Republican State Senator Dan Kapanke, whose Senate district includes the redder 94th.  

    1. Via HotAir…

      Meanwhile, there were special elections in three Assembly districts (two in the Milwaukee area, one just north of La Crosse) yesterday to fill seats vacated by three Republicans who took jobs in Governor Scott Walker’s administration. WisPolitics reports the Republicans easily took the two Milwaukee-area seats, while Democrat Steve Doyle took the La Crosse-area seat. There are two items of note going forward:

         The fact that Doyle won in an Assembly district that is part of Sen. Dan Kapanke’s (R-La Crosse) Senate district does not bode well for his survival of his pending recall election. While former Assemblyman, and now Department of Administration secretary, Mike Huebsch held the seat from 1994 until he became the DOA secretary, the district had been trending more Democratic in the “top-line” races in recent years.

         The Assembly partisan split is now 58 Republicans, 40 Democrats, and 1 independent who, up until mid-summer last year, was essentially a DINO. Indeed, Bob Ziegelbauer (I-Manitowoc) voted for the budget repair bill that limited public union collective bargaining privileges. That is important because that means the Assembly Democrats still can’t follow the example of the Fleebag Fourteen Senate Democrats and run away to prevent action on fiscal matters.

      1. Thanks for reiterating my point since my comment was about the Senate:

        The fact that Doyle won in an Assembly district that is part of Sen. Dan Kapanke’s (R-La Crosse) Senate district does not bode well for his survival of his pending recall election. While former Assemblyman, and now Department of Administration secretary, Mike Huebsch held the seat from 1994 until he became the DOA secretary, the district had been trending more Democratic in the “top-line” races in recent years.

        The fact that the Dems picked up one of the three seats formerly held by 3 Republicans and in a district where a Republican Senator is about to be recalled ought to be a wake up call…well, to somebody besides you, of course.  

  7. Including the Denver Preschool Program, which will presumably feel like the biggest winner of the evening when James Mejia returns.

    Onward and upward with Hancock!

  8. I requested a link from Harrydoby in reference to a diagram he referred to that would explain Trumps hair. You may have seen something based on this on the Daily Show but with these clear instructions in hand, you too can transform that dome into a full head of not at all strange looking hair.  Harry has kindly provided that link. The mystery is here revealed:

    Just wish there was a back view.  Still can’t quite understand how he covers the horizontal parting from the comb forward.  Is a degree in physics needed?

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