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May 02, 2011 03:44 PM UTC

Monday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“In reading the lives of great men, I found that the first victory they won was over themselves.”

–Harry S. Truman


77 thoughts on “Monday Open Thread

      1. …is this the reason why Obama was having such a good time with the Birth Certificate announcement?

        He knew that he had a story that would blow the birther crap to the back corners of the interwebz?

        And just in case I didn’t mention it earlier, Donald Trump is a shrieking dumbass…

          1. However, I do suspect the timing of the attack may have delayed until after the wedding and the beatification of Pope JP2 so that there would not be huge crowds (each had 1 million +) readily handy for al-Qaeda retaliation.

              1. Sorry.  I’ve been spending too much time on facebook talking to Shawn Mitchell’s friends and fans.

                But you have to agree that there’s something fishy here….

                  1. One person was going on about how we knew where bin Laden was since August but it took us so long to go in and get him, which was mighty fishy, don’t you know.  

                    1. FDR asked Eisenhower if the invasion of North Africa could be moved up 2 weeks to occur before the elections. When told no he did not push at all. In both this case and that we had/have a president who put country before politics.

                    2. (According to TPM) CIA found the complex in August and informed Obama in September.  They gathered evidence and in February concluded that bin Laden and his family were living there.  They had meetings from then until April to develop plans, and the special forces teams spent a month practicing the raid.  I guess it was more important to do it right than to make political hay with it.


                      Here’s an interesting article about the “secret team that killed bin Laden”:

                      I’d love to hear what SSG Dan says about them!

                    3. It doesn’t matter if these guys came from WallyWorld or The Creek, their TO&E, training and garrison locations or even who did what when are something I won’t say shit about.

                      What makes me sad is that thousands of gamer geeks are going to download mods for CoD or MW2 and pretend they’re going to into a life or death mission.  

                    4. On a SLTrib thread…

                      Some idiot all excited: “I can’t wait to play this on…”

                    5. I don’t know anything about the military and was fascinated by that article.  I was hoping you’d weigh in, but maybe you can’t.  

                    6. strategic planning and cooperation?  Pshaaaw!

                      If Cheney and Bush hadn’t pushed Obama on this daily since John McCain located Bin Laden with the help of Michelle Bachmann . . .  some day very soon we’ll get the full story of the craven nature and failure of leadership by all the Democrats that should have been more involved.  Corsi’s manuscript goes to the fact checkers this week.

                    7. of course it will have to wait until Corsi finishes his Obama Birther book tour

                      RW fundie blogs are in a meltdown trying to wrap their blockheads around this spate of events.  Poor souls — between the long form, Trump trumped @ the Correspondents dinner, & now this just what are the likes of Libertad, GOPCoward, and BJ to do??


                    8. and most obvious first — Chestnut will attribute this victory to the TP.

                    9. I knew it would be a matter of minutes before the wackos would be hard at work finding a way to make this something that somehow still discredits Obama and leaves intact their firm belief that he is a foreign born secret Muslim terrorist supporter.  

                      On the plus side, this is going to shrink the number of those willing to give any further consideration to the crazies down to an even tinier size.  Wonder how many cable news hours today, even on Fox, are going to be devoted to the most important question of our time; Obama’s college transcripts?

                      Saw a great Jimmy Fallon clip ( from before the Bin Laden news broke) where he’s Trump and he’s demanding that Obama prove he has a driver’s license, a Starbucks card, Netflix, etc. Who would have thought Trump and the birthers and school documenters could possibly look a hundred times smaller and stupider than they already did?

                      This really played out like a Hollywood movie:  Debonair President performing at correspondents dinner as the cream of the Navy Seals begin to flawlessly execute his orders. Quick cuts back and forth building up to the perfect completion of the perfect mission. Will Smith has the ears.

                    10. rather than the Fresh Prince — but since  Denzel played Malcolm X that would give nutheads enough thread to knit a Muslim connection.

                    11. an episode of “The Unit” without the pretty wives.  Snake Doctor fired the shot thru Bin Laden’s eye.

        1. The best comment from President Obama was ‘What kept him up at night’.  The seriousness of what happened on Sunday certainly made ‘The Donald’s’ decisions look even smaller!

          That line was a winner!

    1. The Dem’s went into this knowing damn well they were not going to even try to pass a bill through legislative means.

      I has been made abundantly clear to me that a judge-drawn map was the the Dem’s goal from the get go.

      Needless to say, I am horrifically ashamed of my party at this point. But I will laugh heartily at them when the judge hands them less that the State House would have.

      1. If they’re looking for an appearance before a judge, then they’ve outsmarted themselves assuming they’ll put the same maps before the judge, IMHO.

        Who TF is in charge on the Dem side?  Sen. Heath?

      2. Agree Dems haven’t exactly covered themselve’s in glory here but R leadership determined to blow up any true joint cooperation a long time ago, throwing their own head negotiator under the bus. And, incidentally, congrats on scoring a +10 from elbee.  

    1. hydraulic fracturing fluid comprised of ingredients sourced from the food industry

      Have you read some of those labels in the grocery store? 🙂

    2. I’ll believe Halliburton’s process is really eco-friendly when they open it up for a completely open external review.

      And fracking still isn’t great for the environment, what with the potential to spill gas into neighboring water supplies, and the minerals that come up out of the well in solution.  That they’re supposedly doing this without dumping benzene and other known carcinogens into the earth would be a good first step, but only that.

  1. I’m posting this not because I enjoy the sight of blood (even when the footage is grainy), but because of this revelation – that OBL was hiding out a mere 1,000 feet from Pakistan’s main military academy, and about 90 miles from Islamabad. What. the. fuck. Pakistan?

    Sorry, there’s an annoying minute-long ad at the beginning of this. I had found a shorter video but couldn’t figure out how to tweak the code so that soapblox would like it.

  2. from the Caplis and Silverman show (no, not the rabid dog right winger, the generic right wing nut) bloviate several times off topic about the incoherence of Obama’s foreign policy (last week’s right wing talking points charge) on Friday’s Colorado Inside Out.

    I’m sure as hell not going to listen to their radio show today, still I have to wonder how many times Silverman will say “incoherent” today?  This week?

  3. but rather some more honorable people, how would our education debate sound different?

    Dave Eggers and Ninive Clements Calegari in yesterday’s New York Times:

    WHEN we don’t get the results we want in our military endeavors, we don’t blame the soldiers. We don’t say, “It’s these lazy soldiers and their bloated benefits plans! That’s why we haven’t done better in Afghanistan!” No, if the results aren’t there, we blame the planners. We blame the generals, the secretary of defense, the Joint Chiefs of Staff. No one contemplates blaming the men and women fighting every day in the trenches for little pay and scant recognition.

    And yet in education we do just that. When we don’t like the way our students score on international standardized tests, we blame the teachers. When we don’t like the way particular schools perform, we blame the teachers and restrict their resources.

    The authors propose increasing teacher salaries, but I think a little respect would be a lot cheaper and perhaps as effective.

    1. for a substantial increase in teachers’ salaries. That’s a great op ed piece and I hope more people read it.

      The consulting firm McKinsey recently examined how we might attract and retain a talented teaching force. The study compared the treatment of teachers here and in the three countries that perform best on standardized tests: Finland, Singapore and South Korea.

      Turns out these countries have an entirely different approach to the profession. First, the governments in these countries recruit top graduates to the profession. (We don’t.) In Finland and Singapore they pay for training. (We don’t.) In terms of purchasing power, South Korea pays teachers on average 250 percent of what we do.

    2. President Obama deserves credit for not disassembling them, for keeping them in the loop, because this that happened last night has been the policy of this country for ten years. It is a great day for America, but the guys who did the heavy lifting are the guys who wear the uniform — and they’re not demanding lifelong pensions and health care today, are they?

      Like I always say, you just can’t argue with that kind of logic.


      1. ….the Military used to have lifelong pensions and health care guaranteed as a benefit of retirement.

        In 1994, the Republican’t party took both of those away – they replaced the free health care for life at any military facility with TriCare, and they jacked the retirement pay structure so bad a lot of us got out early.

        Now, because of President Obama, we are starting to get a real veteran health care system, but a bad 401(K) look-alike called the Thrift savings plan replaces our previously awesome retirement pay.

        And yes, some of us ARE demanding it – a group of retirees sued the Feds to get their military enlistment contract honored…

    3. The military does a superb job of constant training & evaluation. A system like that would serve our teachers & our students very well.

      As to respect, I think most parents (including myself) respect the vast majority of teachers.

      1. some people also read the OTHER things you write. “Respect” is not just a word you get to redefine however you like. You do know who I was referring to by “compare teachers to sex offenders,” don’t you?

        1. I posted a story about a single teacher who clearly had some issues (I’m not sure I would classify it as sex offender). With that said, I don’t expect to convince you of anything as you’ve already judged me. I could post “have a nice day” and you would point to that as proof that I hate all teachers.

          So I’ll leave the last word to you. And do try to enjoy the day – it’s spring and there is a lot to appreciate.

  4. But the three Republican-sponsored “I hate Hispanics” House Concurrent Resolutions all went down in flames this afternoon before Senate State Affairs.  It took only about twenty minutes to dispatch them all.

  5. Since it’s all mail-in and little drop off, can the city start counting, but not releasing? The real question, however it’s answered, will we pretty well know who made the runoffs/won at 7:00 tomorrow night?

    1. As many as half the ballots will be dropped off by the time they’re all returned Tuesday night.

      But in answer to your question, they’ve been processing ballots and are ready to hit the button at 7 pm on Tuesday, when we’ll get results for everything returned by the end of work Monday.

      You’ll probably know the top entry in the runoff by then, but the race for second place should take through at least the first round of Tuesday’s results, which will be delivered at 8:30 pm.

      Tallying the write-ins in District 8 will delay things more than that if it’s really close, just because those ballots are going to get loaded into the automated counters a lot slower than the rest.

  6. Looks like Lazich won’t be recalled, either

    Kevin Clark, one of the recall group’s organizers, said by his figuring the group came up about 2,000 signatures short of the 20,973 it needed for the election. The deadline for submitting the signatures is 5 p.m. Monday, and Clark said the group probably wouldn’t make it, though the final call is with the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

    That’s the second campaign against a Republican state senator that announced Monday it wouldn’t have enough signatures. The recall effort against Sen. Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend), made a similar announcement in the morning.

            1. I don’t have any info on the GOP signature gathering methods. It’s not uncommon to hire petition signature gatherers for a project this size, though.  

              1. I cannot find the article, which was sent to my by a friend who lives near Madison.  But a review of the petitions showed that a large number of the GOP (anti-Dem) signatures were collected by out-of-staters whereas the majority of the DEm (anti-GOP) signatures were gathered by Wisconsians or whatever they call themselves.  (Wisconsinites?  Wisconsites? Wisconsovites?) There was some effort afoot to try and determine the source of the funds paying for all those folks (coff, or should I say, koch?).  I’ll see if I can track that down.  

                My point was that one side is relying more on actual WI voters than the other–which, perhaps, bodes well for the outcomes…    

                1. Are you saying that 20th Maine’s genius assessment of the Dems massive fail and fade to black may not be…gasp…accurate? And that our side is actually motivated? Motivated enough to get six recall petitions signed and turned in on time? How dare you, sir? Have you no decency?

                  1. I am, in fact, suggesting that 20th is incorrect, or at least jumping to a hasty conclusion.  Shocking.  Although I cannot recall the last time anyone accused me of being decent.  

          1. Last I saw it was an 0-fer. Not surprised that they took the low road (as hiring out of state signature collectors will always be) to achieve it.

              1. The board will probably take until late May to finish going over all the signature challenges from both sides.

                Reports are that some of the GOP signature gatherers may not have met the requirements for the position.  Any signatures gathered by those people will be tossed, which is a bulk hit on the GOP efforts.  Also, their validity rate has been questioned by Democratic observers who have been part of the review processes.

                The two Republicans the Democrats failed to recall were both in deep red districts and considered the least likely pickups – realistically, the Dems didn’t have much hope with them anyway.  Major win for 20th.

  7. This might not be the best argument for Mr. King to make, pot, kettle, all that:

    It is bad enough that he, like many on the left, feels the need to label his opponents as racist when he has exhausted his shallow pool of intellectual ammunition,

    Who puts ammunition in a pool?  I can see ‘limited store of…’ or ‘shallow pool of knowledge’ but pool of ammunition?

    Finally, Mr. King cannot simply reply to the columnists article, and his issues with it…

    It’s about the LEFT. {scary}…  

    So, let me take a page from his play book and offer my own version:

    King, obviously frustrated by his inability to make a cohesive, reasoned argument in defense of his legislation, decided to inject rank generalizations into the debate according to the right’s “it’s a Black Panther Party/Muslim-Mexican/gay ACORN community organizer/Saul Alinsky-style/Chicago politics” playbook. It is bad enough that he, like many on the right, feels the need to lump a singular opponent into an indistinguishable strawman when he has exhausted his shallow pool of intellectual ammunition, but to do it by willfully conflating the actions of a single person with anyone on the ill-defined ‘left’ transcends the bounds of responsibility and ethical representation.

      1. Just because his tram doesn’t go all the way to the top of the deck, doesn’t mean he’s not a few cards shy of a full monty.  

  8. Turned on Glenn Beck for a few minutes to see if once, just once, he could just be gracious or professional, maybe just a little.

    He had the 3 blackboard thing going, rambling on about how killing Bin Laden in Pakistan changes nothing while now endangering us.

    How the President and his team “should have thought this through” before killing Bin Laden.

    It’s convoluted, but I’m thinking there are some out there that believe what Beck said….that killing Bin Laden furthers the possibility that Sharia Law will one day be here.

    How long before he and Harsanyi start that web deal?

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