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April 28, 2011 03:48 PM UTC

Thursday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“If stupidity got us into this mess, then why can’t it get us out?”

–Will Rogers


47 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread

  1. Chrysler to fully repay U.S., Canada loans

    Chrysler Group LLC, which came to the brink of collapse before a federal bailout in 2009, plans to fully repay more than $7 billion in loans from the U.S. and Canadian governments by the end of June.

    The company’s announcement on Thursday comes almost two years after Chrysler emerged from a U.S.-funded bankruptcy under the management of Italian automaker Fiat SpA (FIA.MI).

    Proceeds from term loans and debt sold to institutional investors will be used to repay the governments, Chrysler said in a statement. Chrysler aims to repay the governments and pay related fees and expenses in the second quarter.

    Fiat will also exercise an option to buy 16 percent of Chrysler for $1.27 billion during the quarter. Chrysler said it will use that cash to repay the loans.

    As always, I await the incoherent rantings of ‘tad and Beej to find some way to refute this…

  2. Banks, Merchants And Why Washington Doesn’t Work For You

    The swipe fee debate, as mundane as it may appear, is emblematic of how Washington works today — and helps explain why Congress hasn’t passed an appropriations bill in years, can’t write an annual budget, is flirting with defaulting on the country’s debt and effectively gave up on job-creation efforts in the midst of a brutal economic downturn. There are, to be sure, a variety of reasons that Congress is zombified, but one of the least understood explanations is also one of the simplest: The city is too busy refereeing disputes between major corporate interest groups.

    As swipe fees dominate the Congressional agenda, a handful of other intra-corporate contests consume most of what remains on the Congressional calendar: a squabble over a jet engine, industry tussling over health-care spoils and the never-ending fight over the corporate tax code.

    The endless meetings and evenings devoted to arbitrating duels between big businesses destroy time and energy that could otherwise be spent on higher priorities. In America today, over 13 million people are out of work and millions more are underemployed. One out of every seven is living on food stamps. One out of every five American children lives in poverty. Yet the most consuming issue in Washington — according to members of Congress, Hill staffers, lobbyists and Treasury officials — is determining how to slice up the $16 billion debit-card swipe fee pie for corporations

    1. And he is not a billionaire, and was never bankrupt.   The first should be investigated, the latter two are just bs stories he likes to tell about himself to improve his brand.

  3. Will Rogers

    The income tax has made more liars out of the American people than golf has.

    Will Rogers

    The difference between death and taxes is death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets.

    1. (on the Great Depression) “Money was all appropriated for the top in hopes that it would trickle down to the needy.”

      (on Reaganomics) “It’s the “Horse and Sparrow” theory, wherein the horse is allowed to absolutely glut itself on oats and then the sparrows (the masses) will eventually be fed by what falls along the wayside as the horse moves about. ”

      “The Republican Convention opened with a prayer. If the Lord can see his way to bless the Republican Party the rest of

      us ought to get it without asking.”

      1. Madco,

        Stop attributing quotes to Will Rogers. Since Will died long before Reagan, there is no way he commented on Reagoneomics. Your practices are in line with CP website, bogus.

        Here is a list of every quote taken directly from Will Rodgers website.


        “I belong to no organized party. I am a Democrat.”

        “On account of being a democracy and run by the people, we are the only nation in the world that has to keep a government four years, no matter what it does.”

        “There ought to be one day-just one-when there is open season on senators.”

        “There’s no trick to being a humorist when you have the whole government working for you.”

        “You can’t say that civilization don’t advance, however, for in every war they kill you in a new way.”

        “I don’t make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts.”

        “The man with the best job in the country is the vice President. All he has to do is get up every morning and say, ‘How’s the President?'”

        “I don’t care how poor and inefficient a little country is; they like to run their own business. I know men that would make my wife a better husband than I am, but, darn it, I’m not going to give her to ’em.”

        “The United States investigates everything-usually after it’s dead.”

        “Elections are a good deal like marriages. There’s no accounting for anyone’s taste. Every time we see a bridegroom we wonder why she ever picked him, and it’s the same with public officials.”

        “If you ever injected truth into politics you’d have no politics.”

        “The income tax has made more liars out of the American people than golf has.”

        “If all politicians fished instead of spoke publicly, we would be at peace with the world.”

        “Politics is the best show in America. I love animals and I love politicians and I love to watch both of ’em play either back home in their native state or after they have been captured and sent to the zoo or to Washington.”

        “If we ever pass out as a great nation we ought to put on our tombstone, ‘America died from a delusion that she has moral leadership.”

            1. He was talking about it in 1931, but it applies to 1981 because Reagan did the same thing (at first, later President Reagan raised taxes to prove he was serious about deficit reduction, because “it was good for America.:

  4. I knows you’re such a big bad Republican and all, but best of luck in the draft today. GO BRONCOS !

    (still and always a hardcore loyal fan)  

  5. GOP pivots on ‘birther’ questions, blames Obama for media attention

    Republican leaders on Thursday slammed President Obama’s release of his detailed birth certificate as a distraction from the nation’s real concerns and attempted to point the finger at him for bringing heightened media attention to it.

    “We’re borrowing four and half billion dollars a day and this president is more worried about birth certificates, Oprah Winfrey and fundraisers at the Waldorf Astoria,” Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Preibus said on “CNN Newsroom,” referring to Obama’s decision to release his long-form birth certificate before flying to Chicago for an interview with Winfrey and later to New York for a fundraiser. “It’s maddening and I just wish the president would engage in the real issues that are affecting America.”

    Is this a variation on the republican’t tactic of blaming rape victims for their “Buyer’s Remorse?” It’s Obama’s fault that some many delusional nutjubs on the Right think he’s from Kenya?  

  6. swallows’ return to Capistrano last month.

    But, Colorado’s version is playing out this week . . . get out your hummingbird feeders.

    I was gobsmacked this morning.  I shouldn’t have been, seeing it so many times before, but all I could do was stare agape and remark gladly to no one in particular, “ell I’ll be.”  Truly.

    1. On Tuesday.  She hovered in front of the kitchen window staring at Cheryl as if to say, “Where’s the feeder that was here last year?”  I filled and hung up the feeder and she was back feeding within 15 minutes.

      1. (. . . and many Republicans . . .) credit for having feelings.  Me, I like to  think the little guys appreciate us; that’s why they can’t help but return.  Truly.

  7. And for MY enjoyment…

    President Barack Obama’s job approval rating in Pennsylvania is a negative 42 – 53 percent, an all-time low and a major drop from his 51 – 44 percent approval February 17, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today. Pennsylvania voters say 52 – 42 percent he does not deserve a second term, his worst showing on that measure also. In a mythical matchup, he gets 40 percent to an unnamed Republican challenger’s 41 percent in the 2012 presidential race.

    1. I’m not sure what you’re enjoying.

                                            Apr 28  Feb 17  Dec 16

                                             2011    2011    2010

      Obama                                40      45      41

      Republican                          41      39      37

      DEPENDS ON CAND(VOL) 13      11      14

      DK/NA                                  6        5        8

      Lacks a certain over-50-percent-ness, doesn’t it? And this poll was conducted prior to and only briefly on top of the Ryan budget fallout. If Libya is out of the news in 18 months, there’s an even bigger problem for the GOP.

      I didn’t realize you were a Democrat supporting Obama. Maybe you should be enjoying this after all. Good post!

    2. Selma or Friedreich?

      Because, well, Selma is a fine actress, but not much on economic analysis.  And Freddy? After a career of whining about state intervention and support, he accepted a public British pension that he neither endorsed nor earned.  But which he and his wife lived on for the rest of their lives.  cowardly hypocrite.

      1. Denial my friend, you are suffering.

        Ever since 1913, America has been substantially different. The Mandrake Mechanism will be the Slavemaster of us all!

        “The Method by which the Federal Reserve creates money out of nothing; the concept of usury as the payment of interest on pretended loans; the true cause of the hidden tax called inflation; the way in which the Fed creates boom-bust cycles.” GEG

    3. The first video was great, thanks for bringing the second video to our attention.

      Do readers of Colorado Dols have the comprehension required?

      I bet my nickname takes off!  Colorado Dols,lol.

        1. Dol or Dole. Originally the term “Dole” referred to doling out food to the needy at a soup kitchen. Now the term refers to the incredibly vast welfare State and cronie capitalism. Dole is now symbolic of anybody who feeds at the government trough.

          Colorado Doles.

          1. Willingly and patriotically, proud American that I am.

            I was on UI once, about 15 years ago for two months.  Now , as a business owner, I am paying back into a system that benefited me once, many many many years ago.  See how community works. Dolt.  

  8. The State [S.C.]

    Amazon all but told South Carolina goodbye Wednesday after the online retailer lost a legislative showdown on a sales tax collection exemption it wants to open a distribution center that would bring 1,249 jobs to the Midlands.

    Company officials immediately halted plans to equip and staff the one million-square-foot building under construction at I-77 and 12th Street near Cayce.

    Other critics called the exemption too much on top of a free site, property tax breaks on equipment, state job tax credits and abolition of longtime Sunday morning sales restrictions in Lexington County to facilitate Amazon’s round-the-clock opposition.

    Clearly Amazon is going to fight collecting sales tax every way it can to any extent. And I’m guessing they’ll not be opening a distribution center here in Colorado either.

    I’ve definitely got mixed feelings on this. Large companies like Amazon seem to expect to be given everything in business incentives. And online companies like them (and me) should pay our fair share.

    But the sales tax infrastructure is such a Rube Goldberg construction. And then you have incompetents like Roxy Huber administering it which makes it even more expensive to comply.

    And while local business are correct that online having no tax gives them an advantage, having online report to every district in the country gives online stores, that each report to a single entity, an even bigger advantage.

    So everyone’s got their share of fault here.

    1. Or the Dominican Republic.

      Or somewhere where the employees don’t care about paying income tax to compensate their employer for being nice enough to be there.

      Hey, I know!  They can go to Mariana Islands – lock the workers in, still say “Made in America”  and pay no taxes.

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