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April 27, 2011 05:10 PM UTC

Tipton Slammed During Pinon Canyon Visit...Over Medicare?

  • by: Colorado Pols

Don’t say we didn’t warn you, as the Pueblo Chieftain’s John Norton reports:

Tipton, a freshman in Congress, and staff members met with the commander at Fort Carson and then headed south for a tour of the Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site before an evening town hall meeting at Trinidad State Junior College.

Even though the Army has put its plan to expand the maneuver site on hold, area residents remain suspicious and continue to criticize the Army for the way it uses the 230,000 acres it already controls…

Criticism of the Pinon Canyon project was just part of the rough comments Tipton faced during a nighttime Trinidad town hall meeting. The crowd also was critical of Republican plans to deal with the deficit and overturn health care reform. [Pols emphasis]

…Asked if he would support congressional action to put in place a permanent funding ban for expansion, Tipton said there needed to be more dialogue.

That didn’t satisfy the crowd, though, as people complained that bankers were not willing to lend money in a time of uncertainty over the future of ranches that could be taken by eminent domain.

We’re looking for video from this town hall and will post once we get some; it’s a shame that we didn’t get more than a single paragraph on Tipton’s rough night in Trinidad, or the questions posed to him regarding his glowing support for the 2012 Paul Ryan budget plan. But if the crowd was anything like the one that heckled Rep. Ryan into the ground last week in Wisconsin?

That’s some footage Rep. Tipton won’t want you to see–we hope to have it soon. And it serves as further demonstration: everything we said about political peril for the new Republican congressional majority, and the grave risk of horrifying 2012’s voters simply by keeping their 2010 campaign-trail promises to the hard right, was, though unheeded, very good advice.


17 thoughts on “Tipton Slammed During Pinon Canyon Visit…Over Medicare?

    1. Ah, but I had a Tipton supporter tell me just last week that he has published his cell phone number in GJ and Durango papers so we can all call him any time.  I would be shocked, shocked, to find out that wasn’t true.

    1. I should probably be either a side note, or a separate diary. A vague mention from one of the rare groups of people who pay attention and have been pissed for years does not a slam session on Tipton’s support of killing Medicare make.

      I agree that it’s a bad sign for him and the rest of the GOP. More general townhalls, if he’ll show, are likely to be brutal. Fine.

      This is also important! And it won’t go away forever because of the Other Place. I think it’s a shame that so little of the actual issue was quoted in this diary. That’s just me.

      1. I read the news story earlier and then went back and read it again with this diary.  I totally disagree with Tipton on the Ryan budget/medicare issue but Pinon is damned important to the people in SW Colorado and that’s where the Chieftain went with their story not medicare.  

        But like you say, “That’s just me.”  

      1. Public non profit, national, modified single payer for one nation under God with liberty and justice and access to healthcare for all.

        We all pay less, we’re all covered

        1. the downside is I lose my life savings and die, but the huge upside is the free market wins !

          C’mon baby, hit me with a 7 ! I’m a CRAZY MAN !

          1. we can all be rich.  Some of us have to win the Powerball.  Some of us will get sick and die. But some of us will get lucky.

            And American exceptioanlism makes us even luckier.  If only we could turn the oceanic distances into health insurance.

  1. The US Army and the rest of the DoD can just buy, lease and otherwise contract out with whomever has space enough for whatever training the DoD needs.

    If they can’t buy it domestically – they can just buy it off shore.

  2. I’m a liberal Democrat and I disagree 180 degrees with the Tea Party Repubs, but they are holding up their end of the dialog: They got elected, and now by god they are trying to do what they said they would do.  If the voters now realize that they don’t want that, maybe they (voters) will learn from the experience.  

    The Dems on the other hand, were given control of govt and then capitulated on pretty much everything they promised.  And now, still, instead of actually laying down a coherent set of arguments/policies to rebut the right and trying to implement that with legislation, they engage in endless triangulation.  So we are left with a one-sided dialog, the right pushes its agenda and the Dems equivocate.      

    Sure there is political risk in doing what you said you would do when it is unpopular, and it is an error of the Repubs that they don’t want to hear the criticism.  But it is a parallel error of the Dem political leadership that they are unable to say out loud what, if anything, they believe.  Their main argument seems to be “We’re not crazy like the Repubs” which is fine, but what do you actually stand for?  

    In my dreams I would like to get to a place where both sides, right and left, make their case to the voters, listen to the sensible criticisms, and then negotiate solutions that benefit the greater good.  That’s why I am increasingly losing interest in politics–I am just fed up with the dysfunction on both sides, and their disconnect with the real problems that the country faces.  

    1. I don’t remember Republicans in Colorado running on cutting education spending in the state.  Nor on gay rights.  Nor on getting rid of the ban on the bear hunting in the spring and summer.  They ran on creating jobs.  And have proceeded to axe them.

      Democrats, nationally, have been pushing for health insurance reform for 60 years.  They finally did it.  And Dems have responded with a big yawn and “what else have you done for me?”

      I prefer to respond to this framing by saying that what we are faced with is a party, the Republicans, that on a moral level are hypocrites and on a policy and political level a bunch of bullies.  I agree that the Dems response is one of negotiating away their position before even starting negotiations.  A bully is never happy with concessions from the other person.  It’s about humiliating the other side and walking away without taking responsibilities for their actions.

      On the federal level the accomplishments of the last Congress compare favorably with FDR and LBJ’s first two years – with smaller majorities.

    2. In my dreams I would like to get to a place where both sides, right and left, make their case to the voters, listen to the sensible criticisms, and then negotiate solutions that benefit the greater good.  That’s why I am increasingly losing interest in politics–I am just fed up with the dysfunction on both sides, and their disconnect with the real problems that the country faces.

  3. Tipton swearing “no privatization of Medicaire, no cuts:”

    The man would say anything he had to say to get elected. His “position” on wilderness areas will bite him in the ass as will any “position” he has attempted to take on anything because he is so intellectually weak and so thoroughly a politician.

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