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April 18, 2011 04:34 PM UTC

Boigon out, backing Hancock while Romer flatlines

  • by: TheAngryHippie

After yesterday’s poll that shows Chris Romer completely flatlined with Michael Hancock beating the odds, Hancock’s getting a big boost today from somebody who has witnessed his leadership first hand. At a joint event this afternoon Carol Boigon is announcing she will exit the race and campaign for Michael Hancock and to advise him on their shared commitment to education reforms.  

The poll showed that Romer has completely lost steam and despite the Post’s attempts to fix the poll to make Mejia look stronger, people pointed out that the only way Mejia could win was by over sampling Latinos. Hancock is the only one who can actually beat Romer in a runoff and his support will get even stronger with Boigon calling for her supporters to join her in supporting Michael Hancock. Michael’s GOTV machine is already in high gear talking with voters in every neighborhood of Denver and will get even stronger today with Carol’s support. Boigon’s staff will merge with Michael Hancock’s We Are ALL Denver team to make a strong team even stronger and help get out the vote including getting Boigon’s supporters ballots in for Hancock.


23 thoughts on “Boigon out, backing Hancock while Romer flatlines

  1. but some evidence for any of the claims made above would lend credibility to them. You still need to prove

    1) The Post is trying to fix a poll.

    2) Hancock is the only one who can beat Romer,

    3) Boigon’s endorsement makes a lot of difference. Seems to me Boigon never had the huge numbers she thought she had.

    That said, I respect all of the Democratic candidates in the race. There’s not one among them that would be bad for Denver. (Please send some good Democratic candidates to the burbs!)

      1. Denver’s daily rag says Boigon saw her only option to gain steam would be to go negative, and she refused. That is a feather in her cap! We should all learn from her example. Thank you, Carol!

  2. and didn’t sound like a shilling a-hole had written this diary.

    May or may not be a game changer depending on how hard Boigon’s 8% support is. Just because she endorses Hancock doesn’t necessarily mean her supporters will. On the other hand, it’s a nice endorsement and if it moves even 1/2 of her supporters into his column, that’s a big plus for him.

    So congrats to Hancock. Boo to the diarist who continues to turn me off, diary after diary, post after post.  

      1. Ballots went out last Thursday, April 14th. I think her timing is pretty good–it ensures that most voters, who are just getting their ballots, will have a chance to vote for who she endorses or vote for someone other than Boigon. She’s giving voters plenty of notice.  

  3. The same cops that beat Alex Landau, Black kid with pot in his car, were the same cops that beat the three women coming out of the Denver Diner and were fired.

    Maybe, just maybe, those women would have been spared if they fired the cops when the beat the Black kid!!  But no.  No leadership from anywhere, including Michael.  Strike one.

    Strike two, deciding that he is not going to deal with or comment on MMJ in Denver.  How does that happen?  Shouldn’t he have something to say about it?

    He has no comment on small business, not DIA, but small business like restaurant owners…

    Lastly, what about education?  Michael, Hello?  Are you there?

    I like Michael; he is a nice guy that has overcome a lot in his personal life.  However, he is a political talking head.  None of his ideas are his; they are the creation of a group of consultants.

    Mejia can be a great Mayor.  We need someone to care about Denver, not worried about their next election!

    1. he was the first to announce and run and has been busting his ass ever since on the retail, local level and now he is in a dead heat with Romer.

      Sorry to shill, but James Mejias’ steady, persistent work is beating all of Romers’ piles of cash, and I love it.

      That being said, all the candidates are super people and Denver much is better off for their presence here.

      May the best candidate win.

    1. Of course, I’d have said it (if anyone asked me, which they didn’t) just based on not liking Romer, rather than thinking I might actually be right.

    2. We all did. Webb, Hickenlooper and Pena were all underdogs in their races. Denver hates a frontrunner, apparently. I said from day one I think Mejia will win for this reason. Only time will tell.

      (I don’t dislike Romer by the way. I’ve said the whole time, there are a lot of great candidates in this race. I just know the demographics and the trends.)

  4. As promised.

    Things: Crappy faux-shill diaries.

    People: Second-rate mayoral candidate (sorry Carol, I like you, but you stink at campaigning) joins forces with first-rate talking head.

    Connections: AngryHippie connected to….? Must be someone who wants people to think Hancock supporters are real dweebs. Romer?

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