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April 15, 2011 02:52 PM UTC

Open Line Friday!

  • by: Colorado Pols

“He just, folks, umm…He’s not a good guy. You hear people say, ‘He’s such good guy.’ Obama’s not a good guy. He’s a mean, vindictive little guy. He’s very cold…

There are a lot of factors that went into the makeup of the type of speech Obama gave yesterday. But certainly in the mix is the fact of who his base is. His base is made up of people even more vile than he is. I mean, you’ve got the genuine…I mean, a lot of it is just walking human debris on the Democrat base side…”

–Rush Limbaugh, yesterday


39 thoughts on “Open Line Friday!


    Extortion specialist and failed pretender to the Civil Rights movement Mr. Jackson and his PUSH coalition face a torrent of civil and human rights charges in Chicago. As the failed pretender to one of America’s leading social and political activists MLK Jr., Jackson’s 50+ year career is being exposed yet again this time for harassing, discriminating and then firing an employee because his sexual preferences.

    Will the radical, left leaning socialist cum multi millionaire and pretender finally be exposed for who he and his coalition really are? It’s hard to say, but we all can imagine what our President thinks of ole Jesse after Jesse’s attempted strong-arm in 2007.

    1. You’re missing a word there, Libertad. The word is “allegedly.” He has not been found guilty of anything. Maybe let the Chicago Human Relations Commission do its job first before you try and convict the man.  

    2. You have uniquely little cred to bash gay-bashing, because you’re the sole Pols poster I’ve seen engage in gay-baiting. Twice, actually: mocking Hickenlooper and Patrick Kennedy with insinuations that they’re gay. Go back to the 1950s, please — or at least to BJ’s home school

    1. Here in the south City of Littleton section of CD6.  I think my choices are just as R or a little more R after redistricting.  As for Rush, my, my,my.  Did someone take away his meds? That’s extra nasty/grumpy, even for Rush. Maybe his ratings are falling.  

      He could always join Trump as VP.  Trump plans to announce whether or not he’s running as a ratings ploy on his pathetic Faded Stars show’s finale. Sounds like Rush might be in the same boat.  Palin, too.  Maybe they could promise to make her SOS, what with her being able to see Russia from her house and all, and promise to put Beck in at Defense where he could mobilize his army of the-end-is-near survivalists. Or maybe we could put them all on a deserted island, Survivor style, and then forget to watch the ensuing hijinks. Have a feeling the last one left would be an even fatter Big Fat Idiot.  

  2. thinks non-factual statements, are perfectly valid ways of making non-factual points:

    Under persistent questioning on the Hill today, Governor Scott Walker finally admitted something he’s refused to acknowledge throughout the Wisconsin controversy: He never campaigned explicitly on any proposal to roll back the collective bargaining rights of public employees.

    The debate over whether Walker campaigned on that plan has been central to the Wisconsin battle since it began, and it remains significant now that the drive to recall Wisconsin Republicans  is under way. Labor and Dems have argued that their reaction to Walker’s proposal – from the Dems’ fleeing of the state to the decision to initiate the recall drives – has been justified by the fact that Walker never leveled with voters about his truly radical intentions.

    Walker has repeatedly claimed that everything he’s proposed is no more than what he campaigned on and the people of Wisconsin voted for.  Pay no attention to polls that show he wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting elected by those same people today. Perhaps Kyl and Walker will now explain to us the difference between knowingly making non-factual statements and lying?

  3. of Rush as merely just a clownish buffoon.  Thanks Pols for the reminder that this creep is much more, he’s also both a sickness and a danger.

  4. You know, the metaphorical one women keep getting thrown under, along with their rights, their health and their money…

    …What women “got” was only that one of three bad possibilities didn’t happen. You have to hand it to the Republicans: even when they lose, they win…

    …Many of the 370-plus antiabortion bills now wending their way through state legislatures are simply about creating misery, anxiety and fear-forcing women to view ultrasounds, see antichoice counselors, listen to scripts claiming falsely that abortions cause breast cancer and infertility, and wait, wait, wait for their procedures. Prevention, after all, would mean birth control-the very thing Title X provides! Now, with $17 million less. Because why should hookers have free birth control?

  5. What Would Jesus Do About Islam?

    Deepak Chopra is well worth reading at all times–but the really encouraging thing here is that there are also some fairly insightful and tolerant comments. Of course, I don’t know how many nasty replies the editors removed or that were deleted by a spam filter for using profanity, but there are also lots of “thumbs up” on the most intellectual comments.

    Leaders like Chopra have the audience, reputation, ability, and charisma to turn back the troubling indicators of rising anti-Islamic hatred in the United States and Europe. This is exactly the way to do it: Acknowledge serious unrest in the world, analyze the numerous factors (religious, historical, cultural, socio-economic) that contribute to tension in the Middle East, and call gently and respectfully on Christians to be more Christlike in their reaction to other faiths. Let’s hope the conversation is elevated to this level more frequently in the future.

  6. Former Indonesian Parliament Member Arifinto ! Come on up and get your plaque.

    Indonesia anti-porn MP quits for watching porn

    A member of parliament from an Islamic party which promoted anti-pornography legislation has resigned after being caught watching porn in parliament.

    Mr Arifinto of the Islamic Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) was photographed looking at the images on Friday.

    You’ve got a future in the Republican party Mr. Arifinto.  Its a big tent.

    1. We need a dance before the resignation. The tent’s not that big.

      On the plus side, he did manage to have a lot of blurred porn published in msm. His diabolical plan all along. (Twirls cheesy ’70’s mustache)

      In all seriousness, this from a guy who only sees boobs in art older than most religions isn’t really surprising. Boobs!

      1. How does Nate Silver rank Survey USA?

        I have to think that the Denver Post chose a reliable pollster.  I’m guessing Romer, Hancock, Mejia one two and three.

        On another topic I liked the Linkhart Ad but thought he should have tucked his shirt in. It’s not like he has a big stomach he’s covering up.  

        1. Try to follow along, ads are short. Maybe if you could dance to it?

          I don’t understand why this is a SUSA v Razzy question. Does Rasmussen have a poll out?

          I’m not Nate Silver, nor do I care what he thinks, but I’m going with mixed credibility at best. It is, after all, a poll, not an election.

          1. Your guy has spent the most money, has the Denver Post endorsement  and finds himself in a three way race.  Maybe that is why you are being whiny rather than droll.  Or maybe you are awaiting the return of your candidate and for the heads to roll?

            If Survey USA is somehow inaccurate than point out why?  If Nate Silver says they are inaccurate they probably are. It seems you are attacking the messenger oh so droll.

          2. just not fully comprehended by all the trolls.

            But, fie on your link and the DP.  A completely transparent and desperate ploy to sell more Sunday kennel liners.

            (What a week?  First, the Donald runs a faux campaign and promises “an announcement” to gin up viewership for his crap-show finale, and now the DP and this.  It’s getting so a guy can’t trust any of the usual sources for quality information.)

            1. Not marketing.

              On the bright side, the Donald’s announcement to announce his announcement is gold for the unusual sources of hilarious quality information. #colbertishot

  7. Get it? There’s the good half which is not so black, and the bad half which is really black. Apparently they’re going for a Harvey Dent sort of thing, but how fucked up do you have to be in order to believe that getting horribly deformed by acid or an explosion is similar to having a slightly darker complexion?

    Yes, Virginia, they’re all racists.

        1. Some of his best friends are black! And look at all the racist Republicans who believe in evolution. I always think of the two as being fairly hand-in-hand for some reason. That’ll learn me.

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