Bennet, Hickenlooper Co-Sponsor “For the People Act”

Sens. Michael Bennet, John Hickenlooper.

Colorado Senators Michael Bennet and John Hickenlooper have signed on to co-sponsor the “For the People Act,” the election reform bill introduced today that is a companion to H.R. 1, which passed the House of Representatives on March 3.

As CNBC reports:

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said “everything is on the table” to pass a comprehensive voting reform bill, the For the People Act, during a press conference introducing the legislation Wednesday.

“We will see if our Republican friends join us. If they don’t join us, our caucus will come together and decide the appropriate action to take,” Schumer said. “Failure is not an option.”

The legislation, also known as S.1, includes provisions that aim to make it easier to register and vote, prevent gerrymandering, improve election cybersecurity and reform campaign finance, among other initiatives.

The bill faces an uphill battle in the Senate, where it would require a minimum of 10 Republican votes to defeat a filibuster and move to a final vote on passage.

Click here for a section-by-section breakdown of S.1, the “For the People Act.”

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  1. JohnInDenver says:

    Great to signal support of the bill — and hope they remain committed for passing and implementing the bill.  So much of it mirrors the approach of Colorado's existing voting system, one proven to minimize the difficulties of voting, drive participation and voter rights, AND remain secure and transparent.

  2. davebarnes says:

    Going nowhere until they fuck Moscow Mitch in the ass with a corncob.

  3. kwtree says:

    Excellent bill, definitely worth ending or modifying the filibuster for.

  4. MattC says:

    The minority party is already overrepresented.

    What just goal is served by the filibuster?

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