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April 13, 2011 08:47 PM UTC

Denver at-large council seats

  • by: Voyageur

I have plenty of information for the Denver mayor race.  But I’m pretty much at sea when it comes to the at-large city council races.

I invite polsters to offer their impressions of candidates for that office and why they are worthy of our support — or not, as the case may be.

I'm voting for ???? at-large (up to two votes)

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15 thoughts on “Denver at-large council seats

  1. Hey you! (Echoing Droll’s bizarre happiness to see you… and her confusion about it.)

    I have no particular opinion on any of them, except that I think most politicians should have to put “at large” on their campaign signs to warn voters that they haven’t yet been apprehended. I especially enjoy Ortega’s signs, which simply say “Debbie Ortega At Large.” Thanks for the information! I’ll avoid picking up hitchhikers in the area!

  2. I’m not a Denver voter, but I’m really impressed with Robin. She would get one of my votes if I could vote. The other one would go to Rich Gonzalez.

    1. I’ve only heard her speak once but I too was very impressed. In a field that seems to be divided between experience and energy, she brings both to the table.  

    2. but there’s something off with him to me.

      Also agree about Robin. I’ve run into her doing the heartbreaking good work. She’s good people and has great leadership qualities.

  3. I am also someone who is starting to be able to make some sense of the Mayoral race field but really have only a very weak sense of the City Council at Large candidates, and we don’t get a second shot to learn more about them later, because there are no run off elections for these positions.

    Debbie Ortega and Rich Gonzales are at least somewhat “known quantities.”  But, I know almost nothing about Robin Kniech, Josh Davies, or Jessie Shelmire other than that they are running for office.

    I’m not interested in horse race coverage.  I want to know something about who these people are and what they stand for, ideally pruned for all the pallative mush that the things that make them distinctive is buried in.

    1. If you’re interested, the Denver Young Democrats are hosting a forum for all of the At-Large council candidates tonight at Grant Avenue Church at 7:00 PM.

  4. I have to admit, I’m not paying alot of attention to this particular race.  So name recognition is probably driving as much of my decision as anything.

    Debbie Ortega has experience on the council and institutional memory definitely is something lacking these days with term limits.

    Josh Davies made a pretty strong impression on me during the 2008 DNC training.  He’ll bring energy and enthusiasm to the council, should he win a seat.

    I’m not making any predictions on the outcome — this is a total wild card race.

  5. The Denver Accountability Office (?) sponsored a robocall this evening in support of both Ortega and Gonzales. It also alerted voters to a forthcoming mailer. I have no idea what this is about but it sounds fishy.    

      1. The fishy part was the robocall that endorsed the two better-known candidates but gave no reason and alluded to some mailer with a yellow truck.

        I suspect other people who received this call were also struck by it. There was a comment about it at the end of the Nate Easley recall thread.  

  6. If I were a Denver voter, I’d pick Robin Kniech. Bottom line, she walks the progressive-issues walk in addition to talking the talk: She works in the labor community, volunteered in the choice movement, and is open about her 10-year relationship with her partner, with whom she has a son.

    She has aggressively courted the progressive advocacy community to shore up her word-of-mouth endorsements and name recognition, which I consider smart politics. She’s amassed a diverse list of elected officials, community leaders, and organizations that support her, and has laid out a policy platform that balances business development with environmental concerns and maintaining intrinsic “Denver characteristics” that motivate people to consider the City their home.

  7. Shelmire (Jesse is spelled without the i btw) has one of my votes, probably Rich gets the second. He is not a career politician, and doesn’t sound like one unlike most of the others. He’s not been designing himself for a career in politics for the last few years. He is a scientist, and comes into the field with the knowledge and ability to look at the issues from that perspective – looking for solutions based on the facts and data. It is very clear where he stands, and when I watched a forum he didn’t waffle or give a BS political answer to any questions.

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