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March 12, 2021 10:33 PM UTC

Weekend Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it’s the pebble in your shoe.”

–Muhammad Ali


24 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

  1. How Biden plans to sell skeptical rural Americans on the COVID vaccine

    Kaiser Family Foundation poll found nearly four in 10 Republicans and three in 10 rural residents said they will either “definitely not” get vaccinated or will do so “only if required.” One-third of essential workers in fields other than health care also don’t want to get the vaccine.

    The closure of rural hospitals over recent years has added to the challenge, Webb said. The administration is working through states to ensure local communities identify the best sites, possibly through local organizations or churches, to administer vaccinations. 

    1. That's reasonable. When anti-vaxxers spout their mantra, "Gimme free stuff, and do it on my terms," the non-sociopaths are perfectly justified in responding, "No."

  2. A tip of the hat to some of Colorado's talented inhabitants (and their co-workers in other states):  SNOW DOGS!

    WAPO ($$) article:  For these dogs, the deadly serious business of avalanche rescue is all a game

    There also was a brief notice of Colorado bi-partisanship: in an article on local reactions to the ARP, Dan Balz notes various needs announced by mayors of all parties — and mentions Mayors Hancock and Coffman co-writing an op ed for the Denver Post.

    “As mayors of two of the three largest cities in Colorado — one Democrat and one Republican — we don’t see eye to eye on every issue, but we’re united about this: Coloradans need urgent relief, and the American Rescue Plan is the right package for this time,” they wrote.

    1. I live in western Garfield county. I saw on fb this morning the Colorado Monument above GJ to the west got dumped on.

      We haven't seen a flake or a drop so far.Sunny…61 degrees.

  3. Progressive vocabulary needs to modernize and motivate or Frank Luntz will continue to eat our lunch.


    This Week (ABC) this morning. Speaker Pelosi (who should leave gracefully before Christmas) could not say the word taxes. George tried – but she would not, could not say the word.  Until you can say the word taxes you cannot really have a useful conversation about how to legislate and govern. You cannot usefully talk about debt, and you sure as heck cannot talk about the Debt / GDP ratio.

    So Then Yellin comes on to try do something, and cannot comment on the proposed wealth tax (enforcement is the issue), cannot add to the discussion on debt to GDP and chooses distance rather than engagement.

  4. A great op-d by Colorado's very own Amory Lovins.  Turns out if that if Texas had any competent leadership much of their woes during #Freezeageddon could have been averted. 

    Like power generators, Texas homes are not built for winter

    Better homes save lives, energy and money. In emergencies, 10 million informed Texas households can swiftly mobilize reserves through smart behaviors. And to prudently guard human lives and the grid from extreme future cold and heat, while saving money every day, building upgrades for all could be fully financed on utility bills and delivered by private enterprise. So could rooftop solar power that with sunlight can safely keep lights on, stores open, and filling stations pumping with or without the grid.

    Most analyses ask only what went wrong with electric and gas supply, and why. But that worthy question ignores the first half of the problem and of the opportunity. Energy-efficient buildings are the cheapest, deepest way to protect lives, build grid resilience, and strengthen our economy and security. Texans just paid dearly to learn this lesson. Now decision-makers across Texas and everywhere should act on it.

  5. A product of the 5th Congressional District… this is what Freedumb at 38,000ft looks like: 

    Man accused of disrupting flight by not wearing mask, urinating in cabin

    Police say 24-year-old Landon Grier of Canon City swatted at a flight attendant who asked him to wear a mask as he attempted to sleep on the flight from Seattle to Denver, according to the Associated Press.

    Later, another passenger called flight attendants back to Grier's area of the cabin because he was urinating in his seat area.


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