Slowly Progressing towards Retirement

I have made no secret of my desire to remove myself from the political arena as much as possible to focus on other areas of my life. Any bit by bit I have begun to make this happen.

The most recent step has been to begin dismantling the political portions of my website The site will remain active, but will focus much more on my genealogy business, which I am happy to say is booming at the moment.

I will keep the Redistricting portion active until that process is done later this year.

If you have direct link to the political pages, they do still exist, they are just not linked to the home page. I will likely start deleting those pages next week.

I will not be doing a 2012 Rumor Page.

I will still follow ColoardoPols and DenverPols and comment as necessary on election policies/rules/laws as they are my only real political passion anymore.

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  1. Aristotle says:

    You’re the best source of Denver political info and gossip this site has ever had, so that will be a loss for sure. But I’m glad you’ll still be around.

  2. nancycronk says:

    Did you convince them to give you a press pass? I’m sure Colorado Pols would vouch for you that you’re legit. 😉

    • Dan Willis says:

      Thanks to a Colorado Polster who made the introduction!

      I will not be attending, but am available for commentary if any local channels want to follow up. The 6 am local newscasts on Friday the 29th will be coming on right after live national news coverage of the wedding.

      All of the national network morning shows (GMA, EarlyShow, etc) will also be re-airing the wedding again at least in part during hours civilized people are awake.

      Live coverage will be in the wee hours our time. At 3am MDT for most networks, with the wedding starting at 4. They are scehuled to be back at the Palace after the service at about 5:30am.

      I may be going to the Monaco royal wedding in July though. Trying to work out a press deal for that one.

  3. Thanks for putting the State Rep and State Senate races all on one page, Dan!

    Until you did that, no media outlets, to my knowledge, would go to such efforts – there’s a lot more pages today that emulate yours, but you pushed it to that point

    Mission accomplished – you can retire happy, friend!

  4. Ray Springfield says:

    The number of hits to find relevant matter takes a lot of time.

    Some in the political arena go to great links to hide their relatives.

    Other people have very difficult tasks with finding which boat people came on, or in slavery finding relatives at all.

    The 20th century in europe did a job on people’s knowledge about their history, too.

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