Boebert Calls Bullcrap On Colorado’s Public Lands

Chase Woodruff of Colorado Newsline reports that although long-sought legislation to extend protections to hundreds of thousands of acres of public land in Colorado is moving ahead hopefully in 2021’s narrowly Democratic Congress, freshman Rep. Lauren Boebert wants nothing to do with this hippie crap:

First-term Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert told members of a key House committee on Tuesday that she hadn’t been consulted on H.R. 803, the Protecting America’s Wilderness and Public Lands Act. Introduced by Rep. Diana DeGette, a Democrat from Denver, the latest version of H.R. 803 is a package of eight public lands proposals including the Colorado Outdoor Recreation Economy Act and the Colorado Wilderness Act.

Together, the two bills would establish new or permanent protections for more than 1 million acres of federally-owned land across Colorado, the vast majority of it in Boebert’s 3rd Congressional District. Boebert has consistently opposed both proposals.

“This bill is being rushed through with no committee hearing, no committee markup, no witness testimony,” she said while testifying as a witness in a virtual hearing of the House Rules Committee on Tuesday. “Public land decisions should be made with local collaboration and input, or at the very least the member who represents the affected district.” [Pols emphasis]

The Grand Junction Sentinel’s Dennis Webb reports, the central problem here appears to be that nobody talked to Boebert about the bill–which is further evident from her apparent lack of understanding of what the bill does:

[Rep. Diana] DeGette told the rules committee that the acreage covered in the Colorado Wilderness Act has almost all been managed as wilderness study areas since the 1980s, and a recent poll showed two-thirds of people on the Western Slope support increased wilderness…

Boebert cited the concerns she said she has heard about DeGette’s measure from county commissioners first as a candidate and now in Congress.

“I believe that my election shows the polling in my district. [Pols emphasis] They understand that I was there to advocate for multiple use on public land,” she said.

Notwithstanding the perennial objections of Republican local elected officials, the additional protections in these bills are in fact very popular among Boebert’s constituents in CD-3. This is also not a new proposal by any stretch–Rep. Diana DeGette has been trying to pass the Colorado Wilderness Act since 1999, and the CORE Act has similarly been a bone of partisan contention for years. As for Boebert’s election in 2020 serving as a barometer on this or for that matter any nuanced political issue, that’s just silly–but if Boebert wants to go there, let’s start with how she held the seat for Republicans by a smaller margin than Scott Tipton ever did.

There’s nothing unexpected here, there was never a doubt Boebert would be a reliable vote for the oil and other extractive industries that wield tremendous influence over Republican politics on the Western Slope. But as an advocate for the industry, Boebert is simply not effective with her colleagues. And the blowback Boebert faces for opposing a large majority of Coloradans on the issue of protecting public lands outweighs the benefits of publicly grandstanding against them.

Perhaps the only upside to all of this for Boebert is that as long as we’re talking about her opposition to protecting Colorado’s public lands, we’re not talking about grifting or insurrection.

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  1. bullshit! says:

    Say my name right, Bobo.

  2. NOV GOP meltdown says:

    Congress obviously owes an explanation to pew pew as to why she's so uninformed. Dumb it down for me or else !

  3. MichaelBowman says:

    Something makes me think she’s not going to be pleased with Deb Haaland as Interior Secretary??

    This is all of our country, this is our mother. You’ve heard the earth referred to as mother earth. It’s difficult to not feel obligated to protect this land, and I feel that every Indigenous person in this country understands that.”
    ~Deb Haaland

    • MichaelBowman says:

      “Winners make policy; losers go home.”

      ~Mitch McConnell

      When you’re rendered impotent at the hands of 81 million Americans all that’s left is pounding your fist on the table while screaming bullshit?

      Republicans sharply question Haaland at second day of confirmation hearing

      Republicans have repeatedly argued that the Biden administration is going to kill jobs through its clean energy agenda, which Haaland supports. If confirmed, Haaland would be part of Biden’s plan to tackle the climate crisis and reduce carbon emissions.

      In one contentious exchange Tuesday, Barrasso asked Haaland to answer for a tweet from October 2020 in which she said that Republicans don’t believe in science. The GOP senator pointed out that he and several other Republican members of the committee are medical doctors and called the remark “concerning.”

      “Senator, yes, if you’re a doctor, I would assume that you believe in science,” Haaland replied.


      • MichaelBowman says:

        Rep Haaland was up against almost 9 million rea$on$ the ventriloquist idiots for the Fossilonians pulled out every imaginable nutter theory from their collective arses today in the Senate ENR hearing.  

        She handled them with poise and dignity.

        She's not a doormat for oil and gas. 

        She's going to be a great Secretary of the Interior. 


  4. Sparky says:

    Naturally she’s opposed to public land preservation since her husband is a fracker. You never have to look hard to find the grift with this one.

    • ajb says:

      Oh c'mon, man. That hardly qualifies as grift. 

    • JohnInDenver says:

      It isn't "grift."  It is a conflict of interest at most. 

      Oddly, since the lands have been managed as if they COULD become wilderness, she is arguing (badly) that in some future management environment, the land might be appropriate for development.  If she wanted to get up to speed on the proposal, she's had a year since the start of her campaign.  I'd bet that if she had asked nicely, one of DeGette's staff would have answered any of her questions.

      • Diogenesdemar says:

        I hear there's a crappy grille somewhere in Rifle that might have much better promise for development as a fracking site ??? . . .

        . . . and, bonus, it's already operated by someone who's very pro-drilling!

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