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March 18, 2011 11:39 PM UTC

UPDATED: Senate Passes Civil Unions Bill S-172--POLL

  • by: khmeck

( – promoted by Colorado Pols)

Update: The Senate has passed the Civil Unions bill, and it’s off to it’s fate in the house.

The Senate Appropriations Committee has passed the civil unions bill, and referred it to the ‘Committee of the Whole’, which the assembly website abbreviates as COW.

Bad abbreviations aside, what’s your take: Will the bill pass the Senate, and does it have a fighting chance in the House?


On the news that a majority of Americans support gay marriage my inclination was to think there would probably be a high-profile campaign to pass the bill–but all I’ve found so far are some relatively tame petition campaigns, such as this “Republicans for Equality” petition buried on  it seems to me we should have a high profile push to get the civil unions bill the rest of the way through the CO Senate and House.

A quick look online didn’t turn anything up, so I asked on the open thread which legislators were swing legislators, and where a person would go to help out. Ralphie oh-so-helpfully explained that the bill is DoA in the house, because McNulty can send it to committee to die. Is he likely to do that? What about putting it on the ballot this fall then? Newspapers across the state are endorsing the Senate bill, so maybe it really could pass?

Will/how will the civil unions bill pass/die?

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23 thoughts on “UPDATED: Senate Passes Civil Unions Bill S-172–POLL

  1. And the chance is merely theoretical, as I can’t actually think of a scenario that gets it passed. Not saying I like it.

    And btw, any bill Hick doesn’t sign by June, he can’t sign in December.

  2. It’s doubtless the bill will pass the Senate, because all 20 of the Senate Democrats are co-sponsors. (Not all the House Democrats are co-sponsors, though most of them are.)

    But, seriously, a bunch of editorials endorsing a bill (plus public opinion surveys backing the concept) and a buck fifty will get you a cup of coffee in the House these days. The chances that McNulty will assign it to a committee where it stands a chance are poor.

  3. Most Americans have no trouble with civil unions for same-sex people (which is not the same as marriages for GLBTQ to them). Focus on the Family does not oppose this bill because it does not use the word “marriage”. The GOP  may try to fight it in the courts, but they are not stupid enough to take it a vote, chasing away every last GOP member under age 50. They know the poll results, too.

    Hick will sign it before the end of the year.  

    1. The bottleneck here would be the House Committee, so we’ll have to see if McNulty sends it to live or die. IF it can get out of committee Pat told me there are 5 or 6 Republicans inclined to vote for it.  

  4. Could it be attached to another bill as a rider?

    If McNulty sends it to die, would that be an appropriate tactical response to see that it makes it to the floor?

      1. Colorado has a single-subject rule.

        The Feds could sure use one.

        You might like the outcome of this issue being attached to another bill, but the single-subject rule prevents much mischief.

  5. it gets out of committee, I can see this passing in the House. There are at least a few moderate Republicans who can see that the tide has turned on this issue. I recall speaking to one moderate Republican at an end of session “let’s all be friends and have a beer gathering.” He didn’t know me that well and still spoke freely about his support for civil unions. Unfortunately, he was term limited.

    The big IF though is committee. McNulty sent Rep. Kerr’s bicycle bill to four, I think it was, different committees until he finally killed it in Judiciary. If McNulty wants to play to the right wing powerbase, he will find a way to keep this from coming to the floor. And that wouldn’t shock me in the least.

    1. Lies!

      I checked the assembly site, and it appears that 1092 was in two committees only: transportation and judiciary. It’s easy to check–the site is here.

      Although the statesman does have an article that backs up your point that it was generally known that the bill was sent to Judiciary not to iron out it’s kinks, but to die.

      1. Sorry, a little late to reply here as we just had our second child last week.

        Maybe your reply could start off a little less over the top.

        I noted that I wasn’t sure about the number of committees. So, I stand corrected. Maybe what I was recalling is that McNulty was shopping it around to other committees and finally had to settle on Judiciary as the only place where he could get it killed.

        Save the shout of LIES for something that really matters.

  6. If the GOP kills it, we have a great potential attack point on the Dem side. “GOP failed to fix budget; rejected funds available” or something to that effect.  

  7. My confidence isn’t real solid on this one. Where’s all the publicity about this? I fully realize that I have been out of the loop for the past few months, but I haven’t heard anything about big rallies or big speeches in support of these bills. Where are the Dems at?

    Perhaps if the House Dems made McNulty’s ability to shuffle the bill to death, he wouldn’t do it.

    Either way, it’s nice to see Americans opening their collective minds. I will keeps my fingers crossed about Colorado’s legislators.

    1. They’re doing their best in supporting it, while still trying not to wake up the wingnuts.

      Everyone speak quietly or James Dobson will hear you.

    2. That is not Pat Steadman’s style (rallies and protests, etc.). You should see him sit quietly and respectfully during these hearings. Even while the crazy grandma lady who rambled on about private parts for 8 minutes was next to him, he was poker-faced and very respectful.

      I think the WORLD of Senator Steadman!

      My generation (40s and 50s) were about being loud and waving signs. I see a quiet strength in some of our new leaders on the left. They aren’t afraid to dress conservatively, to speak quietly, yet to insist on (demand) their fair share legally. Despite the constant fear of the corporate takeover of America, these young people give me hope, and make me proud to be a progressive American.  

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