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January 29, 2021 10:23 PM UTC

Weekend Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“There are very few monsters who warrant the fear we have of them.”

–Andre Gide


45 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

  1. A couple things I am watching today….

    The Proud Boys are being investigated for conspiracy. This indicates to me the Justice Dept. has reasons to believe it was a planned attack, using a mob that was generated and propelled by Donald Trump.

    NY is investigating fraud in the financial dealings at Trumps' family estate in NY.

    1,000 doses of vaccine spoiled and wasted in West Palm Beach County, Fla….home of Mar-a-lago. Was it human error or just way more supply than they need?

    I am impressed with Unca Joes' rhetoric regarding the pandemic relief bill. If there is one GOP practice that always pisses me off (mostly because the Dems usually fall for it) is the moving goalposts bullshit. Hey…Mitch! Listen up…$1.9 trillion IS a compromise. The American economy needs a $4 trillion boost.

    I am watching with delight as Wall Street gets a case of hemorrhoids…😀

    1. What a good summary of the news of the day! I had not heard about the vaccine spoilage in West Palm Beach. My guess: Someone managed to get way too many doses. Awful. 

      1. Why…thanks.!

        Yeah…the vaccine waste is unconscionable. When you have others getting out of their vehicle in a snowstorm to vaccinate stranded motorists in order to salvage a handful of doses. The actual lives of actual people have no meaning in the mind of a Trump…any Trump that is part of Fat Donnies’ clan anyway.

        I am not quite 70, so I have been waiting patiently for my first Jab. The 8th can’t come soon enough! 😀

        1. Guess this would be as good a time as any to ask…when did they start calling it a "Jab" instead of a "shot" (as in flu shot)? And why?  Inquiring minds, and all that.

          Being of suitable old fart age, I got my first dose a couple of weeks ago. I am definitely looking forward to my first plate of sit-down Mexican food!


          1. No particular reason except that I heard it somewhere and thought it clever and appropriate. Perhaps, subliminally, some might suggest I have an aversion to words that suggest guns and gunny things.

            They would be wrong. I am, however, very much opposed to those who own guns with the intention of attacking the govt. I didn't support it in 1969…and I still don't.

            But, no. No hidden message.

            1. I wish vaccine distribution was not so screwed up in Mesa County. We've been helping some 80-something neighbors with significant health problems who haven't been able to get even their first shots. Others in their early 70s in good health have completed theirs. Our neighbors, btw, are quite adept with computers. I wish the county was.

                1. I tell everyone – get yourself on multiple lists, not just one (multiple hospital systems, etc). And, check with nearby counties – the Governor says you can go to any county in Colorado. And I also say – you have to be your own investigator and advocate. Good luck. 

                  1. I agree. I am also with Kaiser, but the bride signed us up with others – with success. I got mine via CU Health (Anschutz) and she with the Salud clinic (Aurora), even though we live in Jeffco.

                    Good luck to all.

    2. The Dems should just re-introduce their original $3 billion bill, or even better, replace it with a new $4 billion bill. If they want to move the goal posts, so can the Dems. Raise them! Call their bluff with the reminder that they are in the minority and that the Dems can pass it without them on a party-line vote. And, W.Virginia has to need something that can buy Mancin onboard.

  2. #PewPew may have met her match. 

  3. Update…the 2 Proud Boys being investigated are not accused of planning the attack. Rather, they are accused of conspiring to do certain things together as the attack began.


    1. re: the photo. No quick “caption” sprang to mind.

      However, the image did make me recall a very earnest, well-meaning university debater on my squad who thought it was more stylish and “professional” to show up at tournaments during cold weather wearing a suit and not an overcoat.  He was used to getting outside in all weather conditions to milk cows twice a day, so cold wasn’t a deal breaker for him.  Asked about his fashion choice, he pointed out his long thermal underwear, 2 pairs of socks, shirt, full sweater, and suit coat kept him feeling pretty good, and if it was really cold, he had a hat and gloves.

      Even his suit coat didn’t strain the buttons as much as Gaetz is showing

      Good to be reminded about a really nice person — who benefited from debate and the rest of his university experience.  He doesn’t deal with cows anymore.

      I liked Jason Crow’s twitter response:

      Rep. Jason Crow   @RepJasonCrow   13h

      Matt Gaetz wearing a sweater vest in Cheyenne raised so many questions.

      Next time at Frontier Days should I wear a cardigan? Do I need pomade?

      Luckily, some whiskey and bluegrass has broken my fever.

  4. Disturbing analysis behind the GOP's 65 year fixation with right-wing extremism.  It has reached its logical conclusion (but wait, there is no bottom).

    “The dictum now really is ‘No enemies to the right’ within the conservative movement and the Republican Party,” said Kabaservice, the director of political studies at the Niskanen Center.

    Kabaservice noted a confluence of trends have brought us here. The unpopularity of the GOP agenda to the U.S. mainstream has made it necessary to fire up increasingly far-flung reaches of the base with what Kabaservice calls “entertainment” and “jihadist ecstasy.”

    And so GOP leaders continue humoring tales that the election was stolen from Trump, because such “jihadist ecstasy” energizes the base. Recall that GOP officials declined to recognize Biden’s victory for weeks precisely in order to keep the GOP base fired up for the Georgia runoffs.

    As Kabaservice summed it up to me: “They’ve lost any sense of why conservatives would need to police” the GOP’s “boundaries against kooks and extremists.”

    1. I have noticed our conservative cadre seems tongue-tied (or keyboard challenged, if you will). I would love to hear the take of our friendly neighborhood GOP apologists. CHB…R&R…all ya'll.

      You have become conspicuous by your absence, 

  5. Recall that GOP officials declined to recognize Biden’s victory for weeks precisely in order to keep the GOP base fired up for the Georgia runoffs. 

    Well, that didn't work out as they hoped.







    1. I just watched Adam Kinzinger. Very impressive. The next couple of weeks will be fascinating.

      The political courage of Cheney, Romney, and the very small number of congressional Republicans willing to publicly split with FDFQ is pitted against the Orange King. 

      The GOP is going apeshit crazy.  

  6. A followup to a Republican’s doxxing . . . 


    Hall wrote on Facebook that his goal was to exert pressure on Democratic Gov. Jared Polis by targeting public health employees “who think they can flex muscles in businesses.”

    . . . “We’ll see how strong they are at their homes,” Hall said.

    . . . “Have your exact location thanks to your information,” Hall messaged, according to Colorado Politics. “Patriots are on the way.”

    . . . “We will publish the names/addresses of these people with no law enforcement abilities,” Hall posted to the Facebook group. “If they want a war, we can give them that but it is time for a revolution.”

    The unintended consequences: . . .

    Doxxing by Parker man caused fear for woman, family

    “To be threatened in your home when it’s the only place you can go right now, it was really intense,” Tuneberg said. 

    Tuneberg, who has called the posting of her address “cowardly,” said it’s ridiculous for Hall to say he wasn’t calling for violence while posting her address and using words like “war” and “revolution.”

    . . .

    “I didn’t run for office. I really am just trying to do my best work and it feels so strange to be identified as someone who is worthy of that level of vitriol,” she said. 

    She has tried to get in touch with Hall — who as of Jan. 18 hadn’t responded or contacted her directly, she said — to let him know the impact of this event on her life, she said.

    “I’d like to tell him who I am and what it was like to be on the other end of that and what it was like for my kids,” she said. “I’m just trying really hard in a global pandemic and you, without knowing me … decided I’m an enemy and deserving of incredible consequence in my life.”,371772

    . . . intimidation: a conservative “family value.”

  7. Tim Foster is retiring as chancellor of Colorado Mesa University in June. Encomiums showing up in the Sentinel and I'm wondering; is he going to be the one to go up against Bennett or Boebert in '22?

    1. My money is for Tim to shoot for governor. That he will run for something is pretty much a foregone conclusion in my mind. Mr. Foster is a superstar in the GOP firmament in these parts. 

      Mr. Fosters mission, developed when Bill Owens was governor, to build a conservative, Republican based, seat of GOP influence, with the word " University" attached to it…is done. Mr. Foster has built a very top down, secretive, organization that is shot through with former Oily Boyz as adjunt professors.

      Now that the management structure there is so rigid his assistant, Mr.Marshall can take over, Tim can ride to the rescue of a party with a bench full of marginally able leaders. It is time for Tim to bite the bullet and help the party.

      Maybe I am full of baloney…but I think his goal is governor.

      1. I'd be surprised if Foster gets into elective politics. He's not near crazy enough for today's GOP. While I'd love to see him take on Calamity Jane, I just can't get there. Why would he want the travel and dealing with the professional crazies in D.C.?



          1. Agreed he'd like the guv job. But he's not crazy enough to win a GOP primary and doesn't have the Republican registration numbers to beat Polis.

            I think he'd rather travel with his wife, see his family and pick and choose what, if anything, among various state projects interests him.

            1. True that Tim can pick and choose.

              The situation with both parties is the same. The best and brightest don't usually opt to run for office for all the obvious reasons.

  8. 10 Republican Senators offering a package to the Biden Administration — $600 billion instead of $1.9 Trillion.  What's missing? 

    • Republicans suggest $1,000 checks to individuals and families, capping income qualifications at $50,000 for individuals and $100,000 for a family — not $1400 with wider income criteria
    • mirrors Biden's dollar figure for COVID-19 vaccine research and distribution ($160 billion)
    • keeping Federal unemployment assistance going, but shortening the length of time unemployed workers could received it
    • Biden proposes expanding the child tax credit — Republicans skip it
    • expand tax credits for one year to help cover the cost of child care — Republicans skip that
    • and the biggest difference: Biden has pledged support for state and local funding, Republicans have none.

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