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August 04, 2006 04:33 PM UTC

Friday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols



44 thoughts on “Friday Open Thread

  1. What is going in El Paso County? I have seen postings about a Lamborn family member pulling down an opponent’s sign. This does not reflect well on the Lamborn family.

    1. 1) He is the LAMBORN your God, who brought you out of the land of high taxation, out of the house of liberals. You shall have no other Congressmen before Me.

      2) You shall not create, worship and post other campaign signs, lest they be removed.

      3) You shall not take the name of the LAMBORN your God in vain or otherwise criticize his ideas or behavior: for the LAMBORN will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in vain.

      4) Observe the election day, to keep it holy, as the LAMBORN your God commanded you. Unless you are a shameless liberal, in which case you should stay home.

      5) Honor your father. One way to do so is to tear down the idols (campaign signs) of his enemies.

      6) You shalt not kill gambling interests. You should accept money from them.

      7) You shalt not commit adultery, like wife-swappers Crank and Rivera.

      8) You shalt not steal (exception: opponent’s campaign signs)

      9) You shalt not lie (note: this commandment does not apply to Jon Hotaling)

      10) Do not covet thy heavenly neighbor’s rightful Congressional seat

  2. Lamborn’s eagle scout son was caught redhanded taking down a Crank sign.  He claimed it was in an illegal place and he was just placing it on the ground.  Since when is he involved in “community policing” of campaign signs?  Lamborn’s older eagle scout son was convicted of arson in 1994 – it’s public record.  We all make mistakes but it makes me wonder about Lamborn’s bragged about “family values” when he has two messed up kids. 

    1. Lamborn took some heat on Michelli last night because of his son.  I’ll bet things aren’t going well in the Lamborn household and campaign right now.  How sad …

      While Lamborn’s numbers are tanking, Crank’s are rising.  Credit Unions are spending over $150,000 to help Crank.  What happened to Club for Growth?

      1. According to the Gazette:

        “Jeff Crank’s campaign filed a police report accusing one of Doug Lamborn’s sons of pulling up one of its placards.

        Lamborn’s campaign shot back that the Crank sign was in an illegal area and called the police report an “eleventh-hour, last-minute campaign stunt.”

        Crank campaign manager Jim Banks said he and other workers were putting up signs along Garden of the Gods Road late Wednesday when they noticed a man acting suspiciously. When they realized it was Nate Lamborn, they followed him in a car for about an hour until they saw him pull up a Crank sign and then confronted him, Banks said.”

        A couple of questions need to be raised. Like,

        What was the campaign manager of a congressional campaign doing putting up signs in the middle of the night?

        Doesn’t he have more important things to be doing? Isn’t this a misuse of his time and ‘talent’?

        Finally, this event reminds me of when Scott Russell, the former Political Director of the State Party, successfully entrapped Michael Merrifield into pulling up a yard sign of his then-opponent.  The republican team sat in the bushes most of the night with a video camera, and sure enough, when Merrifield pulled up the illegal sign in his neighbors lawn (who, as I remember, was a personal friend of Michael), they got the whole event on tape.  Then they pimped it to every media outlet in CoS. 

        1. It’s an everyday campaign practice to put campaign signs up late at night. Not only is it safer because there are less cars but easier for parking reasons and getting it done faster. Just because you’re putting them up late at night doesn’t mean you’re up to something.

          They weren’t the ones caught for pulling up signs. If a sign was illegally placed the Lamborn campaign should have contacted the correct people instead of pulling them up on their own. Lamborn has been campaigning for years, he knows this and I’m sure his smart as a whip staff knows it. Apparently, his family hasn’t paid attention to any aspect of campaigning EVER; otherwise he wouldn’t have been pulling up the “illegally” placed signs.

          Lamborn needs to get off his high horse and finally admit that one of his kids did something wrong. I know they aren’t perfect like him, but they are his children and whether he likes to admit it or not, they are his responsibility.

  3. “I helped enact new legislation that allows child witnesses and victims to testify via closed-circuit television rather than in an open courtroom in front of their abuser.”  ( issues page under “children”)  Quote from Bill Ritter, our future governor and former Denver D.A.

    Why did Ed vote agaisnt doing this?  Does anybody have an answer?  It’s legal, it’s used, and it’s effective and humane.

        1. 1) Since the statute enacted by the bill Ed voted against was repealed and reworked in 2005, what makes you think Ritter is referring to the 1996 version?
          2) Since no Colorado appellate case has ever even cited either statute, what makes you think that the Colorado version, which permits the jury to be observing the witness outside of the presence of the judge, is constitutional?
          3) Maryland v. Craig, 497 U.S. 836, 851, 110 S.Ct. 3157, 111 L.Ed.2d 666 (1990), was a bare 5-4 majority and was back in the days of Ohio v. Roberts, 448 U.S. 56, 100 S.Ct. 2531,  65 L.Ed.2d 597 (1980), which permitted certain hearsay upon a judicial finding of reliability. Crawford v. Washington, 541 U.S. 36, 124 S.Ct. 1354, 158 L.Ed.2d 177 (2004), abandoned judicial modification of the Confrontation Clause and held that it means now what it meant when enacted.

          So, is the question is should Ed Permutter oppose those statute which he believes may cause a criminal conviction to be reversed and require all concerned to submit to the stress of a retrial? His oath requires him to seek to enact only  constitutional laws.

  4. http://www.gazette.c

    Give me a Break Lamborn Campaign!

    1.) “The story here is that these guys were out stalking in the middle of the night,” Hotaling said. ” Hey Hotaling…Most campaigns place their signs in the middle of the night in order for the morning traffic to see them. If Lamborn’s campaign doesn’t do that; they are failing. Heck, I saw in 2004 a van full of Schafer supporters putting out signs in the middle of the night and the next night saw Coors supporters putting them out. Hotaling should resign!

    2.) This is the second son of Lamborn’s who has been in trouble with the law. Back in 1993, one got caught with arson costing over $37,000 worth of damage in Gleneagle.

    3.) If signs were illegally placed, it is not for the opposing campaign to pull them; instead they file a complaint with the county or city and the city or county removes them; NOT LAMBORN!

    4.) Lamborn clearly has some family value issues and has apparently been spending too much time on other things then his own family.

    5.) Hotaling is trying to get out of this one to turn it back on Crank. Lamborn even denyied on the radio yesterday that his son didn’t commit arson in 1994!

    6.) Lamborn needs to use discipline on his son and apologize and reimburse Crank for the signs his son took down or destroyed.

    7.) Hotaling should know better; especially coming from someone who worked with the National Right to Work!

    8.) Lamborn is denying, denying, denying….No Family Values or Integrity!

    1. Handy Dandy – I’m not privy to a lot of insider information, but even I know you’ve got at least three factual errors in your little rant there.  And all I did was google to get the facts. 

      Secondly, I really do take issue with you trying to attack the kids of Doug. 

      I know, I know, kids are fair game; We learned that with Chelsea Clinton and the Bush twins. But really, at some point, it just turns my stomach. 

      Your premise is that because one kid was charged with a misdemeanor and one was questioned by a police officer, the Lamborn family must not have “family values”.  But that dog won’t hunt.

      If it did – then Owens is dishonorable, too. Remember HIS son? And THOSE charges? How about his daughter and her little problem in Fort Collins?  Do you REALLY want to go there?

      Stop trying to force a story (about kids, no less) in the last days of a campaign. Get back to actual campaigning and let’s see how this all shakes out.

      1. Wasn’t it Mrs. Lamborn who was in paper early in the campaign for calling activists and saying, “how could you vote for Jeff Crank with such young kids …” 

        Lamborn’s kids are in the news because they have put themselves in positions to be in the news.  They are old enough to know better. 

        Makes us wonder though if Lamborn condones this type of activity. 

        1. And as I remember, Francis Owens made delegate calls going up to caucus and actively worked against Tom.  She was actually a major asset in that campaign – WITH SMALL KIDS playing at her feet.  Come on – for every charge you level at the Lamborn’s, the same can be said about our own republican first-family.  Back off this one.

          1. What!?!

            We are still waiting for you to name the three factual errors.

            Something tells me you don’t want to go there because you are afraid to lose Lamborn’s Casino money. Remember the courts fined him, Lamborn, $35000 for his son’s arson incident. Maybe another fine should be impossed on his other son.

            Here is an idea…why doesn’t a Colorado legislator run a bill outlawing other campaigns from stealing or removing their opponents signs?

              1. And Owens Jr. was charged with $97,000 worth of damage to a school bus facility.  They plea-bargained that down and he ended up with community service, restitution and had to do some mentoring.  Now, he’s turned into a real clean-cut guy who’s hardworking and contributing to our society. 

                1. Hey What?!?

                  You keep on avoiding the question and therefore are reverting back to Owens, who has nothing to do with this conversation.

                  Your comments are weak and embarrasing to the “what” family. Go gamble Lamborn’s money away.

                2. Have you considered going to bat for Mel Gibson?  By your logic even Mel might turn out to be a productive member of society (again) some day!

                  The apple(s) does not fall far from the tree.  Or better put, “Like father , Like son (‘s).

      2. Kids are a part of campaigning and unfortunately cannot be off limits. You know that when you run.
        It’s not that Doug’s kids or his family don’t have family values. It’s the fact that Doug doesn’t like to own up to what his kids have done. He never takes responsibility for them or their actions. They are his responsibility and he should face the fact that he is their parent.

        He wants rules and regulations for parents being responsible for their children and then he doesn’t want to take part in it himself. He tried getting out of paying for his sons mistake because it was too much money and he didn’t want to pony it up. Hello!!! This is your kid, you raised him so take responsibility.

        If he didn’t want this to become an issue his kids should have thought a lot longer about what they did, or he should have acted like a grown up and admitted that his kids were wrong and fixed the mistakes. He’s in campaigning country and everything is fair game.

  5. Letter to Editor in Today’s Gazette

    ‘Pro-family’ candidate  took money from casino 

    Conventional wisdom is that, except for John Anderson, there is very little difference among the candidates running to replace Joel Hefley. However, an important distinction was revealed at a recent candidate forum I attended.
      In fielding a question about whether the candidates had accepted campaign contributions from gambling or pornography interests, my jaw hit the floor when I heard state Sen. Doug Lamborn acknowledge that he had accepted a contribution from a Colorado casino — and with a string attached to limit competition in the gaming industry of our state.
      The fact that Lamborn accepted this contribution reveals a shocking indifference to the destructive social consequences that routinely follow gambling into local communities.
      While the other Republican candidates denounced gambling, Lamborn’s candid admission of a quid pro quo was a rare moment of transparency — calling into question his integrity on this important profamily issue.
      Kermit Rainman
      Colorado Springs

    1. If you read the Gazette blurb all the way, you see that this is a Duncan Bremer internal poll that puts Bremer in first place.  Comments from the Lamborn campaign agree that the poll is ludicrous, and the Lamborn campaign’s polling puts Rivera near the top.  Also, Rivera is doing TV ads, as well as LOTS of radio, phone-banking and walking.  I believe the mailings they’re doing are targeted to unaffiliated voters and folks who are not party activists.

      1. You must have trouble reading.  It puts Bremer in 3rd place but more or less tied with Jeff Crank.  It shows Lamborn with the lead.  Get some glasses.

        It is funny that Rivera is trying to discredit this poll when he portrayed a push poll as scientific.  My understanding is that the Bremer folks released their methodology on this which makes it a lot more believable than Rivera’s push poll.  Additionally, all the other campaigns are doing polling, if they had legit numbers they would have given them to the Gazette for verification.  Bremer’s folks must have been confident enough with their methodology to publicly release the poll numbers. 

        1. You’re right–it puts Bremer in third place.  However, that doesn’t negate my main point which is that even the Lamborn campaign says the poll doesn’t make sense, that Rivera is near the top, and all other polls put Bremer at the bottom. 

          1. LMAO, “even Lamborn’s campaign says the poll doesn’t make any sense.”  Lamborn’s credibility is right up there with Martha Stewart, why would you quote him?

            Of course he says this is a bad poll.  He knows he had a much bigger lead before Hoteling attacked Crank and Rivera and that he screwed up.  He also has gone after many conservative groups telling them that Crank, Bremer, and Rayburn have no chance and that it is Lamborn vs Crank.  Lamborn does not want to be within catching distance of Crank or Bremer because they all pull from the same pool of voters.  It also kills his credibility when he has been saying that it is him or Rivera. 

            I say put up or shut up.  Every campaign does polling and if Rivera or Lamborn have poll numbers that contradict this, post them for everyone to see or go back to stealing yard signs.

      2. I wonder what the polling criteria were that managed to put Bremer at #1…  You have to give a polling organization credit for coming up with the right formula for that.  Either that, or you have to hope Bremer didn’t pay the polling outfit to completely fabricate the results.

      3. He is doing almost no advertising.  His campaign is broke.  His TV commercials only run a few times a night compared to 20 or more Crank commercials and 8-10 Lamborn commercials.  Rivera has slipped too far in this race and it is not unbelievable that Rivera could finish after Rayburn or even Bremer and Anderson.  His campaign has melted down over past month because he never fought back against outside groups attacking him.

  6. Regarding illegal immigrants, the Glenwood Springs Post Independent quoted Beauprez as saying, “I think they’re going to have to go home, go through the process and go back. Anything less than that is going to be seen as amnesty”

    Does Both Ways Bob expect the taxpayers of Colorado to load all the illegals on buses and transport them back to Mexico?  Is this the kind of management and leadership we want in our next Governor?

    Bill Ritter has a a much better, more sensible plan for illegal immigration than this wacky one!

    1. Both Ways wants to load the illegals onto an RTD bus (oooops, “First Transit” since he’s a big advocate of privatization), and then return them to their point of origin…..Tom Tancredo’s basement.

  7. The nattering nabobs will jump on Herb Rubenstein with their derisive comments. Herb will likely not win. But, Rubenstein did a great service to the party.
    On the War compare Perlmutter’s position on the War in December with his stance today. Rubenstein’s relentless opposition forced Perlmutter to take a strong stance in support of the Murtha Resolution. A stance he refused to take initially.
    Herb offered real ideas on health care and immigration. He stood up for Civil and Equal Rights for All Americans.
    Even if he does not win Herb had a positive impact.
    Rubenstein ran TV ads that talked about issues. He tried without success to convince Perlmutter and Lamm to cease their negative ads as they were only helping O’Donnell.
    Rubenstein took honest positions on the issues and never pandered. He registered new voters and tried to involve new people in the political process.
    The Democratic Party needs to realize that they will win control of the Congress if they take a strong stance against the War In Iraq. Herb Rubenstein recognized that fact from day one and deserves our respect for staying on the high road.

  8. Club For Growth Ads are being pulled off the air for false information against Crank.
    This is not a good weekend or day for Lamborn Campaign.

    KOAA and Adelphia are pulling the ads!

  9. According to today’s Gazette, Duncan Bremer’s campaign conducted a poll with the following results:
    Lamborn  22%
    Crank  15%
    Bremer  13%
    Anderson  9%
    Rivera  9%
    Rayburn  5%
    Undecided  26%

    This poll is consistent with the polls of all the other campaigns that show Lamborn staying on top in the low to mid 20s.  The only difference between Bremer’s poll and the polls of the other candidates is that the other polls have Rivera in second, about 8-10 percent behind Lamborn.  This race is basically over.  Early voting closes today and mail-in ballots have been cast, so approximately half of the total vote is already in.  There is no way Rivera or any of the other candidates can make up such a significant difference just on election day.  REMEMBER YOU READ IT HERE FIRST.  The final numbers on Tuesday night:

    Lamborn  28
    Rivera  21
    Crank  19
    Anderson  14
    Rayburn  12
    Bremer  6

    1. If that many people are undecided and still have time to vote, none of it’s going to Lamborn.

      Keep post this all over the place. This is fun!

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