Chris Romer means business

(Bumped into Friday–really? They didn’t buy the domain name before they sent the email? – promoted by Colorado Pols)

I posted this over at Denverpols, but I thought it was funny enough to share on the main site too.  I tried entitling it “Carol Boigon Chris Romer means business” but apparently strikethrough doesn’t work in titles.  –John

Whenever I see a campaign send a correction, I’m always more inclined to go back and read the original.  Usually it’s just a wrong day, or an event that got canceled, but occasionally it’s downright funny.  That brings us to today’s “Boigon means business” email…

(Punchline after the jump)


Carol Boigon’s mayoral campaign sent out an email today entitled “Boigon means Business”  It was a pretty standard campaign email, with one of the only interesting points that she was launching a new website, which I imagine was supposed to be a site talking about Boigon’s business background.

When I clicked on the link though, it took me to…wait for it…Chris Romer for mayor.  So either some Boigon staffer sent out an email with a link to Romer’s site, or someone must have bought the site and redirected it to Romer’s page (is it possible that Boigon’s people sent a link to a page that they hadn’t even bought, let alone built yet?)

As I can’t imagine why anyone but Boigon would own prior to the email blast, I would guess someone was Johnny on the Spot with the purchase.

Now that’s comedy.

Here is the email (links don’t seem to work when I copy/paste, but the line “a new site” was a link that went to Romer).

Dear Friend,

Surrounded by a group of supporters, I just turned in the petitions to put my name on the ballot to be the next Mayor of Denver. After turning in my petitions, we marched from the Denver Elections Division to the 16th Street Mall to talk to voters about my unique record of effectiveness, values and resolve to bring Denver together to get our economy moving. See the video or read the press release.

I’m also excited to share with you that we have launched a new website! I hope you’ll take a minute to visit our new site and join us on Facebook and Twitter so you can be informed about our campaign’s latest events and happenings.

I may be the shortest candidate in the race, but I have no shortage of ideas and resolve when it comes to doing what’s right for Denver. That’s why today, I am announcing the Boigon Means Business Tour so that I can share those ideas with you. Over the next 60 days, I will be making weekly stops throughout the city to discuss my ideas for addressing the challenges and opportunities facing Denver. In the coming weeks I will be sharing with you why I’m the best candidate in the race and when it comes to moving Denver forward, I mean business!

Carol Boigon

P.S. I am deeply grateful to all of you who donated last month and helped us reach our goal of 150 donors in the last 150 hours of the month! Let’s keep the momentum going!

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  1. catpuzzle says:

    If the address wasn’t registered yet (or according to the campaign, they were “planning on registering it tonight”) then they would have been sending out an announcement for a new site that didn’t yet exist, which would mean anyone trying to look at the site would just get a broken link.


    • John Tzekara says:

      I mean if they sent the email before the site was live, that’s a dumb small mistake.  To send it before they even own the site really says something about the poor quality of their campaign…

      • DavidThi808 says:

        You don’t want someone who hires people that incompetent running the City of Denver.

        • Ray Springfield says:

          She has significant support in the Jewish community and some support from African-Americans. She could do well in the female vote.  She is well financed.Someone made an error. I’m sure that whomever did so regrets it.

          This isn’t a make or break issue and it can be fixed quickly.

          I personally like many of the candidates.

          • DavidThi808 says:

            Mis-typing a url in a mailer is a mistake. Sending an email centered around a url that hasn’t been purchased and the page created is moronic. I don’t know anything about her or the others. But if I lived in Denver I can’t see supporting her.

            The most important thing an executive does is decide who to hire on their staff. That staff has more impact than the mayor directly has – there’s a lot more of them and they’re the ones implementing policy.

            If she hires people this incompetent I shudder to think of the people she would bring in to run the city.

            • Ray Springfield says:

              Perhaps you selectively choose to use this as criticism, or do you endorse Mr. Caddell’s views on unions?

              All it took to know them before he was hired was a simple search with google or yahoo.

              • DavidThi808 says:

                If Boigon is incompetent but honest and the others are corrupt, then you do have a compelling argument. But you’re definitely in the lesser of two evils argument for Boigon territory.

                • Ray Springfield says:

                  I see it as a hired empoloyee’s mistake.

                  You’ve changed your tune on Romanoff. He was touted as the great “evolving progrssive”,  wonder speaker by you in previous posts.  

                  • DavidThi808 says:

                    vs definitely would roll over for the banks.

                    • RedGreen says:

                      a dozen candidates who “hopefully” will never hire someone who will ever make a mistake

                      vs definitely hired someone who made a mistake. Gotcha.

                    • DavidThi808 says:

                      Then by all means vote for Boingon. But you’re definitely in “least bad” territory then instead of “voting for” the one you like best.

                    • RedGreen says:

                      Who’s Boingon?

                      Sorry, this grievous error on teh Internets is surely a disqualifier. Can someone explain why anyone would pay attention to someone who makes such an error? And why would any company hire this rube? It’s very disconcerting to see an error like that online.

                    • DavidThi808 says:

                      I have fired the intern who wrote that comment for me 🙂

                    • RedGreen says:

                      although that’s a good first step. It’s about the competence of the executive.

                      How’d it go?

                      The most important thing an executive does is decide who to hire on their staff. That staff has more impact than the [boss] directly has – there’s a lot more of them and they’re the ones implementing policy.

                      If [David] hires people this incompetent I shudder to think of the people [he] would bring in to run the [company].

  2. droll says:

    Do you have your browser set to take you to the best guess? When I click on the link I get Google news for the race. My dead links are set to search for me on the search page.

  3. nancycronk says:

    Maybe triguardian is up to his tricks again.

  4. ProgressiveCowgirl says:

    …This is the first thing he’s ever done that impressed me! I can’t stand the guy, but I do so love a good prank.

  5. GalapagoLarry says:

    Not just any one. This is just plain stupid.  

  6. Interlocken Loop says:

    Boigon for Mayor.  Howard not Carol.  

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