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August 03, 2006 08:05 PM UTC

Let's Poll: CD-7

  • by: Colorado Pols

It’s time to poll again on the primary races. You have to be registered to vote (we don’t track how you voted individually, so don’t worry about that).

As always, we’re asking for your informed opinion – not your hopes and desires. If you had to place a bet, which candidate would you place your money on?

Click below to vote…

Who Will Win the CD-7 Primary?

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16 thoughts on “Let’s Poll: CD-7

    1. “If you had to place a bet, which candidate would you place your money on?”

      I think that bit scared them into other votes. If they have some grounding in reality they’d have to realize there’s just about no chance of Herb pulling this out. They don’t want to lost their virtual bets.

      1. … is that now that you have to log in, it’s harder to vote repeatedly.  Instead of just deleting a cookie, you have to create a new log-in. 

        I would imagine that all three campaigns are frustrated by that right about now.

      2. consisted of 3 bloggers who weighed in under 20 different names. Damn ColoradoPols for going to a login system. They’ve crushed the Herb movement.

        1. I don’t live in CD7 and so i hesitate to weigh in…but Iraq is not just an item on a political menu…to quote Wesley Clark, “It was an imperialistic impulse”…we are responsible for what our government does…it made a mistake…there is nothing more important than correcting that mistake…Herb seems to see that clearly…Coloradans are so gd provencial….It is the war, stupid…

      3. I am really disgusted with the over the top ad she is “endorsing” calling EP a defender of rapists. It is slimy and transparent. I really expected better from her. She had my vote before this and I hope it bites her on the ass. Maybe she will be smarter next time.
        On the money issue I don’t know how many other feel like I do but if Ed is smart he will spend some of his campaign money and turn this to his advantage. I have a question. What happened to the overwhelming lead the dailys were reporting for EP last week? The current line here has Lamm ahead.

        1.   I too have been pushed over to the Perlmutter camp after Peggy’s lastest commercial accusing Ed of defending rapists and child molesters.  Did it ever occur to Jim Merlino that Ed might just have been defending due process and constitutional rights. For Ed to vote the way he did (and in a minority of three) took a certain amount of cojones which is a very rare and admirable characteristic in a representative.

  1. Has anyone gotten the latest e-mail from Perlmutter? The whole thing is in the past tense and talks about how great this race HAS been and how hard everyone’s worked.

    If I were running in such a close race, I wouldn’t be sending out a retrospective with 5 days left until election. It sounds like a concession speech.

  2. Some of the people supporting the candidates might be out trying to win the campaign.

    A big push on ColoradoPols might be good for some early buzz to aid in fundraising calls, but this close to an election it is pretty meaningless.

    Nearly every vote on this survey represents a staffer or volunteer who is being distracted and wasting their time.

    They should get back in the game, walk precincts, make phone calls and helping their candidate.

    (Don’t worry, us losers will still be blogging when you get back. Go work. Win.)

  3. Here we go again.  Another biased popularity contest.  Get real and understand how polls are generated and run – very biased.  See what happens on election day.

    1. Herb’s army will have 150 active volunteer working the phones, walking blocks, attending events and working to get the vote out.  Herb is being outspent by his opponents by 10:1 and his financial contributions from his supporters who are not wealthy are in the $10, $20 and $50 range from while Peggy gets 500K to 600K from Emily’s list and Ed has almost more money than he could spend from entrenched interests.  So, Herb will ikely come in third, but he has built a strong, lasting political organization in Colorado very quickly and will continue to change Colorado politics for the better.

  4. I think it’s safe to say that Rubenstein isn’t going to win this race, but he is the one candidate who I would have actually liked to see in Congress. Herb, goodluck on Tuesday, my thoughts are with you, and I would have loved to see you as my new Congressman.

    You run the first time to get known, you run the second time to win.

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