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August 02, 2006 04:23 PM UTC

Wednesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols



25 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Thread

  1. while the handwriting is on the wall for the Lamm campaign, it is increasingly so, as well for Both Ways Bob.

    Ritter raised $106K in two weeks, and BWB could only raise $68K in the same period.

    A wealthy Republican business man with the backing of the party elite and he can’t outraise a lowly Democrat?

    What is the world coming too.

    A lackluster campaign;
    lackluster candidate;
    lackluster fundraising.

    This is beginning to look like Salazar v. Coors all over again.

    Holtzman fans, I’ll bet your happy.

    1. Both Ways has been increasingly quite with Holtzman out of the race. Is he going to allow the County Club Elites in the Trailhead Group to run his campaign?

      It is not a smart idea for Both Ways to be in bed with a group that is being charged with breaking campaign law for lobbying as a 527.  Perhaps more charges will follow with regards to their coordination with the Party and Candidates. Common Cause has taken the lead on this, but I suspect they will not be the only ones, especially since the Republican base is completely fed up with the Elites (such as the Beer Baron Coors who thinks he is above the law and can plead not guilt to driving drunk since he was in his jag only a block from home) in the Republican Party that believes it can throw money at all of its problems.

      Trailhead needs to be investigated.  BothWaysBob needs to severe all ties and demand the group to stop all illegal and slanderous activity.  If he doesn’t I think we will all know who is lining the pockets (in more ways than one) of the Republican candidate for Governor.

      1. According to the Rocky this morning, Marshall is blaming Holtzman for the lackluster fundraising.

        So, the BB campaign will be clearly pointing the finger at Holtzy for the next three months.  No agenda? It’s Marc’s fault.  No volunteers? It’s Marc’s fault. No money? It’s all because of Marc.  No passion for the campaign? Blame Marc for that.  No chance of winning against a guy that is actually campaigning harder and faster then Bob? Marc’s the reason.

        No wonder the business community is abandoning republicans: we are complaining victims who point fingers instead of buckling down and working hard.

        1. I contributed to the Holtzman campaign and I will NEVER contribute to “Both Ways Bob.” I will invest in Ritter before I invest in Bob!


            Not even 70k? With no primary opponent?

            What’s missing here? I mean that….. that’s not a rhetorical question. Why isn’t he raising more money? Why aren’t people opening up their wallets? For the love of God – why?!?

            1. When the RGA sends a cool half-million to Trailhead instead of to the Beauprez campaign, you have to wonder if there isn’t a developing strategy to just go for the soft-money big guns.

              Then again, maybe Beauprez just isn’t up to the task.

    1. This just in, “Colorado Conservative” fabricates bogus stories in an attempt to stir up anti-Lamborn sentiment because he knows that Jeff Crank is trailing.

  2. I hear that there have been problems at the early vote locations.  When the cards are inserted in the machines wrong districts have been coming up.  When voters complain, they are given a new card and vote again.

    not sure how that is supposed to happen, but it is what I am hearing.

    1. The judge who activates the card would have activated the wrong ballot style. Each different ballot style reflects the different districts that individual voters may vote on. For example my ballot style would include HD6 and SD32 whereas someone living in NW Denver would get a ballot style that had HD4 and SD34.

      The error could have been caused by the judge who programed the card or the judge who checked in the voter. The latter may have written the wrong ballot style on the voter’s ticket which they give to the judge who programs the cards.

      As long as the error is caught before the voter touches the “cast ballot” button, the vote they are in the middle of can be deleted and a correct card can be given to them. In any event only one vote is cast and the paper record reflects that.

      Of course, none of this is good. But at least the voters are paying attention, even if the judges aren’t.

      1. I haven’t voted yet, but this seems a cumbersome, potentially flawed process – flawed from the standpoint that the more points in the process where error could occur increase the chances that an error will occur –  from what I have experienced in the past with early voting.

        I was going to vote today or tomorrow, I may push that up based on this post.

        Want to see for myself what’s going on.

        1. On the day I participated in the public testing of the new machines, I decided I really did not want to vote on them so I got an absentee ballot. I usually dont like to vote by mail, but it was preferrable to the new machines. I like to vote as early as possible to avoid the GOTV calls from the campaigns.

          If anyone wants to wait to use the older machines you can do that on election day. Every voter center in Denver will have both machines available.

  3. I don’t know why Pols was asleep at the wheel with all this Eddie P/Peggy Lamm drivel when this happened yesterday, but I guess I have to be the one to drop the bomb.  Yesterday Barbara Walters said live on “The View” that she dosen’t think she’s going to watch any more Mel Gibson Movies!  Holy shit people, is anyone awake out there? Do you know what this means for our country? our society? Our culture as a whole? The ramifications are so profound and far reaching they boggle the mind.

    Homeland Security has kicked up their threat matrix to orange, Dick Cheney has gone off the reservation again, and Ben Bernake at the Fed has convened a special session of the Federal open market committee to address this crisis. Hopefully we Americans can all pull through this together. Rest assured that you will be updated with any information on this situation as it unfolds…

  4. Jennifer Mello spent hundredsd of hours going to labor union halls and meetings. Mello even printed up a full color flyer to hand out specifically to labor union members. Jennifer Mello was clearly counting on broad support from labor which is a huge voting bloc in SD 32.
    Yet, evey labor organization that has endorsed has endorsed Chris Romer. The two largest unions in the State of Colorado are solidly behind Romer. Romer is heading for a big win.  Labor union leaders clearly see that Romer is someone who does more than talk the talk. Chris Romer is a true progressive leader who will be a leader from day one in the State Senate. Romer is going to win and may get over 50%

  5. Mello spent a huge amount of time and money to get union support. Yet every union that chose to endorse went with Chris Romer. Chris has the support of the two largest unions in Colorado
    The unions knew firsthand that Fran Coleman was someone that the Republicans can and will manipulate. On physician choice for worker’s compensation applicants Coleman sided with the big insurance companies. That is why the drug companies and the insurance companies are supporting her campaign. Coleman is in a word worthless.
    Chris Romer will be a great leader in the State Senate,

  6. well gee wiz, Ritter has it all won. Why even have an election, it’s so over. And for Holtman supporters, this is great. A democratic state house, dem senate and a dem governor. what a wonderful world you and your pal Holtzman has created in colorado—just wait. you didn’t like prop C and it’s five years…well now you get it PERMANENTY. Not to name even more taxes and as for your concerns on illegal immigarton, hey now you get keep having them –oh Ritter neve did think it was a problem so he sure as hades won’t enforce the new laws. Oh and you’ll love this, Ritter thinks taxes on gas should be raised for roads–said that on aaron Harber show. Won’t higher gas prices be good! Thanks Holtzman, thanks Holtzman supporters you have created a better colorado—–
    and don’t continue to drink that koolaid..Ritter’s win would have happened with Holtzman. Look it the guy could not collect enough signatures to get on the ballot you can be sure he couldn’t win not to mention all the “baggage” we all know he has and would have been raised by some one somewhere. Besides the media would have killed him ,they just pulled their punches because they HOPED he’d be the candidate.

    1. You’re an idiot. Beauprez is losing because he is a flip-flopper who took money from the Russian mob and is tied in with the DeLay crowd. Holtzman could have never existed and Beauprez would still be losing because he is a lousy candidate pretending he is something he is not.

      Holtzman was forced out of the race long before August 8th and long before he could get off any of the REALLY damaging stuff about BB, so if BB loses in November don’t go trying to blame it all on MH.

      Not to mention the fact that Holtzman is backing BB and the only people still “dividing” the party are idiot Beauprez supporters like you looking for a scapegoat.

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