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February 18, 2011 02:18 AM UTC

Wyoming, Nebraska or Kansas...D'Oh!

  • by: Colorado Pols

From Talking Points Memo:

Following a walkout by [Wisconsin] Senate Democrats, depriving Republicans of the three-fifths majority needed to pass the budget and its controversial anti-public union provisions, the NBC affiliate in Madison now reports that sources say the Dems have left the state entirely.

…Under Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s plan, as TPM has posted, most state workers would no longer be able to negotiate for better pensions or health benefits or anything other than higher salaries, which couldn’t rise at a quicker pace than the Consumer Price Index. Walker and state Republican leaders have said the plan to limit the collective bargaining rights of state employees is necessary to deal with the state’s budget shortfall.

This is an interesting, if a bit silly, maneuver by the minority party–it reminds us of the move by Texas Senate Democrats to flee that state during their redistricting fight with Gov. Rick Perry in 2003. After a month, the Democrats quietly returned from exile and the measures passed.

But to pull it off in Colorado, you’d have to take the quickest route out of the state…which means you’d have to actually stay somewhere in Wyoming, Nebraska or Kansas.

That makes the Capitol seem like the Four Seasons.


29 thoughts on “Wyoming, Nebraska or Kansas…D’Oh!

  1. There are demonstrations going on around the world.  Stalling the vote is to allow more media attention on the issue.  It might eventually pass but it is going to highlight the extremists in charge.

    When Republicans used the filibuster to obstruct the Democratic agenda everyone wooed and ahhed about how smart a strategy it was.  When Democrats obstruct Republican extremism it is considered bad form.  Go figure.

    1. Democrats leaving the state won’t prevent Republicans from bringing it back up once one of the Democrats is corralled and brought back to the capital.

      But it gives the protests time to build and gain the media attention they deserve and have been sorely lacking until today.

      1. Health Care Reform didn’t stop it from passing but it slowed down or killed a lot of other measures that were supposed to be acted upon.  The longer this drags out the less attention the Republicans can devote to fucking up something else.

        Take the time to make the case that this isn’t about fairness of saving state employee jobs.  It is union busting at it’s most base.  You can have a smaller state government without sacrificing democratic principles of representation in the workplace.

        We’ll see if the Wisconsin National Guard starts beating demonstrators.  If politics is theater than this is good politics and the world is watching.

        1. “You can have a smaller state government without sacrificing [unions].”

          Please, I’m all ears. How exactly can you shrink government against these kind of tactics we’re seeing in Wisconsin?

          1. Yeah, terrible.  How about ramming a bill that upends over 50 years of precedent and policy, not to mention strip a basic American right (a few actually: assembly, petition governments, freedom of association) in less than a week with no discussion beforehand?  

            1. Because forcing people to join a union and forcing them to pay union dues is soooo democratic. You want to talk about rights, how about the right to liberty, the pursuit of happiness, freedom from search and seizure, etc. Nobody’s saying these people can’t associate or protest. We’re just saying we disagree with their thuggery.  

              1.  As opposed to the 2nd amendment remedies that were being touted by Tea Party Neanderthals during the Health Care debate.

                A totalitarian slut like you has no clue why all these people are protesting.  “They should be happy to make Mexican wages with no benefits. We want everyone except the rich to pay for their tax cuts.”

                You’re still a joke beej  

                1. Wrong guy, that’s Obama. Actually, the protesters themselves don’t know why they’re protesting:

                  They have been whipped up by unions, who most definitely do not make Mexican wages with no benefits. They have better pay, pensions, and benefits than anyone in the private sector. Your ignorance is stunning. Let me educate you as to the reality of these protesters, who actually promote violence as opposed to the peaceful protests of the Tea Party:

                  Don’t try peddling your crap around here again.

                  1. Okay, let’s check.  Yep – Gilpin Guy has been around here longer than you have, and has more respect than you have.  If anyone on this blog gets to say who gets to peddle what, and what constitutes crap, you’re near the bottom of the list.

                    1. Apparently, the violent rhetoric doesn’t matter when it’s coming from the left. All that matters then is “seniority”.

                    2. that a dumbass equates guns at rallies and “second amendment remedies” with peaceful protests.

                      Remember how you were utterly unable to prove those SEIU violence allegations? I do.

                    3. And I’ll be happy to provide you with video of other incidents if you want, but it would be easier for you to just google “Kenneth Gladney”.

                    4. The burden is on you. I know you don’t like it because you never find this stuff on legitimate news sources, just World Nut Daily and places that are even loonier…

          2. Governor Walker could:

            • Not try to increase the size of his executive staff to the tune of $3m per year in a time of crisis.
            • Not put $25m in an economic development fund which already has a $73m surplus that it can’t seem to spend.
            • Not increase the size of Health Savings Account credits by $48m; HSAs primarily benefit the rich who are best able to deal with this downturn.
            • Not spend $67 on an employer tax cut that’s too weak to actually create jobs.  (It might result in a savings to employers of $365 per year per worker – but most estimates put it at about $100 per year per worker).

            Additionally, he could listen to the non-partisan Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Board, which says that even including Governor Walker’s $137 million in spending increases, the state will be several million in surplus at the end of the year.

            There is no crisis in Wisconsin, except that Gov. Walker is in charge of it.

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