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February 11, 2011 04:40 PM UTC

Friday Jams Fest

  • by: Colorado Pols


40 thoughts on “Friday Jams Fest

  1. who posts a tribute when somebody dies.

    Gary Moore of Thin Lizzy died this week at the tender age of 58.  I was not a huge fan, don’t know what Moore looked like back in the day, and am not even 100% sure he’s in this video.  But the Wikipedia page for the band says he rejoined the band in 1979 and was on the Australian tour, and this video was made in 1979 in Sydney, so I guess he is one of the group’s two guitarists in this vid.

    I’ll post some blues in a bit.

  2. Influenced at least two generations of guitarists, from Jimi Hendrix to Stevie Ray Vaughn.  You can hear it in his version of this Robert Johnson tune.

    Here’s another one.  A cover of a tune that B.B. King did on his “Live at the Regal” album.

    1. that’s heavier than a carried grudge.  

      They’re even worse when you’re not getting full night’s sleep  . . .  ;~)

      Pace yourself my friend.

      1. If you’re not going to contribute by saying attacks on my family are off-limits here, you don’t get to advise me on how to react.

        And to keep this on-topic, here’s what sxp152 will sing to me after he finishes 12 years of public school.

        1. don’t want no trouble with you.  And I know you don’t owe me, but I wish you would let me, ask one favor from you?

          Backing away now . . . slowly . . . slowly . . . slowly . . .

          1. but I apologize for not denouncing it. As much of an asshole as I am most of the time, I do have a certain asshole’s code of honor which I try to abide by.

            Anyway, this is a nice song I’ve never heard before. Thanks. And if you’re making fun of me, thanks for that too. I’m trying to keep my sense of humor so I don’t just explode.

            1. The reason you don’t remember the comment is because it was only offensive to me. No normal person would’ve noticed. In fact, if that person notices THIS comment, they are probably still upset that they don’t know why they offended me.

              So if what Ralphie wrote offended you, then it was offensive. But I wouldn’t judge the whole site. I didn’t even notice the comment until you freaked out a little. And, hey! This is Jams, where I like cologeek. Sacred ground.

              You sound burned out. Take a break. Poke your baby once for me.

              You’re not as big an asshole as you think. So if you do enjoy more outside time in the coming weeks, come on back. Right?

  3. Shout-out to Dr. J.M. I was in her office yesterday and once again, she asked me questions about Colorado Pols and the people who blog here. She is one of the many lurkers.

    At the risk of sharing too much (that has never stopped me before, right?), she first told me she was a Pols reader in the middle of my last pelvic exam (the woman’s embarrassing equivalent of the colo-rectal exam). While holding cold metal implements of destruction, she asked me if I was the same person who blogged to keep Ken Buck’s politics out of women’s private places. “That depends”, I said, “What did you think of what you read?”

    “I thought it was great!”, she said.

    This time, I was in for an earache. Doc asked me about Libertad, Ralphie, BJ, and others while writing my prescription. Moral of the story: there are a lot of people who don’t blog, reading our stuff. (I’m going to have to keep that in mind next time I want to… well, you know.)

    Shout out to Dr. J.M. This one’s for you:

    1. Oh well.

      On a related note, the same thing happened to me! My pediatrician told me to start using Vitamin D supplement drops and to change my views on school vouchers.

  4. …and partially because of the title and current events, I present Thievery Corporation’s “Richest Man in Babylon”:

    (Please excuse the slate at the top…)

  5. but I have another DC-themed video for you all. This may seem only amusing if you’re a civilian, but for those of us how have done time in the Five-levels of Hell known as the Pentagon, it’s lethal:

    1. Could be because I was already so paranoid when I went in, I was proven right so often! Sees, I toldya so.

      I also got out before too long. That’s the real trick. 😉

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